Tell Me Again, My Love
84 Taking a long vacation
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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84 Taking a long vacation

Jeremy looked outside the window for the tenth time of the day. Still no movement from the house next door.

It was still empty. 

"When are you going to leave me alone?" Angel groaned seeing her nephew refused to leave after the brunch. The evening was getting late. 

Was he planning to have dinner with her? How free was he today? 

"Later," he replied shortly. He walked back to the couch and sat on it, crossing his arms. He frowned, thinking when Ryn would reach home.

Ryn should be back by now,  right? 

"I'm feeling okay already," Angel grumbled.

"Later..." he repeated.

"Hmph..." Angel stormed into her studio. Honestly, she was getting a headache seeing her nephew kept peeping outside but refused to tell her what was going on. What was he looking at?

Don't care. It obviously not related to her. If it was, he would ask her directly.

She sat on her favourite stool and looked at the white canvas. To be truth, she had completed all her projects and assignments. Some of the clients had not taken yet their pictures. But now... with nothing to push her to quickly finish her work, she felt lost.

She raised up the brush, intending to draw something. But, before it touched the canvas, she dropped the brush down. 

Her muse had left her. Completely left her.

She had no mood to draw. No interest to create something artistic. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

What should she do now?

Her shoulders slumped down.  


Jeremy checked his phone for the hundreth time.  Still no reply from her.  He checked her IG account,  her only media social account.  No update. 

Where could she be?  It was getting late.  Shouldn't she be home by now and have her rest? 

He pinched between his brows,  trying to calm down.  He should stay calm.  Ryn would not like him acting this way.  She wanted... No...  Needed someone calm and matured...  Like him. 

Harry did not consider himself as a controlling and possessive person.  That kind of person would be Ryn's exboyfriend,  that superstar Jeremy.

Harry was known as a calm,  matured, kind-hearted and tolerant man.  He never got angry even when someone was jeering at him or when their group lost in a game.  He took it as something he had to get through to make him into a better man.  

Surely he was the kind of man suitable for Ryn. 

He looked outside again. 

Still the same.  There was still no sign of Ryn anywhere. 

"Where are you,  Ryn? "

He checked the time,  trying not to get more frustrated.  

Was she avoiding him on purpose? 

His face darkened. 

"Harry. "

He turned his attention to Angel.  He frowned seeing her paled face. 

"I've decided. " 

"What is it?  What's wrong? " he quickly approached her worriedly. 

What had gotten into his aunt?  Hadn't she already feeling better?  She said she would not think about that idiot man ever again.  She was better for him anyway,  she declared loudly. 

Was it all just to stop him from killing her ex-fiance? 

He gripped his fists unconsciously.  That man should start praying not to bump into him in the future!

Angel looked at her nephew.  She was determined not to show how frustrated and sad she was.  She forced a wide smile. 

"Harry,  I have decided to take a long vacation," she declared loudly. 

"Wh...  What?  What did you say? " he choked out,  taken by with his aunt's sudden announcement.

Was this some kind of joke? 

"I am going to take a long break and go around the world.  Besides,  my work was already done.  You can take charge to ensure my clients get their painting and make sure they pay in full. "

"Stop.  Hold on.  Can you repeat back?  I don't think I heard you clearly just now, " Harry was still in shocked. 

Angel gave him a wide smile.  She wrapped her arm around his muscled arm.  "My dear nephew is so handsome and muscular.  I cannot wait to meet your girlfriend."

He looked at her in puzzled.  When did they start discussing about his love life?  Shouldn't they be talking about her sudden decision? They should be talking about her decision to take a long vacation. 

Angel giggled.  Her hand patting his arm tenderly.  Then,  her face changed as she pulled herself from him.  She went to sit on the couch. 

"I need some space.  A new place to experience can give me more ideas for my art, " she explained calmly. 

"What do you mean you need some space?  You said, when you wanted to move here,  that you need some space.  Mother refused to let you live alone here.  But...  But... " his eyes looked around wildly.  His mind was blank. 

Mom would kill him if he agreed for his aunt to go to another place alone. 

But if he followed her, to accompany her,  what about Ryn? 

"Aunt,  I have no doubt you are still sad.  Why don't I bring you home?  You can talk with mother slowly.  She wouldn't want you to be alone while you are still sad, " he coaxed. 

Angel pulled a long face.  Why she must return and talk with that silly and overbearing woman?  No.  She would not go back home.  Her brother should just let her free like a little bird as she was,  not just letting his wife controlling her like she controlled everyone else.  No.  She refused to go home.

What a minute.  That was not her home.  That was her brother's home.  This was her home. 

She could do whatever she wanted.  She was her own woman.  She was a free woman.  Nobody could stop her from doing whatever she wanted! 

"No.  This is my home.  I won't go back there, " she declared loudly,  her eyes full of fire and her arms akimbo.  She stared at him warningly. 

"Aunt,  please, " he begged,  softening his voice to melt her heart.  He even made a cute face just to make her agree with him. 

Her eyes softened. 

He started to smile.  He knew she would agree with him. 

"Cook dinner.  I want steak and chocolate pudding," with that she turned around and hurriedly walked to her room.  She must escape before he realized what she just said. 

"Aunty! "

Harry pulled his hair frustratedly

Now,  not only he had to be worried about Ryn's whereabout,  he had to be worried about his silly aunt as well. 

"Aunty, open the door.  We need to talk! "

"N. O.  No! "

"Aunty! "


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