Tell Me Again, My Love
63 Holidaying together
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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63 Holidaying together

Ryn switched on her phone back once it was permitted to do so. She frowned seeing so many messages and even missed calls. All were from Mei Li and Mika.

She glanced at Jeremy who did the same as hers and was frowning.

"What's wrong?"

"It's nothing. Mei Li's?"

"Hmm… Let's go." Instead of calling Mei Li or Mika back, Ryn grabbed her backpack and headed to the door.

Jeremy followed behind. He kept his phone into the pocket and smiled at the steward and stewardess. He also agreed to take a picture with them.

And then he realized she did not even bother waiting for him.

"Wait up," he called. Luckily his legs were quite long. It took him no time to catch up with her… only to realize she was purposely slowly down her pace. Oh yes, her legs were long too.

They quickly got through the immigration counter. He pushed their bags, following behind her happily.

"I'm starving," she murmured sadly as they were walking out of the arrival gate.

"We'll check in at the hotel fir-" his words trailed off when shout, shriek and even yell hit them hard, even before they walked through the gate.

"What… was going on?" she choked out in confused especially when reporters started to gather around them.

"Jeremy, is it true you are going steady with Catherine?"

"Are both of you lovers?"

"Are you holidaying together?"

His fans were screaming and shrieking while the reporters kept throwing questions. They did not even allow Ryn to slip away.

Ryn adjusted her cap and sighed heavily. Her shoulders sagged down. She somehow knew this would happen. Jeremy did not even bother disguising himself when they were boarding the flight. He even used a bag that has his monogram!

Stupid Jeremy!

Jeremy made sure that Ryn was standing behind him. He adjusted his sunglasses and smiled at the reporters. He even lifted his hand and waved at his fans.

"Thank you for welcoming me to your beautiful country. Actually I could not tell what I am doing here," he winked and placed a finger against his lips.

His fans shrieked even louder.

"So you're saying you have work commitment here?" a reporter asked.

"No comment," Jeremy winked again.

"May we make an assumption you and Ryn are together for a secret project?" another reporter asked.

"Catherine, why won't you say anything?" a reporter tried to shove his recorder to her.

Jeremy quickly stopped him, protecting Ryn. Still pasting a smile on his face, he looked at the reporter. "Woah, there. You can ask question to me. No need to harass a girl."

The reporter stepped backward, looking awkward receiving the chid. Even though Jeremy was smiling and saying those words rather playfully, he could feel the warning lacing in the words. His eyes looked at Jeremy's face. He gulped hard. Somehow he could see not Jeremy, the singer, but Jeremy, the CEO.

So scary.

Jeremy refused to say more and kept on smiling and waving his hands at the fans. He also agreed to take pictures with some fans, resulting to some fans lost conscious.

Ryn on the other hand changed her persona as a quiet girl until some did not even notice her at all. Most fans even forgot the spoiled eggs and vegetables they wanted to throw at her for stealing their 'husband'. Their attention was taken by Jeremy. Who would waste time not taking pictures with their 'husband'?

A few policemen working at the airport came to their rescue. They escorted both Jeremy and Ryn safely until both got into a taxi.

"Are you alright, Ryn?" Jeremy quickly checked on Ryn once the taxi headed toward their hotel.

"I'm okay. What was that all about?" Ryn looked behind and saw some vehicles following them. "Okay. That is crazy."

Jeremy looked behind and sighed heavily. He should know this would happen. Whenever he and his group went overseas for concert or filming video clips, their fans would be waiting at the airports and then followed them until the hotel. Luckily for them, none of the fans actually trespassing into the hotel. They simply waited outside rather patiently.

"I'm sorry," he told her before taking out his phone and started to made a call.

Ryn pulled the cap lower to cover her face and leaned back comfortably. Better she grabbed the chance to have a short nap while Jeremy looked for solution on how to handle his crazy fans.

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Jeremy, once he was done with his phone call, quickly checked the entertainment news. His face darkened as he read one after another about both of them taking the same flight.

How did these reporters know?

He looked into the matter and learned that the news came after someone spotted something from Ryn's latest photo in Instagram.

He quickly checked on it. Earlier he did not, too excited to spend more time with Ryn so when he was done checking the baggage, he quickly switched off the phone to avoid interruption. Even Ryn did not even bother checking her phone the whole time.

No wonder none of them knew about this.

He looked at the photo. It did look innocent enough with Ryn simply showed what she drank while waiting for him. There was no mention of him anywhere. But his eyes caught two items.

He slapped his forehead. It was his own fault. He left his phone and jacket right in front of hers and both were caught in the photo.

He sent a quick message to Jacob and his manager to handle this. He could not announce their relationship yet when Ryn refused to wholly accepted him. He leaned back and rubbed between his brows. He was getting a headache over this matter.

"Ryn, wake up. We've arrived."

She stirred and opened her eyes sleepily. The taxi had stopped in front of a mansion.

Jeremy paid the fare and got out to get their bags. Ryn simply got out and looked around.

The mansion was huge and was surrounded with trees. She could even swear she heard birds chirping somewhere among the trees.

Was she still in a dream?

"Ryn, come in." Jeremy gestured her to follow him into the mansion.

"Welcome home, Young Master, Mistress," two rows of servants greeted them loudly, politely.

Ryn's eyes widened. But she did not say anything. She just followed behind Jeremy obediently.

An older man who introduced himself rather proudly as Mr. Wang quickly opened the big doors for the huge living room.

Ryn could not remember how many times her eyes widened today. Could it be Jeremy's family was even more wealthier than she thought?

Suddenly her mother's voice filled in her mind, "Rich people are not to be trusted. They can sell you once they have no use of you. They don't care about your feeling."

Unconsciously she took few steps backward.



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