Tell Me Again, My Love
50 Start from the beginning
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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50 Start from the beginning

Ryn mumbled her thanks when Jeremy pulled a chair for her. She smiled seeing Mika still had not stopped grinning from ear to ear. Mika kept leaning toward the proud Jason and cooing happily.

The four of them were in a private room in a restaurant. The cameramen did not follow them this time even though they were celebrating Jason and Mika's engagement

They did not need to choose their meals. Jason already prepared everything. Soon enough a group of musician entered the room and started to play slow romantic music.

"My lady?" Jason smiled at Mika lovingly.

Mika took his hand and both began dancing slowly, following the rhythm of the music.

Jeremy watched Ryn nervously. She did not seem like she wanted to dance too. She looked like she was just enjoying the music while watching Jason and Mika dancing.

Mika giggled when Jason bent her backward and stole a kiss. He twirled her a few time as the song ended. They only came back to the table when waiters came in to bring their food.

"You chose my favourite," Mika cried happily. She rewarded a huge kiss on his lips.

Ryn took out her phone and snapped a picture of Jeremy and Mika's kissing. Then, she showed the photo to Mika.

"Thank you, Ryn. One more picture please," Mika pulled Jason for another kiss and this time she even held out her hand to show off the ring.

Ryn, knew what inside Mika's head, quickly positioned the phone to capture the moment. She clicked a few times quickly.

Jeremy tried to grab a chance to talk with Ryn privately but failed miserably. Ryn, if not chatting and giggling with Mika, kept focussing on finishing her meal.

Jeremy sighed heavily.

Although he was happy his silly sister was finally engaged and soon would leave the house, he wished his own relationship would have improvement as well.

"I'll send you home?" Jeremy finally found a chance to spend time with Ryn alone. They were finally done with their meal and the four of them walked together to the entrance of the building.

Ryn wanted to say no, she could take the bus or the taxi, however, she was cut off by the excited Mika, "Thank you, big brother. You are so kind."

Ryn looked at Mika silently.

"What? Don't you love saving money? Jeremy can send you home safely and I won't get worried with your safety," Mika blinked her eyes cutely.

Jeremy quickly called the valet to fetch his car while Mika was trying to persuade Ryn. Jason did the same as well. For Mika's car, Jeremy would send for a driver to pick it up.

Under the persuasion by Mika with the help of Jason, Ryn finally agreed to follow Jason.

Jeremy mouthed 'thank you' at his little sister and Jason after he helped closing the door for Ryn. Then he quickly went to the driver side and got into the car.

"Are you ready?" he asked when he saw her already pulling the seat belt.


He pushed a button to play music before drove the car away. The song he chose was actually their favourite. She always loved listening to it and he deliberately put it in the song list just in case she would agree to let him drive her anywhere.

She pursed her lips slightly when she heard the familiar song. She closed her eyes and tried to forget. Why would he play this song?

Jeremy glanced at her a few times, waiting for a suitable time to start speaking. However, it seemed like she had no mood to talk at all.

He sighed heavily.

"I remember…" he started, trying to make it sound like he was just being his normal self, not worrying and nervous at all.

She did not respond. But, it did not diminish his resolve. He had to do it now or it would be almost impossible to get this opportunity again.

"I remember when we first met. I fell in love with you in that instant even though Mika hasn't introduced us yet. You are the prettiest girl in my eyes and when I knew you, I fell even deeper in love with you. I was scared when you're getting popular in your modelling job. I don't want to lose you and I was scared, I do even know, that you would leave me for someone else."

She finally looked at him, not knowing how to react. Why would he say these words? What did he expect for them?

"When that woman told me she saw you with another man, I didn't believe her. I even ignored her messages but when I couldn't contact you and…" he couldn't continue his words, trying to control his emotion.

"Let bygone be bygone," she murmured slowly.

"The two years we were not together, I was scared. I knew I hurt you so much and I felt guilty. I tried to find you back but you and your family moved away. I couldn't find you. I couldn't apologize to you. I couldn't…"

Ryn closed her eyes. Tears rolled down from her eyes before she could stop them. The day both of them broke up was still fresh in her mind.

It was not only his fault but hers as well. She started to have doubt on his feeling. He did not want to make their relationship official, making her worried that he was just playing with her heart.
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They were worried but they never talked about their feeling deeply.

When they had the huge argument that led to their relationship ended, she took it as a sign that they were not meant to be.

Were they?

She was confused. She spent days crying. Her parents decided to move away just to bring her far away from Jeremy and their friends. Father and mother did not want her to be sad anymore.

She even quit her job as a model and tried to live like a normal teenager. She applied for university and managed to even get a scholarship.

She started to live again, albeit no longer a happy-go-lucky girl, but she was still alive, right?

"Can't you give us another chance? I can even woo you back. We'll start from the beginning."

"Can I… can I think about this first?" she finally opened her mouth and said slowly.

"Please promise me you will think about this carefully. I really love you."

They finally arrived in front of her house. He quickly opened the door for her and looked at her nervously.

"I'll wait for you."

She nodded slightly and walked slowly to the gate. She stopped and turned around, looking at him who was still standing there looking at her.

"Thank you for the ride."


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