Tell Me Again, My Love
81 I“m going to kill him
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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81 I“m going to kill him

Harry watched silently as Angel was eating all the food he made. It seemed like he came just right on time. The food 'disappeared' in just a short time. Not even half an hour,  everything was already 'safe' in her stomach! Clearly she was starving but she did not bother to eat anything until he came. 

He was still full so he did not eat any, giving everything to her. Let her eat to her heart content. 

When she stood up and moved to the living room while rubbing her full stomach, Harry quickly gathered the dishes and brought them to the sink to wash. He quickly washed them,  giving time for Angel for her privacy so she could burp or do anything else without him 'watching'.  Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Although Angel did not mind anyone watching her burping or farting,  Harry still wanted to give her some respect.  

"Aunty, are you ready to tell me what's wrong with you just now?" he asked as he brought a glass of red wine to her.

"Nothing." Angel refused to open her mouth.

Harry narrowed his eyes. Then, he shrugged it off. Why should he push when she was determined not to breathe a word? Her stubborness would only give headache and frustrated him. Better just forget about it.

"Anyway, do you know when your neighbour will return?" his brow cocked a bit, trying not to sound desperate.

"She's already returned." She sipped her drink slowly. 


His jaw dropped. Ryn had returned home and did not bother to inform him?

"Early this morning. I saw here bringing her luggage in before she gets into the car," Angel sipped her wine happily. She did not notice her nephew had turned into a statue, too shock with the news.

"Are... are you sure? You're not dreaming, are you?" he finally choked out.

"Of course I can recognize my favourite chocolate cake baker. She did give me something," she pointed at a black paper bag on top of the television cabinet.

His eyes followed the way she pointed. Gulping hard, he took the bag and looked inside. It was a Hogward logo shirt. There were also several small items with some has Harry Portal theme and some with no brand, mostly food. He took out a card. Slowly, he read it.

"These are for you and Harry."

It was a simple sentence but it made Harry's heart fluttered. His cheeks reddened. She had not forgotten him! Even though she was busy, she was still thinking about him!

He quickly looked at the size of the shirt. It was exactly his size. So he guessed she bought it especially for him. He could not stop grinning from ear to ear.

"I've taken my shirt already," she mumbled without looking at him but her nephew was too happy to hear it. Having said that, she again shrugged the topic off and moved to a new topic.

Harry quickly went to the bathroom to change into the new shirt. His hand rubbed the material lovingly, satisfied with how Ryn was thinking about him when she was busy working. Surely this showed she put him deep in her heart. Obviously she had feeling on him, right?

Angel lied down on the sofa and sighed. Her mood went bad again when she remembered what happened.

Harry poured a splash of wine for her and for him, he took a tin of beer. He sat on the sofa in front of her.

"Is something wrong with you today? Have you lost your muse?" Usually, his aunt would be deep in her sadness when she could not paint anymore. When she had no inspiration or nothing went right with her art.

She sighed and pulled herself to sit. She took her glass of wine and swirled it slowly. The dark red liquid danced in the glass, almost mesmerizing her. She sighed again and drank the whole glass.

"Tommy just called me."

He cocked an eyebrow at the name of Angel's fiance. Tommy proposed to Angel three years ago and last year they had to postpone their wedding when Tommy decided to work in New York. He did promise they would keep in touch and next year would be the year they would get married. However, after a month, Tommy called less, messaged less and lastly he 'disappeared' from their life. Although Harry and his family wanted to search for Tommy, demanding him not to act so unresponsible like this, Angel told them no. She believed in him completely. He would never hurt her feeling.

"When would he come back?"

Would Tommy finally come home and marry his silly aunt?

Angel gulped down the wine and lied back on the sofa.


"Don't ask me. I'm still confused," she cried.

Harry's face darkened. What did she mean by that? Had something bad happen between them? His heart skipped for a few times. 

Angel pulled herself to stand and looked at her nephew sadly. Her face looked older than her real age, which was a shock because being Angel who was happy-go-lucky and absent-minded, she looked way younger than her real age without the help of plastic surgery or botox. In fact, it was not a weird situation when people thought she was his sister or even girlfriend. But now...

"I'm going to kill him!"


"Why not?" he glared, angry at the thought of this man hurting his silly and innocent aunt. 

"My fault."

"What do you mean by your fault?"

"I don't treat him right like I should? I prefer my art than him? I am too weird for him? I don't know. I really don't know," she bursted into tears. Was it her fault not calling him enough? Was it her fault not following him to New York?He gripped his fists seeing how his innocent aunt blamed herself. Why should the blame go to her aunt when she did nothing wrong? She did not flirt or play around, just waiting for Tommy to return patiently. She did not even demand him to return to celebrate special anniversary or days."I'm going to kill him!"


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