Tell Me Again, My Love
76 An honorable man
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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76 An honorable man

Harry almost fell but he managed to balance his body. But the person he bumped into was not that lucky. His eyes widened seeing a woman lying on the floor. The hair covering her face but he could see how fit she was. Luckily for her, she was wearing black jeans and a green and white blause. So she did not expose anything when she fell.

He quickly leaned down to help her up.

"I am so sorry. I did not see you." He helped her to sit up and watched carefully in case she was hurt.

She muttered something under her breathe and flipped her hair to glare at him. Now he could see her face clearly.

Her glare made him stunned. His heart skipped. Oh no...

"Mrs... Mrs... Lee..." he stuttered.

From all of the people he could bump into, it was his 'luck' to make one of his lecturers to fall. And this particular lecturer, although still young, was infamous for being strict and very cold.

She came to the class with a scowl and left the class with a bigger scowl. No one dared to make any sound during her lesson. That was how terrifying she was!

He should check his horoscope this morning once he woke up. He should be!

Now he was hit by bad luck after bad luck. 

So annoying.

He quickly pasted a smile and helped, well, tried to help Mrs. Lee to stand. It seemed like she was not injured anywhere, well, except for her ego.

He could not help on that, though.

"I am so sorry, Mrs. Lee. I did not notice you just now," he tried to soothe her feeling but she pushed his hand away and muttered something under her breath.

"I'm sorry, Mrs. Lee. I didn't catch that," he thought she was talking to him but his innocent question was replied with another glare.

Guess it was not for him.

He gulped nervously. What should he do now? She held his marks. And this was the last semester for him before he started his training!

He was screwed... all over...

He took another deep breath and gave more watt to his smile. "Mrs. Lee, would you like me to help you carrying those bags?"

She heaved and grunted. But she did not answer his question. She simply collected all the bags around her and started to move away, well, stormed away.

Watching her leaving furiously made him even mad. This was all Lia's fault!

If that girl did not come to his home, he would not come here and had this incident with Mrs. Lee. Now, his future was a huge question. Would he pass her subject or would she made him fail?

"Great. Just great."


Ryn blinked her eyes sleepily and smiled. Today, finally she had no show to go. She had finished all her assignments and works. Her flight to go home would be tomorrow. She agreed to Jeremy's suggestion to extend for another day so he could show her around.

It would be exciting!

She quickly washed herself. When she got out of the bathroom, few dresses were lying on the bed that had been made. Her brows raised seeing the bed was made and the dresses.

Those maids were very quick with their job. She did not think she spent a long time in the shower.

Still wrapped in the bathrobe, she checked the dresses. They did not belong to her. She did not bring much to this trip. She only brought the essential. No dress at all.

Where did they find the dress? Whom were these belong to?

She was suspicious of the origins of the dresses.

They were all high street brands, expensive brands. Well, mostly the brands she worked with these past few days. These were all the latest collection! She remembered wearing some of them. They even still had the price tags so it not rented or sponsored.

Something smelled fishy.

"Miss Catherine, has you awakened?" a maid knocked the door politely.

Clearly, it was not to wake her up but to hint her to get ready quickly.

"I'm almost ready," she replied loudly.

The knocked ceased and it was quiet back.

Ryn blew out a relieved sigh and chose a dress randomly. When she looked at it carefully, it was a dress from Gucci. A white sleeveless dress that ended just at the top of her knees. Feminine and screamed innocent.

"Guess I'm wearing you today." she sighed.

She usually was innocent and cute during her assignment. In real life, she was just a simple and quiet girl. She would rather be sleeping than do anything else. But this time, she was being a tourist so it was rational for her to be more awake.

But innocent?

She shrugged it off. A dress was just a dress. As long as it was comfortable for her to move around, she did not care much about the colour, shape, the type of cloth or anything regarding fashion. 

She then went to the vanity table to brush her hair, tie it into a neat ponytail and put on sunblock and lip balm. Now, she was ready to go.

Well, not right now. She rubbed her growling stomach. She would leave for her sight-seeing after having breakfast.  Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"I'm ready. Please bring me to the dining room," she told the maid who was waiting outside her bedroom. 

Lydia smiled and quickly walked toward the stairs. It seemed like their future Young Mistress still could not remember the way to go to any room in this mansion. She sympathized with Miss Catherine. Every day she was here, she went out early in the morning, sometimes before the sunrise, and only came home late at night, usually already deep in her sleep. Young Master Jeremy would carry her to her room.

Just carrying her!

Lydia pursed her lips sadly. Young Master Jeremy should take the chance to make Miss Catherine his. They had helped everything they could but Young Master Jeremy was an honorable man. He would not do what they all wanted.

So frustrating!


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