Tell Me Again, My Love
55 Turning into bullies
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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55 Turning into bullies

Ryn walked out from the cubicle and stood in front of the mirror. She adjusted the blue dress to her like. Then she unzipped her bag to take out the small bag full of make-up. She started to put on a light make-up, just enough to make do for the lunch with clients.

She took off the hairband from her braids and smiled happily seeing how pretty her wavy hair looked. No need to use curler or any expensive gadgets. Just braid her hair for the whole day and spray a little.

"Our model is primping herself up. Just wow."

Ryn threw the spray bottle into her bag and closed her eyes. She sighed heavily.

No wonder she was getting more uncomfortable going to class. She thought after a month or two, they would leave her alone but she guessed wrong.

So frustrating.

So childish.

She flipped her hair and turned around to look at the girls. She crossed her arms and cocked an eyebrow. "Is something wrong?"

"Nothing. Nothing is wrong, Miss Supermodel."

Ryn zipped her bag and stared at them.

The girls took steps back receiving her stare. This was not the Ryn they knew. The absent-minded and quiet Ryn they were used to in class.

"Stop being so childish. What do you get by acting like this? Satisfaction? Can satisfaction give you experience in real life or even money to feed you? Do you even realize you're turning into bullies?"

Their face changed.

"You didn't realize, did you? You just think I betrayed you and you want me to apologize and apologize and beg you all for forgiveness. I'm sorry, I am not going to apologize to something I didn't do. Stop thinking the world revolves around you and wake up to the real world."

Ryn walked out of the ladies room with her head held high. She would not waste more time with these idiotic immature girls. She was too busy to care about their feeling.

She waited outside the building, still wearing her sneakers.

With the wind blowing her skirt, her full make-up and her wavy hair (being blown by the wind) and her backpack, she looked like a mixture of a socialite and a teenage girl.

That was what Harry thought when he saw her standing at the stairs. With his friends, he approached her.

"Hey, Ryn."

"Hey. What's up?"

"Nothing much. Going to work?"

Ryn made a face, which made the boys chuckled. They were now could consider themselves friends with her, although not as close as Harry with Ryn but they knew how busy Ryn was.

They honestly were perplexed seeing how the other girls treat Ryn. Why would these girls blame Ryn for being a model? Shouldn't they feel proud of her? Ryn was a supermodel, for God sake. Who else can proudly say their friend is a supermodel?

"You haven't chosen which agency to represent you?" Ryn asked, suddenly remembering Mei Li's complain about Harry's refusal to sign contract with her.

The boys looked at the sheepish Harry. They did not know that Harry was not a professional model. They thought he was already a model after the show he did with Ryn last time.

"Maybe you should do a research on which agency suit you best. I am not going to force you to be in the same agency as mine but as you can see, the agency does not force what kind of project you want to do and you can even do it part time. The agency won't interrupt with your study."

"You are scouting me, aren't you?" Harry chuckled.

"Am I? Interested?"

"Let me think more about this. Don't tell Angel what you just told me," Harry winked.

"Fine. It's up to you."

"Ryn!" Mei Li waved her hand energetically.

"My ride is here. See you all later. Bye, guys." Ryn quickly went to Mei Li, waving her hand at the boys.

"She's so cool," one of the boys sighed.

Harry just cocked an eyebrow hearing the comment. He watched as the car disappeared, thinking silently.


Jeremy parked the car and looked into the house. He frowned seeing it dark. Had not Ryn come home yet? He checked his watch. It was getting late.

He checked his phone but still no reply from Ryn of the message he sent just fifteen minutes ago. Even his call was rejected by her.

"Don't tell me she has changed her mind?" his heart asked worriedly.
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After a long time trying to coax her and finally she agreed to give him another chance, she started to put a space between them again.

No. He would not accept this. She belonged to him. Just him alone!

He walked to the gate and tried to open it but it was lock. He looked around but he could not find any clue where she was. Pressing the bell? It was useless when there was no one in the house.

He fisted his hand and hit the steel gate. But the pain was not as painful as in his heart.


Ryn leaned forward to refresh her make-up.

"Do you want to change for the gig?" Mei Li asked.

"Do I have to?" Ryn looked at her dress. Although it was quite girly but was still appropriate for attending a show.

"If you don't want to it doesn't matter. After dinner we go straight to the club. I am so hungry," Mei Li rubbed her stomach sadly.

"I am famished too. Steak? Anything meaty?"

"Err… something less fatty?" Mei Li tried to stay firm but Ryn simply ignored her and skipped out from the ladies room, thinking which fast food they would go for their dinner.

Despite of Mei Li reluctant to eat 'fatty food', she ended up having the burger meal while Ryn had twice the amount. When they left the fast food restaurant, Ryn was smiling happily. She did not eat much during lunch so this dinner was the chance for her to eat her heart out.

"I think I gain two kilos," Mei Li frowned as she touched her slightly bulged stomach.

"Later you can just dance the fat away," replied Ryn as they walked to Mei Li's car.

"In heels?"

"You can use my sneakers."

"What about you?"

"These are quite comfortable, actually. Maybe you can buy a pair next time."

When they got into the car, Ryn's phone rang. She frowned seeing Jeremy's name appeared. She glanced at Mei Li but Mei Li was busy reversing the car.


"Hello, babe. Are you busy?" Jeremy asked carefully.

"Erm… Mei Li and I are going to Jack's show. Why?"

Jeremy's face darkened. Why he did not know about this? He knew Jack was performing small show for a week and the tickets were selling like hot potatoes. But he did not know Ryn wanted to watch Jack's show. If he knew he would bring her himself.

"Do you need me to accompany you?" he asked slowly.

Ryn's eyes narrowed. Was Jeremy thinking she did not know how to protect herself?

"No need. I am no longer a kid. Besides, Mei Li is with me," with that, she disconnected the call. She even put it in silent, too furious with Jeremy's overbearing behaviour.

Mei Li kept quiet. Better not to make Ryn even angrier or their trip would be cancelled. It was hard for her to get to see her idol.


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