Tell Me Again, My Love
80 No steak?
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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80 No steak?

Harry went quiet.  His eyes could not stop looking at her face. 

"Is something wrong with my face? " the girl asked worriedly.  Her cheeks went red for being stared so openly by a handsome man. 

Why Mia did not tell her how handsome her big brother was? 

Luckily she managed to compose her composure and looked calm enough even though inside,  she was shrieking like a little girl for receiving such attention from such a handsome man.  Oh wow,  could this mean he liked her?  

What should she do?  What should she do?  She asked herself fretfully. 

"Have I...  Met you somewhere before? " he asked,  still staring at her face.  She looked so familiar.  Had they met before?  When?  Where? 

"I...  I don't think so.  Have we? " she choked out,  blushing madly. 

"Hmm... " his eyes narrowed down as he tried to remember. 

But he couldn't.  Why was her face so familiar? 

Mia frowned seeing her brother acting weirdly.  She cleared her throat and pulled her friend closer. 

"Anyway,  this is Jade Lee, my tuition classmate," Mia introduced.

"Hello, Jade. Why don't you and Mia go to the theatre room? Aunty will ask them to send the snacks there," their mother greeted gently, herding both girls toward the stairs. Seeing how weird her son was acting,  she was worried that this girl would think her son a crazy man. 

Harry watched as the girls went upstairs. His mother quickly went to the kitchen for the snack, He sighed and went to the door. He better started moving before one of his family members decided to pester him again.

This time around, he chose to ride his bike. He did not want to face the jam and truthfully, he wanted to feel the wind slapping on his face to make him feel alive. It felt like he was still dreaming. Since the day he realized his feeling,  everything felt so dreamy and in fantasy.

It took him no time to reach his destination. Without even bothering to call, he unlocked the gate and the door. He entered the house loudly. Hopefully, the noise could announce his arrival and he could escape being hit by Angel, his aunt. Being an artist,  Aunt Angel hated when anyone disturbed her when she was next to her muse,  painting madly. 

Rather than 'camping' in her studio like she always did around this time, Angel was lying on the carpeted floor in the living room.

Harry cocked an eyebrow seeing his aunt like that.

What was wrong with her this time?


She blinked her eyes open and looked at him. Then, she sighed and closed her eyes again.

"Are you okay? Pain anywhere?" he asked, although worried, he was not that flustered seeing how rosy her face was, compared to when she had a heart attack last time,  the day Ryn helped him.

She blew out a sigh and started to turn around backing him, mumbling something under her breath.

"Are you okay?" he needed to make sure she was alright. 

"Why are you here? " she mumbled but each word reached his ear clearly. 

He frowned.  Why did it seem his aunt did not like him coming here? 

"I just want to check on you, " he replied,  half-lying.  Even if he was worried,  he could just call her.  But,  if he came here,  he could also get the latest news of the young woman living next door without looking so obvious. 

"Hmm... " she finally pulled herself to sit up.  Her left hand reached her head and scratched it absent-mindedly, turning the already big "nest" of hair into a bigger "nest".

"Have you taken your shower yet? " he asked,  his nose twitched a bit uncontrolbly. 

"I'm not going out so why should I shower? " acting like a little kid,  Angel grumbled. 

"What about yesterday? " he narrowed his eyes suspiciously. 

Angel squeezed her face,  refused to talk. 

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"I am your aunty. You are my nephew.  Why should I answer you? "

Harry pinched the skin between his brows. What was wrong with his aunt today? Why was she being weird? 

"Aunty, " he softened his voice,  giving his best of puppy look. 

"Hmph, " Angel turned around backing him. 

He sighe heavily.  His shoulders slumped down.  His mind was busy thinking how to coax his aunt to be a good girl. 

No wonder his mother wanted him to always stop by to check on her. 

"Aunt,  please tell me if something wrong.  Do you need something?  I can buy it for you, " he tried again. 

She mumbled something but it was too slow for him to hear. 

"I can't hear you. "

"Nothing. "

She pushed herself to stand up and headed to her room. Her lips kept opening and closing,  cursing her own nephew.  Why did he come without telling her first? 

Then,  as she reached the door,  her stomach growled loudly. 

"I'm famished.  Cook something for me.  Double, " she cried and slammed the door with a big bang. 

Harry could only shake his head in bemused.  It seemed like he came just right on time or his aunt would be starving for days.  He headed to the kitchen,  hoping he could make something from anything in the refrigerator and kitchen cabinet.  Hopefully he could cook something in a short time. 

He just placed a plate of sweet and sour fish on the diming table when his aunt approached.  Her hair was still wet and she grumbled unhappily because of it. 

"I bought hair dryer last month, " he reminded. 

"I use for my painting, " she replied and took her usual seat. 

"Fine.  I'll buy a new one.  Give me a list of everything you need. "

"I thought you're making steaks, " having lost her interest on the grocery topic,  her focus was more of the food. 

"I need to buy more to make them, " he replied simply.

"Oh... " but it did not seem as if she was sad or mad of not having steak.  She just shrugged it off and reached for her bowl of rice. 

"Wait,  I need to bring the fried vegetables, " he quickly rushed to get the vegetables.  If he did not move fast,  she would quickly finish off the fish and refused to eat the vegetables. 

She did not reply.  Her mouth was full with rice and fish.  Now her mood was good.  Full stomach,  happy life.


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