Tell Me Again, My Love
78 The picnic
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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78 The picnic

Jeremy opened the door for Ryn after handing the basket at the maid.

The maid quickly placed the basket into the boot. Her grin went even wider seeing a bouquet of red and white roses in the boot. Guessed the gardener was working hard as well for this picnic. She quickly closed the boot and stepped backward, signalling Young Master to drive the car away.

"Do you think everyone is acting weird today?" Ryn asked Jeremy as the car slid smoothly through the big gate.

"Acting weird? In what way?" Jeremy acted dumb.

He knew what she meant. If he did not catch the good intention of the butler and the maids, he would be taken back as well. But, knowing how good their intention was, he felt happy and proud. They surely deserved the one month bonus he bestowed.

He checked the location again via his phone to ensure they were on the right way. Honestly, he had not been there before. The butler actually handed him a list of interesting places to go and several suggestions of itineraries for him to choose for today's event.

He chose a picnic. 

They would have a relaxing day. Ryn could even have a nap if she wanted to. A park was a place for families (and couples) to have fun after all.

Ryn looked out of the window eagerly. She wanted to enjoy today before she went back to the real world. Despite her being a 'whatever' kind of girl, she did know the gossip surrounding her so-called relationship with Jeremy and at home, it was getting worse. Mei Li assured her that everything was under control with the help of PR from Jeremy's company. She should just focus on her work and leave everything to them, Mei Li said. Hence, she did not even bother updating her Instagram or checking the comment. She also did not answer questions from the media, just focussing on her work.

"We're here," Jeremy announced.

Ryn looked around. She was getting more excited. To think she was so close to the palace!

"We will walk around first. Then, we will have our picnic. What do you think?" He unbuckled and looked at her lovingly.

"Do we have water?" she had already thought of the most important thing; to stay hydrated!

"We do," he took out a huge bottle with a pink cover. It did not belong to one of the maids, Jeremy was sure about that. The maids would not dare to give their belonging to be used.

Ryn took the hat and put it onto her head. She took his hand, rather automatically, and started to walk toward the park. He did not take the basket, just wanting to focus on enjoying the time with Ryn.

They walked along the small lane holding hands. He could not stop himself from taking her photos once in a while and she actually let him do just that. She made a few poses, smiling. But she did not check them. She just made poses, making sure he took them as many as he wanted, then took his hand to move to another place. He did not ask for them to take a photo together, which she was thankful for. She was not ready... yet.

Taking a picture together symbolizing they were back together... that they had made their relationship official.

But have they... made their relationship official?

They walked slowly, very slowly, just enjoying the scenery. 

Finally, they reached the gate of Buckingham Palace. After taking pictures, they headed to the Queen's Gallery.

It took them several hours to return back to the car to retrieve the basket and looked for a suitable place to have their picnic.

"Are you happy today?" he asked as he poured iced tea into two glasses. He had no idea how the cook made it but all food was still hot and the iced tea was still cold despite hours leaving the house.

"Hmm... I feel... so refreshing..." Ryn stretched her arms. Then, she took the hat off and put it next to her. "What's on our next agenda?"

"Why don't we eat first?" He handed a plate of roasted chicken and some sandwich to Ryn.

"I'm starving." She took the plate and started chewing them. Her head kept turning right and left, still not satisfied looking around. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

He smiled. He chewed his sandwich while helping filling her plate and her glass. He was happy to see how glowing and happy she was even when she was exhausted. He knew she was not that athletic and even chose very quick steps for her workout session once every two to three days so here, the fact that she was able to walk around the place without once complaining and demanding to end this picnic should be a day to proud of. He was proud of her.

She helped to tidy up everything when they were done with their lunch. At first, she was skeptical of the size of the basket but when Jeremy kept taking out a container after a container from the basket, she was convinced this basket was enough to fill both their stomachs.

She followed behind him, hugging the roses. She was taken back when she saw them in the bonnet. It was kind and sweet of the gardener to include the bouquet of roses for her. How did the gardener know she loved these roses?

Today was so perfect, she wished it would never end.

He quickly checked the way for their second location. Ryn did not even look at him, too busy sniffing the flowers as well as looking out of the window, enjoying the scenery.

They finally arrived at the second location. He opened the door for her like a gentleman. Instead of bringing the flower along, Ryn left them in the car.

"So what's our plan now?" she asked, taking the hand he offered. Then, her eyes widened at the sight of the entrance.

He smiled proudly.

She looked down at her outfit. Was she wearing appropriately for this second place?

"Don't worry. Let's go."


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