Tell Me Again, My Love
64 Sleep is more importan
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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64 Sleep is more importan

"Ryn?" Jeremy noticed Ryn's weird expression.

He moved forward to get closer but was getting puzzled when Ryn quickly made a space between them.

What was going on?


"I… I am tired. Where is my room?"

Jeremy paused. Why he smelled something fishy from her attitude? What went wrong again?

Butler Wang who was standing at the side, near the wall, cleared his throat. He waited eagerly for his Young Master to give order.

Unwillingly Jeremy gave a slight nod. He actually wanted for both of them sleeping in the same room but…

Maybe it was too early.

He watched as his eager butler quickly led Ryn away, bringing her to her room.

He sat on the sofa and closed his eyes.

This was supposed to help him bringing their relationship to the next level. However, the mistake at the airport earlier drew her defence wall again, even strengthened it.

How could he break the wall away and get her heart?

"Young Master, I've bring some lavender tea and Victorian cake. Would you like to have them with Young Mistress at the Rose garden or at the dining room?" a maid asked politely, holding a tray.

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"Just bring a set to Ryn's room. I don't want to eat them. For dinner, I want steak with some salad. No avocado."

"Would you like it romantic or…"

He cocked an eyebrow. Why it seemed like the butler and maids were acting weirdly? Were they thinking to make Ryn closer to him.

His eyes shone brightly.

"Romantic. Play music too. Once you've done setting the dinner, all of you can dismiss."

"Yes, Young Master."

"Oh yes, before you all have your rest, make sure to take out cocoa powder, sugar and milk at the counter in the kitchen. Also some marshmallows. Better if there are strawberries and whipped cream."

The maid could not stop from grinning. "Don't worry, Young Master. We'll make sure everything will be perfect."

She winked. Then she excused herself.

Jeremy rested his arms behind his neck and whistled happily. Now he had no doubt he would win her heart.

He could not wait for tonight!


Jacob took off his glasses and rubbed between his brows. He just finished discussing with Jeremy's manager on how to control the situation.

Silently he lamented about Jeremy's habit of ignoring work to pursuit his love life. Why couldn't he just stay put and only do his 'love' thing when Catherine in the country.

Not only he had to settle the problem left from the photo Miss Catherine posted in her Instagram's album, he also had to reschedule all the meetings Jeremy was supposed to attend this week. Even the meetings next week might need to be rescheduled as well, considering that it was London Fashion Week.

He quickly opened his planner and checked the schedules. He stared at the paper hard, almost burning it with his eyes. The headache was getting worst.

Maybe he should ask Miss Mika's help.

Making up his mind, he quickly called Mika's assistant. It would be better if he talked with her rather than with Mika. He had no doubt Miss Mika herself would be too busy heading toward London to even care about the company.

Only her assistant could help persuading Miss Mika to stay focus.

It took him almost an hour to coax her. He quickly sent files regarding the meetings and what to be expected from them to the assistant. In fact, to show how grateful he was, he sent the files by hands, by himself.


Ryn blinked her eyes drowsily. It seemed like she fell asleep while having a bubbly bath. She quickly washed herself off the bubble and wrapped her body in a white fluffy robe.

"What time is it now?"

She looked at the clock and rubbed her eyes. She was still sleepy.

"Sleep is more important than eating," she mumbled sleepily as she set on the alarm to wake up tomorrow. She just checked before she went bathing that she would take almost 2 hours to arrive to where the crews were waiting.

So she would need to wake up 4 hours before that in order for her not to be late.

Without even changing into the nightgown provided, she simply lied down on the big King sized bed and closed her eyes. She was too tired to care about anything.

Sleep was more important than anything else.


Jeremy checked the ancient clock on the wall before looked up at the ceiling. It was getting late.

It was quiet. Too quiet.

Of course the silence was also contributed with only both of them in the huge mansion. All the helpers had gone home (or in their room), to give a lot of space for the lovebirds.

Before they left, they prepared all sort of things to help their Young Master. Not only food and desert, they even brought out the precious golden plates and utensils to be used for this special romantic dinner.

How excited to receive a new Young Mistress.

And pretty soon they would get to pamper a baby boy or girl, the heir or heiress of the family!

How excited!

How wonderful!

Jeremy finally stood up and climbed up the stairs. Maybe Ryn was a bit shy to go to the dining room. Or maybe she was lost.

This mansion with 150 rooms could get quite confusing especially for someone who came for the first time here, to spend the night.

Even he and Mika, when they were young, always got lost in the mansion.

He arrived in front of her room, his heart pounded hard.

"Why do I feel like a teenage boy?" he thumped his chest, trying to stay calm.

But it was hard.

It took him several minutes to calm down. Then, he lifted up his hand and knocked the door.

"Ryn, open the door. It's time for dinner."

No answer from inside.

He tried again.

Still no luck.

He tried again.

But still nothing from her side.

Without thinking he reached for the knob and tried his luck.

And this time Lady Luck was on his side.

He quickly opened the door, intending to wake her up if she was sleeping.

"Ryn-" his eyes widened seeing the white creamy flesh on the bed.

His face reddened. His throat felt like something was blocking the airway. He pulled the tie, trying to untie it to make him feel better.

"Ryn…" he choked out, knowing only she could help ease his uneasiness.


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