Tell Me Again, My Love
79 Her senior
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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79 Her senior

Jeremy smiled as he watched Ryn choosing the right size for her. He knew she was trying not to look at the price but it did not matter. He could pay everything as long as she would be happy. Even if she wanted to buy a mansion,  he would happily pay for it. 

He had already chosen his outfit.

Compared to him, she was much more careful and selective. It took her more time but he did not mind at all.

He handed his card to the cashier, smiling. She, on the other hand, looked around, still in awe. Who could guess she would be here? 

She quickly changed into a black Hogwart shirt and pants. She even put on the robe at the insistence of Jeremy. What was the point of coming here if they did not wear the robe? He took few pictures of her when she came out.

They started walking around. Both were not worried if someone recognized them. They were too far from their homeland and Ryn, being the chameleon as she was,  was hard to be recognized when she let go of her 'model' aura and looked like a normal young girl next to the handsome Jeremy. 

Even if they were recognized,  Jeremy would use the chance to make Ryn his officially.  Of course he did not tell his plan to Ryn,  knowing she would reject it on the spot and refused their 'date'. 


Harry's eyes narrowed down as he read the comment section. It was getting worst and worst.

He tried his best to help lessen the rumour but it seemed like no one even read his comment. 

Mei Li told him not to worry. She was working with Jeremy's company to control the situation. But nothing happened!

Especially after the pictures of Jeremy at Ryn's fashion show.

It drove people nuts especially Jeremy's hardcore fans.

Heck, it drove him nuts.

If he was unaware of Ryn's laziness and commitment to her work. She would not be interested in any relationship now. She was so busy with study and work, she would not have time for any relationship.

He was certain of it.

If she was with him, he could help her with her study. He was after all her senior.

He was not being irrational. He was being realistic.

He quickly typed a sentence but as fast as he typed it, he deleted it. He did not want to make things go worse.

He tried to control it but his patience was getting thinner and thinner. 

"Ryn, when are you coming back? You have to clear this thing up so people will not look down on you." Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

He threw the phone onto the bed and opened the wardrobe. He chose a leather jacket and put it on. Then, he grabbed back his phone and key.

"Where are you going?" Mia asked when she bumped into her big brother on the way to the mini cinema.

"Somewhere," he replied shortly.

"You don't want to watch the latest Avenger movie?"

"You're inviting your friends, right? No."

It was not that he hated her friends. He was just getting sick of them checking him out and trying to grab his attention rather than focussing on watching the movie. He was uncomfortable the whole time. He could not even remember what the movie was about when it ended. It was frustrating, especially he did want to watch the movie with his little sister, to strengthened their sibling relationship as well as spending time together but when her friends joined in as well, it became unbearable for him.

"My new friend, actually. We met last week," Mia replied.

"Not a guy, right?" Harry stopped and looked at Mia warningly.

"Why can't I bring a guy back to watch a movie? You always bring your guy friends home," Mia replied back without thinking.

Harry's eyes widened. His right hand knocked her head.

"Mom, big brother hit me!" Mia cried and ran downstairs, looking for their mother to cry.

Harry gasped and quickly ran behind her. Despite her being smaller than him and he had longer legs, she ran faster than him. 

She was after all the runner for her elementary and high school. She was always sent to represent the school and always brought back gold medal.

And she always used her talent to get away from him after making fun of him or making him angry.

"Mummy~" Mia cried loudly, paused to blink few tears out and continued looking for her mother.

"What is it this time? What time is your friend coming? Has the popcorns and other snacks ready?"  Their mother was standing at the kitchen, watching as the cook and some maids busy preparing everything for her daughter's movie watching.

"Harry hit my head. See, it's already swollen," Mia showed her head.

"Harry hit you?" her mother looked at her daughter's head worriedly. "There is no swollen. Are you sure he hit hard?"

"Don't listen to her, mom. She's just acting," Harry said breathlessly, glaring at his little sister. He would not let his little sister to manipulate him again. 

"I've told you many times not to bully your little sister. She's your younger sister," their mother started to nag and her hand reached out to pull Harry's ear as punishment.

"Aww... mom. It's not my fault. I didn't bully her. He... I mean she's the one... Mom, let go of my ear," he tried to free his ear from her grasp but she had long years doing this.

"Mom, he hit me hard," Mia quickly cried with her teary eyes.

Harry glared at Mia. He thought it was secretively enough but their mother saw it. She doubled the strength twisting his ear.


"Have I come at the wrong time?"

Three of them turned to look at a young woman looking uneasy beside the butler.

Harry's face changed when he saw her face. 

Mia's face brightened.  "You're here."

The woman looked at the family of three uneasily,  "Have I come at the wrong time?  Should I leave first?"


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