Tell Me Again, My Love
69 Jealous of another man
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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69 Jealous of another man

Harry looked out of the window. Although the night was getting late, he had no plan to sleep. He kept checking his Instagram account, waiting impatiently for any update.

Just anything.

But, not one update came from her. The last update was a photo of her sitting at the dining table, looking out of the window.

It had been two days after their last conversation. And it was the last time she updated her Instagram.

He tried not to call her again. He did not want to be seen so desperate. But, at the same time, he was missing her.

He let out a loud sigh. There was no star tonight. Nothing to accompany him other than the sound of crickets.

He returned to his bed and laid on it. Was this for real? Was he falling for her? He had never felt like this before.

Last time, he only...

Although he considered their relationship as official but he did not feel the same as he felt toward Ryn. It was different. Totally different.

Maybe that was what people called monkey love? A childish infatuation?

It took his some time to feel better after his heart broken but the feeling was different than when he heard another man's voice when he was talking with Ryn.

Was it what people said jealousy? He was jealous when he knew her with another man?

When his phone let out a short song, he quickly grabbed it, just in case she contacted him.

Alas, it was not her.
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It was someone else.

His face darkened to see a very familiar set of numbers. He himself could not believe he could still remember her number.

Without thinking, he rejected the call and threw the phone onto his study table.

The phone went quiet before it rang again... and again... and again.

Groaning to himself, he took the phone and slided his finger rather roughly on the surface.

"What do you want from me, Lia?" without even a polite greet, he snarled. The pain from what she did years ago was still there, deep inside his heart. And she expected him to treat her as if nothing went wrong?

"I... I..."

"If you have nothing important to say, you don't need to contact me ever again. We are no longer friends."

"Wait... wait. I just... I just want to apologize to you. Is it possible for us to meet tomorrow? Please?" she begged.

"I am sorry. I am busy." He was ruthless but in his opinion, she did not deserve to be treated well. She was a selfish girl and would do anything to get what she wanted.

"Please, Harry. Give me one more chance. I will explain everything. Please. Please spare me a little bit of your time tomorrow. I promise I will not disturb you if you meet me."

He refused to say a word.

"Please, Harry. Please believe me. Just one more chance."

Harry closed his eyes and groaned loudly. "Fine. Tomorrow at 4 o'clock at Sky Blue Cafe. Do not be late. I will not wait for you," he warned coldly.

"Thank you. Thank you. I will be there. I will not be late," she promised, crying in relief when he finally agreed to meet her.

He dropped his phone back on the desk and covered his face. Was he doing the right thing meeting her tomorrow?


Jeremy took the bouquet from the florist with a wide grin. In fact, he had been grinning since this morning.

He quickly walked to his car. Ryn should be done with her fitting now. This was the second fitting for today and he was her willing driver, bringing her to anywhere she wanted. He put the bouquet carefully on the passenger side and started the engine. He must not waste anymore time. He must not make Ryn wait outside.

Or worse, made her take a taxi or Grab to go home!

Luckily for him, when he arrived at the building, someone was driving a car out of the parking space and it was right in front of the door!

Well, not right in front but almost.

He quickly parked the car there and waited patiently. She would be out any minute now.

Having a little sister who was managing a clothing line, he could guess how much time spent for the fitting when there would be a runway show. So, he would use the spare time to buy presents or food for her. Usually he would go to places not far so he would arrive before she was done and the food was still hot. He noticed after the first day, although she finished the steaks she ordered, she could barely open her eyes at the end. Luckily he cancelled his plan of hiring violin player to accompany their meal.

He did not have to wait long. Barely five minutes there, he could see her walking with her fellow models. They were smiling while chatting. He could not help from smiling too seeing how happy she looked.

He quickly got out of the car without taking out the bouquet of red and white roses. It was a surprise for her. Just for her.

She waved goodbye to the other models and approached him.

His callused hand rubbed her cheek gently, his eyes softened.


She nodded. This was the second fitting. She had an hour or so to rest before a photoshoot. Once that was done she could go back and sleep.

She could not wait to sleep!

"Have some rest first. I'll wake you up half an hour before, okay?" he opened the door for her.

She, already with her eyes half closed, preparing to get into the car when he suddenly stopped him.



Jeremy quickly took out the flowers and handed it to her, "For you."

With her eyes still refused to open, she simply took the bouquet and entered the car. Instead of smelling the fresh flowers and giving shy look at him, she fell asleep.

He was speechless.


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