Tell Me Again, My Love
56 Celebrating Mei Li“s birthday
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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56 Celebrating Mei Li“s birthday

Ryn moved her body following the music as she sipped her drink. Mei Li who was next to her was shrieking along with other fans. Ryn chuckled seeing her like this.

Today's show was actually Mei Li's birthday gift. It was a stroke of luck actually for her to get the tickets. Jack simply gave her tickets when she asked, no question asked. It was even for free!

She felt weird receiving it for free but later she shrugged it off. She would treat him for lunch or dinner as thank you. If they could not find a suitable date that both were free, she could simply buy him something when she went abroad for work.

"I'll need more drink," she told Mei Li but Mei Li was too excited to even hear.

Ryn simply walked toward the bar to get more bottles of drinks. She smiled seeing so many fans screaming and dancing along Jack. Who would think the very skinny boy in the class next door would be a superstar in just a few years.

It was all credit to his own talent and hard work… and his manager too.

After gotten the drinks, she went back to her table and watched as Mei Li let herself loose. With her workload getting heavier, Mei Li was under stress choosing what would be perfect projects for her without interrupting her study. Even Ryn knew she sometimes put Mei Li stuck in the middle when some projects were not her cup of tea but for Mei Li, they were good projects. With the end decision belonged to Ryn, Mei Li had to face them and apologized.

The song ended and Jack waved. He looked around and saw a tall young girl standing at the table. "Thank you, my dearest wives for coming here for my show. I love all of you."

The girls shrieked happily when Jack called them wives. '

Jack put a finger against his lips.

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Everyone hushed.

Jack smiled. He unbuttoned the shirt he was wearing and the girls shrieked again.

Mei Li was the same. She touched her chest and screamed hysterically.

Ryn on the other hand just chuckling and shook her head. These girls were hilarious.

"The next song is quite a special song for me. This was my first song but…" he chuckled when the fans shouted out the name of his first single. "Not that."

"Wait… what?"

"This song was performed in front of someone who is special to me. This person is the reason why I am in front of you right now."

Ryn put down the glass she was holding and looked at Jack. Who was the special person Jack meant? She did not know that.

She wanted to know too.

"I would like to invite this person to the stage. Please welcome Supermodel Catherine."

The light shone on the surprised Ryn. Mei Li looked at Ryn in shocked.


A supermodel came here to watch the show?

"Well… she did not know she's the reason, actually. Come here, Ryn," Jack laughed seeing Ryn still frozen there.

Mei Li urged Ryn to walk to the stage, with the girls screaming. With a sigh, Ryn walked toward the stage.

"Hello, everyone. I am Ryn," she introduced herself in front of the girls. Some of the girls were taken back seeing how tall she was. Ryn handed the microphone back to Jack and leaned closer to his head, "What the heck?"

"Surprised?" Jack whispered back amid the scream from the audience. He took the microphone and faced them. "This girl here is my schoolmate. Despite her cold look, she is quite friendly and… erm…" Jack pretended to ponder, which made Ryn's face darkened.

"Just a joke. Actually, the reason why I called her here is to sing along with me. Everyone, tonight is a special night for one of you. Jackie, please bring it out."

Jack leaned closer to whisper to Ryn and her eyes widened in shock. She looked at him and he nodded. A smile finally curled on her lips as she looked at Mei Li.

A woman came out holding a big cake.

"Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to Mei Li. Happy birthday to you~"

"OHMYGOD!!!" Mei Li who was standing near the stage shrieked, covering her mouth in shock when the woman approached her with the cake.

"Ryn, please take that box over there. My hands are full," Jack showed the microphone he was holding.

Ryn, too lazy to point out the obvious, took the wrapped box and followed Jack, who actually took a bouquet of flowers, toward Mei Li.

Mei Li could not control her emotion. She did not know whether to cry or shriek or scream and pass out. Her eyes widened at the sight of her idol coming closer and closer. OHMYGOD!!!

"Happy birthday, Mei Li. This is from me," Jack leaned down to kiss Mei Li's cheek. He handed the flowers and the present.

Mei Li's cheeks burned brightly. She ran her eyes from looking at Jack and looked at Ryn instead. How could she respond to this?

"Make a wish and blow the candles," Ryn told her.

Mei Li glanced at Jack and closed her eyes. Taking a deep breath, she blew the candles.

Some of the girls who were still unhappy with the special treatment Mei Li received had to clap their hands reluctantly. Why was this woman receiving so much from their husband?

Ryn hugged Mei Li, exchanging kisses on the cheeks and whispered "Happy birthday, Mei Li".

"So, tonight's show is actually especially for Mei Li who is celebrating her birthday today. Everyone, please give a loud cheer for our Mei Li," Jack cried in the microphone and all her fans obeyed him.

"I'm so happy today, Ryn. I can't explain it in words but thank you so much," Mei Li cried once they were on their way home.

"Hmm…" Ryn forced herself to open her bleary eyes. She was so exhausted. What a day today.

"Hey, isn't that Jeremy?"

Ryn finally managed to open her eyes and looked out at Jeremy who was waiting at the gate of her house. She sighed heavily. It seemed like her day for today was not over yet.


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