Tell Me Again, My Love
74 To bully someone
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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74 To bully someone

He took a deep breath and carefully sat down on the chair. With her still in his arms,  he adjusted his sit so as not to hurt her anywhere. 

Then,  he frowned again. 

What should he do now? 

He looked at the Sleeping Beauty, then at the bottles on the vanity desk. How could he help her cleaning her face without disturbing her sleep?

He was sitting there like a tree, in lost on what to do.

Luckily for him, the way he was holding her actually was uncomfortable for Ryn so whether she liked it or not, she woke up with a scowl. She stirred and moved a bit. Pushing him away slightly, she adjusted her own sitting, still mumbling under her breath.

He refused to let her move away from his laps. He loved having her here. And...

He was getting excited, well, his lower half, actually.

His eyes kept looking at her, gulping hard. Would she allow him to have her?

He bent down, planning to kiss her rosy lips. And maybe... just maybe he would get lucky?

Her eyes that had already open wide, close back as she replied the kiss drowsily. She was still tired but his lips were like elixir, too delicious. She sighed and moaned a bit.

"Ryn, my love," he sighed against her lips.

She moaned. Then, her eyes widened when she felt the hardness underneath her. Her big eyes stared at him with her cheeks reddened.

"J... Jeremy..." she choked out.

He smiled. His calloused hand brushed her hair gently.

"I love you, Ryn. I really love you."

She looked away, her cheeks reddened even more, which made him even wild.

He bent down and kissed her more, but at the same time trying to control himself.

"No... J... no... I... I am not ready..." she choked out breathlessly once he 'allowed' her to breathe.

"Hmm... I know..." he whispered against her hair, trying hard to maintain his control. It was getting harder with her being so soft and sexy.

She wiggled herself off him and looked at him, still breathing hard. 

"I... I can take care of myself now. Goodnight," she took a step back to hold herself from the temptation. 

He blew out a sigh. He wanted to give her a last kiss but she quickly put a distance between them. His shoulders sagged down as he walked to the door.

"Goodnight, love. I'll see you tomorrow morning."

"Goodnight." She quickly locked the door. Then, her knees went weak as she fell down.

"That was... dangerous..." she choked out. Her hands covered her burned cheeks. "Too dangerous."

Jeremy pulled himself into the living room. His heart was still racing. It would be the death of him if she was still thinking about their relationship. He needed something...

"Why am I here?" He should go to take a cold shower, not drinking alcoholic drinks!

He stormed toward his room, leaving some maids and even the butler in puzzled. Their Young Master suddenly storming toward the living room while mumbling under his breath. But then, he apparently had another thought and went out of the room.

What had happened between Young Master and Miss Catherine?

"Do you think... do you think Miss Catherine will not become our Young Mistress?" a maid whispered at the butler worriedly.

"They will be. If they have no idea how to get together, we will help them," the butler replied.

The maids who heard his words nodded their head seriously. For the sake of their Young Master who clearly was head over hill over Miss Catherine, they would help this silly couple to get together.


Harry woke up with a huge headache. Without thinking, he reached for his phone and checked.

It was not the time that he was checking but a message, any message.

There was no message from her. She also did not call him back.

His headache went from bad to worst.

"Harry, wake up. Lia is here," his little sister knocked on the door loudly.

"Go away. I'm still sleeping," he replied and pulled the blanket over his head. He refused to meet Lia.

"It's already afternoon. Why are you still sleeping? Wake up!" His little sister from hell ignored his words and kept knocking the door, this time louder. She must be kicking it just for the fun of it. When else could she 'bully' her big brother?

Harry groaned. He should just follow his friends and moved out once he finished high school. He could just rent with his friends. But no, he just accepted his mother's order to still staying here with the family. He was too lazy to argue with his mother and too happy just to have everything prepared in the house. His meals were prepared by the cook and his room was tidied by the maids. He did not even have to think about having not enough gas for the car. Every day the driver would check the status and fill it when needed.

He guessed he was used for being spoiled. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Hence, he did not mind when his mother told him to take care of his aunt. It was not that hard cooking for Angel. As long as there was food, she would be happy. Her favourite would be steak, just like Ryn. But if he did not make it and make something else, Angel would still eat it, albeit she would mumble under her breath about the lack of heart in him for not making her steaks.

The noise went silent suddenly.

He sighed and buried himself deeper into the blanket. Finally, he had his peace.

Little did he know, the peace was just temporary. Actually Mia, his little sister, went to the butler to retrieve keys. Smiling evilly, Mia unlocked the door. 

Her eyes made a crescent shape as she grinned when she saw him still lying on the bed. Only a big lump underneath the thick blanket with only his right foot stuck out from it. 

She tip-toed closer, rubbing her hands excitedly.


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