Tell Me Again, My Love
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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62 Crazy fans

The notification bell snapped him from his day-dreaming. Automatically he took out his phone and checked his account. Ryn just posted a photo.

What type of photo today? Harry grinned as he quickly checked on it. Usually the lazy Ryn would simply snap photo of her food or drink. It was rare for her to post pictures of her. Most of her photos were taken from her photoshoot or recording for marketing purposes, and usually it was the job of Mei Li, not her.

Just as he thought, this time it was a photo of a Starbuck drink. But it actually made him frowned.

The Ryn she knew hated spending money for overprice things. She did not even eat outside if she could avoid it! She was quite stingy in his opinion but it was what made her adorable.

"I'm sorry for the wait. I've brought the contract," Mei Li sat in front of him with a file. She was smiling brightly. "Please read it first."

Harry took the contract and read it carefully. Just like what Mei Li promised, she included about adjusting the work with his study. As he would do his industrial training soon, she even included that the work would work around his training as well.

He checked twice and put down his signature. He handed the contact back to the beaming Mei Li.

"Welcome into the agency. You would not feel regret joining our agency." Mei Li stood up and gestured Harry to follow her.

"Ryn usually doesn't come here. In fact, not many models come here unless they have to attend meeting or discuss about their work." Mei Li leaded him into the inner part of the office.

The photos of some models, especially Ryn hanging on the wall, decorating the already chic designed office.

"Are you my agent?"

"So far yes. But if you want to have others, you can."

"I'm comfortable with you so can we stay as a team."

"Sure. But sometimes I might not be able to accompany you when I have to accompany Ryn," Mei Li warned.

"I don't mind. I don't think I'd take a lot of projects, anyway," he shrugged. This was just for him to fill in his time.

They were just discussing about what he would do now after signing the contract when someone knocked on the door. Both turned to look at it. A woman was standing at the door, looking flustered.

"Excuse me. Sorry to disturb your discussion but I need to talk with Mei Li."

"Excuse me," Mei Li stood up and went to the woman.

The woman whispered something furiously as she showed her phone to Mei Li. Mei Li looked shocked and quickly checked her phone as well.

Harry took out his phone. He finally remembered he forgot to like the photo Ryn just sent. His brows lifted seeing so many comments under the photo.

What just happened in just few minutes?

He liked the photo first then started to scroll down to read the comments. He was getting more and more confused seeing so many comments sort of scolding Ryn. He clicked on Ryn's profile and was taken back seeing her followers had reached almost 200 thousand. From less than 5 thousand to 200 thousand followers in less a day.

What actually happened?

He looked at the innocent photo, could not find what was wrong with it to be attacked by so many people.

He glanced at Mei Li. Somehow he could guess the reason behind the frantic conversation was because of this photo.

What was wrong with the picture?

He checked his Whatsapp and frowned seeing so many of his friends were mentioning his name in their group conversation. He quickly clicked on it.

'Hey Harry, do you know how close Ryn is with that singer Jeremy?'

'Harry, is Ryn going out with Jeremy?'

'Harry, do you know Ryn is going out with the singer?'

When he checked the earlier messages, someone actually put a picture Ryn posted.

He quickly typed a reply, not mentioning any of his friends. He knew all his friends, especially those who were mentioning him were still online.

'What do you mean Ryn with Jeremy? What is that related to the picture?'

'Haven't you read the entertainment news section? Everyone is talking about Ryn with Jeremy taking the same flight together.'

'How do you know both of them together?'
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Harry suddenly remembered what he saw this morning. He did see Jeremy with Ryn at Ryn's house this morning. But Ryn did not look happy.

'Have you see the news? Someone actually recognized the mobile phone and the jacket.'

Harry looked back at the photo and noticed the mobile phone and even the jacket hung at the chair.

'What do you mean?'

'They claim those belong to Jeremy.'

'Why can't it belong to Ryn?'

'How do I know?'

'His fans are determined that the jacket belongs to him too.'

Fans were scary. They could even recognize their idol's mobile phone and jacket.

Luckily his so called fans in the campus were not as crazy of them. He shivered.

'So are they together?'

'Is it our business whether they are or not together?' Harry asked back.

But why was his heart feeling weird?

His hand rested against his left chest, against his heart.

"I'm sorry, Harry. I have something to do. Is it okay for us to end our discussion now? I'll contact you when I have suitable projects for you."

He looked at the flustered Mei Li and nodded. There was nothing anyway to talk about. They had touched all the topics he was having questions about.

"I'll see you later. Bye," he shook his hands with hers and walked toward the exit.

He checked his phone again when he got into the car. It seemed like his friends were still talking about Ryn and Jeremy but this time they did not even bother to tag his name again. He checked Ryn's Instagram's page and the amount of comments increased twofold. Those who scolded her were more than 90%.

Without thinking he typed 'An idol is a human being too. If you love someone, you'll want that person to be happy.'

Then he posted on his own Instagram story 'Everyone deserves to have his/her own happiness. Chill.'


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