Tell Me Again, My Love
72 Where was Jeremy?
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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72 Where was Jeremy?

Harry stormed into the house, ignoring the shocked look from the gardeners and even the butler who opened the door for him.

It seemed like Young Master was having a bad mood again.

The butler signalled the gardeners to continue pruning and doing whatever they needed to do to beautify the garden and the front side. Then, he quickly went into the kitchen and told one of the maids to prepare Young Master's favourite. He hoped it would make Young Master felt better.

When he looked for his Young Master, bringing a small plate of volcano pudding and a triple chocolate shake, he found Harry at the swimming pool. He placed the food and drink on a small desk and waited.

Harry finally noticed the butler after two laps. He draped his arms on the edge of the pool and looked up at the older man. He just stared at the butler silently.

"Young Master, the kitchen has prepared your favourite volcano pudding and a triple chocolate shake," the butler announced politely.

He pulled himself out of the pool and went to where the butler was. He wrapped himself with a gold bathrobe and rubbed his hair with a white towel. 

"Would you like to change your clothes first before eating or..." his words trailed off as the butler waited for Harry's reply.

Harry simply took the glass of his chocolate shake and sucked it through the straw. He signalled the butler to leave him alone, which the butler obeyed.

Harry looked at the pudding. His mind automatically flew toward Ryn. Would she like it? She would be, right? She loved eating so much. She must like desert too other than steaks.

He covered his face with the towel. His anger was gone at the thought of the adorable Ryn. He missed her so much. When would she return?

The food was half-eaten when he got up and went to his room. Maybe he could call her and ask?

It made his mood better at that thought. He did not even bother to change into a dry and clean clothes, too excited to hear her voice. He quickly locked the door and reached for his phone.

He did not think much about whether she was busy or tired. He did not even think about the time differences between the two places.

He waited.

And waited.

And waited.

But no answer. 

She did not answer his call!

His face darkened. Was she ignoring him?

His mind started to wander irrationally. He did not care how weird it was for him to call suddenly.


Ryn opened her eyes with a soft yawn.

The make-up artist smiled seeing her. She, and the hairstylist, actually noticed her fell asleep... again. Today was the second time they worked with Ryn and they found her peculiar behaviour so funny.

The make-up artist stepped backward to give space for Ryn to look at her reflection.

"Now I have brows," Ryn grinned.

This was the third show for today and honestly, Ryn was exhausted. She had been on her feet since early in the morning. With so many clothes to wear and remembering each concept, her brain was getting fried up. But it did not make her hate it. She was used to this exhausting life, even two years ago. 

This was life, she guessed.

She was finally released to change into her outfit and another model took her seat. She quickly did just that and joined the other models. Unlike them, she was lazy to bring her phone. Hence her only pictures backstage was taken by others. 

Her phone?

It was peacefully in her backpack under silent mode. Once the show was done, she would check it for any last instruction from Mei Li. Usually none. Or a message from Jeremy of where he would be waiting for her.

Yes. He was still her driver. Or his driver would drive them everywhere while he sat next to her, either chatting about anything or everything or just simply accompany her sleeping at the back of the car.

They lined up and waited as the show finally began. She cried a bit when the naughty model behind her tickling her back.

She turned and made a funny face. The model replied doing the same. Then they giggled before the other models pointed at the serious looking floor manager. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

They quickly turned forward, acting docile.

"Hmph..." The FM went to them warningly.


And it was finally her turn. Ryn put on her modelling expression and sashaying along the runway. She ignored the claps and even lights from the cameras. She followed along the runway and stopped according to what the FM told her earlier. She made two poses before walked toward the next stop.

And did the same. 

They rushed back to the backstage to change into another outfit. Ryn held onto the little white ostrich feather fascinator on her head as she rushed toward the start of the runway. 

And another round of catwalking began.

When she reached back to the backstage, she no longer went to change her clothes. In fact, she joined the others to line up for the finale. She stole some seconds to dabbed the sweat on her face and adjusted back the black dress with white stitching to the perfection. Along with the others she strutted along the runway and stopped as they applauded at the designer of all these outfits. 

Finally, her job for today was finally done.

After this, she planned to simply go home and sleep. Tomorrow she had about 4 shows. The day after she had another 4 before she could finally bid London farewell and go home.

Her real home.

Without even washing the makeup off, simply changing into her simple white shirt and black jeans, she prepared to go home. She was too tired to even chat with anyone. Just smile, grin and whatever expression appropriated when some of them called her for wefie. Then, she quickly squeezed herself out of the place and checked her phone, hoping Jeremy was already waiting outside.

She was so exhausted to even call taxi!

However, unlike usual, Jeremy was not there.

Her face darkened.

Where was he?


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