Tell Me Again, My Love
60 Considering herself as a single girl
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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60 Considering herself as a single girl

"I'll come after class. Is it okay?"

"Yes. Do you want me to pick you up?"

"No need. I'll go to your office myself. However, will you send me the location?"

"Of course. Of course. I'll send it later. I'll see you this evening."

"Okay. Goodbye."

He dropped his phone into the drink holder and sighed heavily.

Was it a sudden decision? Was he making a mistake?

But until now he had no idea what he wanted to do. Of course he knew he would inherit his father's company but for the mean time what could he do? After he received his first pay after the modelling gig, he felt so satisfied. He finally earn money without depending on his family's name.

Although his mother and sister told him to do modelling professionally but he was still undecided. He wanted to wait and see. But after seeing how easy Ryn divide her time between her work and study, he felt that it was not impossible to be a model even though he was still studying.

Besides, he was in his last semester and the next semester he would just do his practical training, which he knew it would be in his father's company. He had no doubt he could find time for both work without affecting any of them. Besides, Mei Li promised him she would manage him and would always consider his study schedule, just like how she managed Ryn.

Somehow, the thought of earning money lessened the painful feeling in his heart.

He lifted his head and looked in front, only for his eyes widened. A man was coming out from Ryn's house?

And wasn't that man the famous singer Jeremy who was also the CEO of Full Moon Corp? Were they together?

He blinked his eyes a few times.

No. it was not an illusion. The man was still there, talking with her.

But why was she looking unhappy?

He frowned.

However, he did not plan to approach them. It was their life, her life. It did not relate to him as an outsider. Even if they were together, it was not his problem.

But… why was his heart felt uncomfortable?


Ryn unbuckled the seat belt and took her bag. She opened the door and got out. Not even glancing at Jeremy who was gazing at her.

She finally turned to look at him when she was outside the car. She leaned closer and looked at him. "Thank you, J."

"What time your class ends? I'll pick you up."

"No need. Mei Li will pick me up because we need to catch a flight later."

"It's okay. I can pick you up. We can have lunch together and I can send you to the airport."

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She sighed. He would never change, would he? He was who he was and whether she liked it or not, she had to accept this aspect of him.

"Fine. I'll message you what time my class ends. Bye."

She quickly left him before he could say anything more. She did not want to give herself a headache listening to him.

She ignored the look and whisper from the people along the way. Since almost everyone knew her real identity, they always had something to comment about. If she listened to them, she would not be able to even live her life.

She dropped her bag on her usual chair and buried her face against her arms on the table. She was tired.

"Hey, Ryn, isn't that man Jeremy? The singer?"

She lifted her head and saw so many girls gathering around her.


"Jeremy Long."

Ryn rubbed her eyes. She tried to kick the sleepiness away. Usually she could steal a couple of minute napping before class but today it seemed she could not do her favourite activity. She sighed to herself, rather sadly. Why was it so hard for people to understand to leave her alone before the lecture? She needed to sleep for a few minutes to freshen herself!


"He's just helping sending me here because I do not want to be late to class," she mumbled, preparing to sleep back.

"Catherine, stay focus. Just friends?"

"Does he have a girlfriend?" another girl butted in, too excited to wait for the first question to be answered.

"I'm closer to his sister. You can just ask him yourself."

Although Ryn could answer the question easily, she was too lazy to face more questions. Besides, both of them were not official yet so he could be considered single, right? She still considered herself a single girl.

If she was to ask him the same question, he would tell them and even the whole world that he was already taken since years ago. He would disagree with her thought and told them she was the only one in his heart. She would be his wife, the only wife for the rest of his life.

But because the question was asked at Ryn, she did not tell them what she agreed with Jeremy earlier. She just wanted to be left alone.

No wonder she was reluctant when he wanted to send her just now. She knew this would happen.

So annoying!

The girls did not even leave her alone. They kept asking questions about her relationship with Jeremy; whether she knew him long. If she knew his phone number (which she refused to give them for the reason it was confidential and as fans, they should respect his privacy.)

They had to accept that they could not find much about him from her. She kept her mouth shut and refused to even nod or shake her head even after their begging.

They could not force her to reveal when the lecturer came in and ordered them to sit on their seat.

Ryn blew out a relief sigh. Safe at last.

She took out her notebook and started to put on her student persona. She focussed on everything, making sure she did not miss any information.

Before long her class ended. She checked her phone and confirmed with Mei Li about their flight. She had sent a quick message to Jeremy ten minutes before the class ended.

She did not need to change her clothes. She planned to do just that at home when she retrieved her bag.

She quickly packed her bag and rushed outside before the girls could block her way out to ask more about Jeremy. As she was running away, she sent another message to Jeremy "Disguise yourself!!!"


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