Tell Me Again, My Love
70 His favourite drink
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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70 His favourite drink

Jeremy sipped his hot Americano slowly. His eyes could not help from watching her modeling the watch while ignoring people walking around her.

The location for the watch photo shoot was in the middle of a busy road. Some people even stopped to watch what was going on. Some even took pictures of them.

But Ryn being herself, simply ignored everything. In just a short time she delivered a lot of photos with different characteristics. It was up for the director to use which one for the magazine.

Then, she headed to another van to change her outfit as well as another watch.

Jeremy simply leaned against his car and watched. He did volunteer to use his car for the 'changing room' but Ryn gave him a weird look and followed the stylist to the black van not far from where Jeremy parked his car.

Jeremy grinned. Who could actually guess the bright eyes and cheerful model was deep in her sleep just almost an hour ago. And she only slept for half an hour before asked Jeremy to bring her to the nearest cafe to fill her empty stomach and get her the much-needed caffeine.

He frowned when his phone rang, disturbing his focus. He looked at the numbers and sighed. He had to take the call. Mika already told him the probability for him to receive this call. He took a few steps away to take it.


"Hello, Mr. Long. I am Hawick Lau from Catastrophe. Sorry to interrupt you."

Jeremy glanced at the way Ryn was shooting. Ryn had returned with another outfit and watch.


"About the program in Section H..."

He closed his eyes and tried to remember why he and Mika found the project a bit problematic.

"What did Miss Long tell you?"

"She... she did not say anything."


"I would like to take a little bit of your time for us to discuss about the project. Maybe dinner?"

"Mr Lau, right now I am outside of the country so I am unable to have dinner with you."

"When will you return, Mr. Long?"

"I am not sure yet. I have handed the project to Miss Long so you should discuss with her about this project."

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"I have to go now. You can discuss more with Miss Long. Goodbye." Without waiting for the reply, Jeremy disconnected the call. It would only make him angry because that company do have a bad reputation and was trying to make use of this project to project their credibility.

Idiot. Just because the company was still new, these people think they could take advantage? He had years of experience with his father's company, since young. Even Mika was forced to follow their father when she was a little girl to get the exposure. It was hard to make tricks on them.

They were young but they were not stupid.

Maybe he should ask Mika to darken her make up when she met clients.

He nodded at his thought. Later he would ask her to do just that.


Harry adjusted the cap on his head and let out a huge sigh. Truthfully he had no mood to come but he did promise her. And she did promise him this was the last time.

He got out of the car and walked, rather slowly, toward the cafe. It was five minutes after the time they promised. Was he usually this late? No. Never. Even during their time together, he was the one waiting for her. And she usually was the one late, most of the time an hour late. But because he 'loved' her so much, he would wait like an idiot and even did not mind when she gave her excuses. Girls were always late, right?

But when he knew Ryn, he noticed Ryn did not come late whenever she could. In fact, she would always be among the first to arrive, especially when it related to work. Sometimes he felt ashamed of himself, being a junior but was still being waited by a senior. But, Ryn being Ryn, actually did not even notice any of this. She was usually sleeping while waiting or eating... or reading a magazine. Sometimes he caught her frowning at her phone or planner, must be trying to squeeze any last-minute assignment anywhere. She looked so cute and adorable when she was frowning.

He sighed. Why would he think about her again? In fact, he realized that he kept thinking about Ryn, almost all the time now.

The bell announced his arrival into the cafe. He looked around and saw her.

His heart almost stopped.

She was as beautiful as he remembered. The last time they met, he did not look at her carefully but now with the sunlight shining into the room, it looked like there was a halo on top of her head.

He quickly looked away, trying to forget what he just saw.

"Harry!" she waved her hand happily. She was delighted to see him finally here. She was scared he would change his mind and left her alone. Now he was here, it seemed like he still had some feeling on her, even a tiny bit. And she had no doubt if she tried her hard, they would become together again.

He walked slowly to her. It was hard to know what was inside his mind when he kept his face blank. But it did not stop her from smiling sweetly.

"I've ordered your favourite," she told him once he sat on the chair.

He simply waved for the waiter and ordered a glass of water even though his favourite cocoa was there, albeit already cool.

She chewed her lower lip. she was hurt when he ignored the drink. Was he going to treat her coldly?


"Speak what you want to say. I am here already."

She was taken back receiving his cold words. Why was he treating her like this?

She did not understand at all.


He crossed his arms and waited.

She started sniffing, hurt with his behaviour.


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