Tell Me Again, My Love
61 Chaos in the entertainment world
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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61 Chaos in the entertainment world

He checked his watch, hiding a smile. He was waiting in the car while Ryn changing her clothes and taking her bag. He decided for them to have lunch at the airport so that she would not rushing when eating.

And another thing that she still did not know.

He would be the one accompanying her. Mei Li had an emergency appointment to attend to so he volunteered to do just that.

Besides he had nothing important to do in the company this week.

It took her just half an hour to get ready to move. She locked the door and checked few times before got into the car. The bag was lifted by Jeremy. He still did not want her to know so he quickly grabbed the bag to put it into the bonnet, next to his own bag.

"You can just drop me at the airport. No need to send me inside."

He did not reply. He simply shifted the gear and drove the car away. Their destination: the airport.

Thinking that he understood and agreed with her plan, she leaned back and closed her eyes. Better to grab the chance for a short nap while on the way.

He parked the car, trying to be as quiet as possible so not to wake her up. Once it was parked safely then he woke her up… with a kiss.

A kiss on her lips brightened his mood even more. She was really his salvation, his life, his world.

"Hmm…?" her eyes blinked adorably at him, making he wanted to kiss her again and again.

And he did. Kissing her.

He smiled watching how soft and adorable she was.

"We have arrived?"


"Why did you park here? Didn't I tell you that you can send me at the door?"

"Let's go." He simply got out of the car and went to the back to retrieve their bags.

Her eyes widened seeing another bag next to hers. Her eyes landed on his face and when he simply smiled, his plan finally obvious in front of her. Instead of scolding him or asking him to change his mind, she simply walked to the entrance, leaving him bringing their bags behind her.

"I never thought you could still buy a ticket," she muttered once they found a place to eat.

"If I can't, I can simply upgrade yours to sit next to me," he replied without ashamed.

She pursed her lips at his words. She had nothing to scold him. She could guess that was what he did when she saw his bag earlier.

"Remind me again why I fell in love with you?"

"Because you have someone to finish your mom's cooking," he winked.

"But right now I'm living alone. So why do I still need you?"

"All I know I love you because you are my world, my life. Without you I don't feel complete," he confessed.

Her face reddened. Love was such a weird thing. Such a weird feeling.

She knew why she fell in love with him. It was because with him she felt complete. She did not feel the weird one out there. He treated her like a normal person, not a weird hippy's daughter. He showed her how to be normal, how to have fun without afraid. He never tried to change her, just accept her of who she was but at the same time encourage her to better herself.

His handsome face was just a bonus, really.

Of course their matchmaker was Mika, the sweet but quite mischievous Mika. She was the one who kept bringing both of them together in the name of not wasting time when having lunch or needing to get more pocket money from her big brother so she could buy new clothes at the store. Of course, she would pull both Ryn and Jeremy along during her shopping spree. Hence, she and Jeremy always found themselves together, sometimes alone, while Mika busy checking the outfits. Ryn had no clue about fashion but she just followed along, not interest of facing her family and their 'healthy talk'.

"How do you get Mei Li to agree for you to replace her?" she quickly changed the subject.

"Hmm… apparently she had an emergency meeting to attend and ask my help if I could accompany you." He took the plate of steak from Ryn and started to cut it into small pieces. Once he was satisfied with his work, he handed the plate back to her.

"That easy? Why does it sound so suspicious?"

"Eat your steak. Later we'll check into our flight."

It seemed like Jeremy was unwilling to tell the truth. Whatever the truth was, it could not stop him from following her.

"You do realize I am already used travelling to work alone," she mumbled and chewed a small piece of steak.

"You have me now," was his short reply.

"Hmm… I have you now."

He wanted to hold her hand but her hands were holding the utensils.

And so, the next best thing for him to do was…

"J," her eyes widened and her cheeks reddened even brighter.

He grinned.

"Stop joking around." She tried to pull her legs away from his reach but it was hard. Both of them were tall people and the space was limited.

He grinned winningly.
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"Can we just focus eating? I don't want to miss the flight."

"Sure." He took pity on her and let her having her meal peacefully. But at the same time his mind was busy of planning how to make her closer to him. How to open up her heart and accept him. He knew until now she still did not let him into her heart back. She still put on the wall around her just to block him from coming closer.


She was so stubborn but it made him love her more.

Even if she did not brush her hair and looked messy, he would still love her.

Once they were done with their meal, they headed to the counter to check their ticket and their luggage. He settled everything while she waited at a café near the counters.

She took several pictures of the coffee cup and chose one to upload to her Instagram account. She only typed 'another coffee, another flight'.

She did not check the account anymore. Her once a day photo 'job' was done so she was done checking her phone. Little did she knew that one photo brought chaos to the entertainment world.


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