Tell Me Again, My Love
82 Late dinner
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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82 Late dinner

Ryn sighed sleepily as she burried herself deeper underneath the thick and comfortable blankets. Her eyes were too heavy to open and her body felt so tired.  She just wanted to sleep. 

Mika watched at her best friend who was so deep in her sleep until she did not notice Mika had returned home from work.  Mika swirled the grape juice in her glass and frowned.  Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"Stop looking at her like that.  Let her rest. "

Mika turned around to look at Jeremy.  His hair was a bit wet,  indicating he just had his shower. 

"She lost some weight, " Mika murmured. 

"She did?  I didn't notice. " Now it was Jeremy's turn to stare at the sleeping Ryn. 

"Nope. She still looked the same but exhausted," he commented after few moments staring hard.Mika did not reply. She simply drank her juice and walked downstairs.

"How is she?  Has she accepted you? "

He shook his head.  Ryn being Ryn,  she did not give definite answer about their status.  All she said was "give me more time". 

When they were finally preparing to leave to the airport,  he could feel accused stare from all the maids in the mansion. Even the butler,  gardeners and drivers gave hin the same look.   They were blaming him for his inability to woo into Ryn's heart.  They had tried their best to help him but he failed to fulfil their expectation. Such a failure,  their eyes accused. 

"How's the house?  Do they accept him especially that old man? " the old man Mika referred to was the old butler.  

"With open arms, " he replied dryly. 

He even swore he heard the butler and some of the maids already choosing the best bedroom to convert into the perfect nursery.  They thought they were secrety enough but their eyes were shining like stars and they could not even stop from giggling and sighing dreamily.  Even that old man was caught trying to hide his giggle.  Where did he dump his professionalism of being a sober,  matured and serious butler? 

Had he brought Ryn to the wrong house? 

The bright side of this matter was the helpers in the house were so excited to see Ryn and learned about his feeling toward Ryn,  they, especially that old man,  forgot to inform their parents. 

Or else... 

He could picture the chaos if their parents rushed to 'greet' Ryn.  

His body shivered automatically at the thought. 

No.  He was enough to woo Ryn.  He did not need those people, and not even his parents, to help him tackling Ryn.  He alone was enough. 

Then,  he looked at Mika. 

Well,  Mika could help him,  he corrected silently in his heart. 

"How's the company? " he asked,  changing the topic. 

Mika sat on the couch and hugged the small pillow.  "Everything is okay except... "

"He still calls you?" 

She nodded.  It seemed like the man still had not given up even though they sent the reason why his application was rejected.  And why should she care if he had trouble in his company for his inability to secure the contract?  Let the best man wins. And she chose the best for the project. 

"If he still bothers you,  just connect it to me, " Jeremy decided. 

Both were in their work mode so they were quite sober and serious.  They discussed about other projects and he decided those projects she still was undecided.  Their hands were busy tapping their mobile phone,  sending and receiving information and documents. 


Ryn stirred the soup slowly. It was almost done. She glanced at the man who was busy making drink. 

"Don't put too much sugar, " she reminded. 

"Yes,  Milady, " Jeremy smiled.  He brought the jug and glasses to the dining table where Mika was busy arranging the cutleries.  

"Rice is done.  Go take it, " he told his little sister. 

"Hmm... " Mika skipped happily to the kitchen.  She could not wait to have their dinner. 

Ryn cooked for them!  It had been ages she tasted Ryn's cooking.  The smell from the kitchen made her stomach growled. 

Oh my God,  please let her eat now!  

"The vegetables and meat are done.  You can bring them out, " Ryn told Mika. 

Mika,  instead of following Ryn's intruction,  skipped to the dining table happily like little kid and tapped Jeremy's shoulder,  "Ryn wants you to bring the dishes out. "

He did not question her words,  just walked toward the kitchen.  He knew it was impossible for Ryn to ask him to do it when she has Mika in the same area but knowing how lazy Mika can be sometimes,  he just gave in.  Of course it would help to give more brownie points to him for being so helpful.  He grinned at the thought and quickly just did that. 

Ryn did not question why it was Jeremy who brought the dishes out.  She simply brought the soup out carefully and placed the huge bowl to the centre of the table.  Then,  without even asking,  she started to scoop some portion into small bowls to distribute to each of them. 

It was a peaceful dinner,  albeit quite late.  They had to go to the nearest convenient store first to buy the ingredients when Ryn agreed to cook their meal. Then, they spent the time preparing and cooking according to the menu,  well,  mostly Ryn did the cooking while Mika and Jeremy helped with the washing.  All in all,  the day went away peacefully. 

"Later you can send me home, " she told them after they were done doing the dishes. 

Well,  this time it was Jeremy who did the work.  He told the girls to watch the television or something and just let him do the dishes alone. 

"Why can't you stay for the night?" Mika cried.  She had already planned to have pyjama party tonight with her beloved Ryn. 

"It's getting late and I need to sort my luggage, " Ryn replied simply. 

"You did say it's late.  Just stay for the night.  Tomorrow morning Jeremy and I can send you back after breakfast. "

Jeremy nodded at Mika's words.  They could have breakfast first before they send her home. 

Ryn chuckled seeing Mika's puppy face. She hugged her best friend tightly.  "How are you going to be Jason's wife if you are this spoiled? "

"If he loves me,  he has to accept me as I am.  Don't you love me? " Mika asked worriedly.  She was not worried about Jason,  her fiance,  but she could not picture her life without Ryn in it...  Again... 

"I love you.  We all love you, " Ryn pinched Mika's tiny nose playfully. "Fine.  I'll stay for tonight.  Tomorrow send me home. "

Jeremy silently blew out a relieved sigh.  He did not even realize he was holding his breath when he watched Mika and Ryn's conversed.  Good.  He still had time to... 

Mika shrieked and hugged Ryn tightly.  Then,  before either Ryn or Jeremy could say anything,  Mika pulled Ryn upstairs to her room.  They were going to have their pyjama party now! 

So happy! 

Jeremy shook his head in bemused.  Guessed he just lost in his little sister's quick hand.


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