Tell Me Again, My Love
53 Keeping it a secre
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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53 Keeping it a secre

Jeremy moved everything they bought into the back of the Hummer. She was waiting in the car, crossing her arms.

"What's wrong?" he asked as he pulled the safety belt.


But, she was frowning.

He did not push much. He simply started the engine and drove the car away.

Give her more time. Just give her more time to calm herself.

His phone rang and it was Mika, his busybody little sister. He cocked an eyebrow at Ryn but she did not even look at him. He shrugged and clicked the button to answer it with the speaker on.

"Big Brother!"

"What is it? Stop screaming," he muttered, still focussing on his driving.

"Where are you right now?"


"Can't you just answer my question?" Mika wailed.

"Why should I?"

"Big brother Jeremy~ I'm going to tell mummy and daddy you are bullying me."

Ryn quickly covered her mouth to stifle her laughter. Mika was such a baby and so spoiled.

"Who is that? Is it Ryn? Ryn, are you there? Oh My God!" Mika shrieked.

Ryn looked at Jeremy worriedly. She shook her head, not wanting Mika to know about their spending time together. She would not hear the end of it if Mika knew.

Jeremy nodded. He understood why Ryn did not want his little sister to know. He coughed a bit to cover himself.

"I'm alone in the car. What do you mean Ryn is with me?"

"You are alone? Ryn is not with you? You're not lying with me?"

"Why should I lie to you?" he asked back.

Ryn simply looked out of the window. She did not want to get between Jeremy and Mika. Better stay quiet and let these two siblings talking.

"I'm going to tell Ryn you're bullying me."

Jeremy glanced at Ryn who was trying hard not to laughed. He looked so helpless Ryn had to close her eyes not to see his look.

Oh dear…

"Can you stop being so spoiled? You are an engaged woman right now. And soon to be married. You should act matured," he pointed out dryly.

"I'm the youngest. I'm the Baby. Why shouldn't I be spoiled? Jeremy, you don't love me anymore?" Mika gasped in shock.

Then the call ended abruptly.

Mika must be sulking right now to end the conversation without saying goodbye.

"Do you want me to coax her?" Ryn asked.

Jeremy sighed heavily. Both of them knew how long Mika could hold her sulk.

"No. No need. Tomorrow I'll give her a day off. That will make her happy back."

Ryn pursed her lips. Was it that easy to coax Mika? Just a day off from work?

They did not talk about the matter. Even if Ryn wanted to argue on behalf of Mika, it was after all Jeremy whom Mika was sulking at. It had no effect on her whatsoever.

He again opened the door for her when they reached her place. She opened the gate while he began taking out her groceries.

"It's late for you to cook for dinner. How about we call for a takeout?" he suggested after he helped bringing the things inside.

"You did say it's already late. I think it's better for you to leave."

"Ryn~" Jeremy looked at her sadly.

"Thank you for the gym, the meal and the grocery. I don't want to be the reason Superstar Jeremy in the tabloid."

"I don't mind so why should you?" he stepped forward, closing the distance between the two of them.

Ryn took a step backward to distance them back.

And he kept stepping forward.

They kept moving until she had no more space to move, being blocked by the wall at him.

She gulped nervously.

"I know we are still not official but just let me kiss you just once… please…"

With that he lowered his head until their lips touched.

It felt like their first time. He was clumsy but tried not to show it too much. She on the other hand stood still, nervously with her heart pounding so hard.

"I love you, Catherine. I love you so much."

She did not say a word even though her heart bled to hear his words. She closed her eyes to still her heart. She did not want the wall around her heart crack even more. She did not want to get hurt again.

He finally left the house after another kiss. She leaned against the gate and watched the car driven away.

What had they done?

She sighed heavily. How on earth could she escape from the problem?

She did not want to face the heartbreak ever again.


Harry pressed the bell for a few times but still no answer from inside. He frowned.

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"Aunty, open the door." He called but still no answer.

Mumbling to himself, he took out a set of keys from his backpack and unlocked the door. Luckily he refused to hand the keys to his aunt when she demanded it back. If not how else could he come in and check on her?

"Aunty?" he called but it was quiet except for a familiar grunt.

He sighed heavily. He was right. His aunty was so into painting she forgot she needed to eat again.

He quickly arranged everything he brought into the kitchen. Then he prepared a simple peanut and butter sandwich and a mug of hot cocoa. He brought them into the studio where his aunt was painting a portrait of a woman lying on a bench, naked.

At first he ignored the painting, too used with the nudes his aunt always painted. However, later, just few seconds later, his eyes popped open.

Her face looked familiar.

"Aunt?" he choked out after few times gulping his saliva to control his shock.


"What… what are you drawing?"

Angel mumbled something. Her eyes narrowed as she focussed on fining the background. At first she wanted to make it whimsical, like in a dreamland but later on, she decided to make it gothic.


"What?" Angel snarled at the person disturbing her work.


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