Tell Me Again, My Love
77 Jia you
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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77 Jia you

Jeremy took a sip of his hot Americano. His eyes were on the newspaper but not a word seemed to stick to his mind. His lips curled into a huge grin. He could not stop grinning from ear to ear when he woke up this morning. He even spent the shower singing to a love song, the song he created just for her.

Today was a celebration day for him. Of course, his mood would be good. Today he would go dating with Ryn!

"Good morning, everyone."

His eyes shone at the sight of Ryn entering the room. Her dress flattered her body, making her even prettier. He loved seeing the innocent and cute side of her. She was too serious nowadays and he did not want her to lose her innocence because of the stress.

She deserved to be pampered and loved the whole time!

"Good morning, love. How was your sleep last night?" Jeremy quickly stood up to pull a chair for Ryn. Instead of letting her sitting at the end of the table as he was sitting at the other end, Jeremy pulled the chair on the right side of the table, just next to him. Easier if he wanted to touch her hand and do whatever he wanted.

He grinned at his thought.

Ryn, oblivious with what was in his thick head, sat on the chair with a murmured thanks. She looked at the plate the maid carrying in, excited to see what the breakfast of the day was.

Her eyes sparkled at the sight of four pieces of sausages with just a little pieces of carrots, salad, and corns. In another small bowl was whipped potato with extra gravy. Another basket was filled with a variety of breads. She only needed to choose one and if she wanted, one of the maids would toast it for her.

She looked at the bread and chose a small dinner roll. And she also chose a loaf of multi-grain bread to be toasted.

"Why is it so hard to put the toaster right on the table?" she mumbled as the maid took the bread she chose to toast.

"Table is for eating, not to put machines," he pointed it out with a laugh.

"Hmph." Still, she thought it was such a wasteful to go to another room just to toast the bread. It would save more time just to toast it when the toaster just right at the table. She could even choose how golden her bread would be. There was no need to give hard work to the-

Her eyes widened when she saw the heart-shaped jam on top of the toasted bread. Then, another slice was written the date of today and the words 'Jia you' with jam. He starlets eyes looked at the grinning maid. 

And the maid seemed like she was so proud of her work, she stuck up her chin proudly.

Jeremy used the napkin to cover his chuckle. He knew not to make things even worse by laughing out loud. 

It seemed like everyone in this mansion was on his side. He had nothing to worry about. He could just step back and let them plan how to make Ryn fall in love with him.

"Err... interesting toast," Ryn mumbled and thanks the maid for her 'hard' work.

"You are welcome, Miss. Ask us whatever you need. Would you like more milk or hot cocoa?"

"Err... no, thanks. I haven't drunk my milk yet," Ryn replied hurriedly. She made a show of taking a sip of her milk and put the glass back on the table. Then, she pulled the plate of bread closer, trying not to cringe at the heart and the words of encouragement. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Encouragement for what?

She had no idea. And she did not want to ask, afraid to hear the answer.

She no longer needed to lap butter on it with the jam already slathered on it. She took a slice and started to take a few bites. Within a minute, she finished both slices of bread and the dinner roll which she dipped into the mashed potato. Now, she focussed her attention on finishing the sausages and vegetables.

Jeremy gulped the rest of the coffee and stood up. He saw the food was fast disappearing from the plate and bowl in front of Ryn.

He signalled the butler, who then signalled the maids. One of the maids quickly went out of the room.

Pretty soon, she returned with a big basket.

"Young Master, the cook has prepared lunch for you to have a picnic at the park. The driver has put the blanket and a mat. The car is already outside."

"Good. Love, are you ready?" Jeremy asked Ryn gently. But at the same time, again, he signalled the butler.

And again, just like before, the butler signalled the maids.

This time two maids went out. Pretty soon they returned while holding a few number of hats. They, with a huge smile, as if they had tail they would wag it proudly, went to stand near Ryn.

Ryn cocked an eyebrow. She wiped her lips with a napkin. She looked at Jeremy silently.

"Choose a hat you like. We are going to be under the sun for quite a bit so we need to protect you from the sun," Jeremy explained.

It was acceptable. Ryn nodded and looked at all the hats. 

The maids quickly stepped forward, trying to show all the good side of the hats. 

However, contrary to their hope and belief (they thought Miss Ryn would choose the most expensive or the prettiest hat), Ryn simply chose the simplest hat. It was wide with golden trimming.

Although all were branded, the hat chosen was not the most expensive.

She watched as Ryn plopped the hat carelessly on her head.

"Let's go. We only have this one day to look around the place," Ryn walked toward the door hurriedly.

Somehow she had the feeling the longer she stayed there, more weird behaviour she had to witness. 

Had everyone gone crazy today?

With a smile, Jeremy followed behind.

"You all have done well. A month bonus this month."


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