Tell Me Again, My Love
85 Being vulnerable
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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85 Being vulnerable

Ryn looked at Mika worriedly.  Even after they were done with their breakfast,  her best friend still looked down.  Mika could not even cover the worry on her face.  Ryn took her hand,  patting it gently, trying to cheer her up.   

Jeremy looked at the two best friends sitting at the back.  He did not comment when neither Ryn nor Mika chose to sit next to him at the front seat when they got into the car. He knew Ryn noticed the changes in Mika's mood and was thankful and glad seeing Ryn reacted to it without him even asking.  

He,  even as Mika's brother,  was helpless when Mika was having this kind of emotion.  Usually, he would call Jason to help or bring Mika to the hospital to see her psychiatrist. He was blessed having Ryn next to Mika. Ryn could help her fighting the demon. 

He drove the car silently. He did not even play any song, just letting the quietness filling their surrounding.

Ryn pulled Mika's head to rest on her shoulder. She waited for a while before she opened her mouth, "Why don't you stay with me today?"

"Really?" Mika's big eyes looked at Ryn hopingly.

Ryn nodded. She did not want to leave Mika alone at her home, with Jeremy busy at work. Better let Mika with her. Ryn hugged Mika tightly.

After more than an hour, Jeremy's car stopped right in front of Ryn's house. Before he could get out and open the door for Ryn, Ryn already opened the door and even helped Mika out. Mika followed Ryn closely, even wrapping her arms around Ryn's slim waist from the back. She did not let go of Ryn even when Ryn was unlocking the gate.

Ryn did not free herself or told Mika off. Instead, she chuckled and patted Mika's hands. 

Jeremy could not help from chuckling seeing Ryn and Mika resembled a train. Both walked together into the house, not even looking at Jeremy and said goodbye.

"I guess I am not needed anymore," he sighed and got back into the car. He was after all getting late to work. He had to work overtime today to catch up everything after so many days taking off to woo into Ryn's heart (which he had no doubt just cracked a little bit of the wall around Ryn's heart, but hey, it was still better even though it was slower to his liking). 

Jeremy threw another look at the house before he drove away. Now, it was time for him to work.


Harry woke up that morning with a huge headache. His hand automatically reached for his phone on the nightstand. His face darkened seeing how low the battery was. Apparently, he forgot to recharge his phone... again.

He quickly charged it before freshened himself. When he checked it back after he was done with his shower, it was still low, just 10%. He sighed and dropped the phone back. Maybe he should have his breakfast first.

When he entered the dining room, he only saw his sulking aunty there. Well, after what happened last night, he could guess what was inside his aunt's mind.

"Traitor," Angel glared at her nephew when Harry entered the dining room.

Yesterday, instead of respecting her decision, this ungrateful young man called her sister-in-law. She had to listen to a long furious nag for almost 2 hours before she was forced to return to this house!

Clearly no one in this family respected her!

"Good morning, aunty," he quickly took his seat and accepted his breakfast from one of the maids.

"Are you happy I am stuck here?" Angel muttered, still unsatisfied with what happened.

Harry chose to keep quiet. Better he let her release all the steam. Then, he can explain why he did what he did.

Angel glared, getting angrier when he acted like a deaf man. Her body shivered angrily. She stormed forward and without warning, pulled the plate of Harry's breakfast away.

Harry put down his cutleries and looked up at her. He waited silently. 

"Are you going to act like I am invisible here?" she cried.

"I am just letting you to take out all your anger. Then, we'll talk," he said calmly, making use of his long arm to get back his breakfast.

"And you think I will be happy with this?"

"What I am thinking actually for us to not leave you alone. You are being impatient and vulnerable. We should stick together as a family," he explained.

"Hmph..." she crossed her arms.

"Where is mother, by the way?" Harry asked, quickly eating his breakfast.

"That old woman? How do I know? I am not hey guard or guardian!"

Harry chuckled when Angel called his mother 'old woman'. It was funny seeing Angel did not even care how his mother would react if she heard this. In fact, he had no doubt his mother had heard this a couple of times.

It must be why his mother treater Angel like a kid. 

Hmm...  His silly aunt really made his day.  Even the headache was gone now,  completely gone.  He rubbed his head without thinking.  He thought he would need to eat medicine after breakfast.  Apparently his aunt's temper was the medicine for his headache. 

"Thanks,  aunty. "

"For what? " she looked at him suspiciously. 

"You just made my headache gone.  I don't have to eat medicine, he shrugged. 

Her eyes widened.  Her hand quickly placed on his forehead,  checking his temperature.  

"You have a fever, " she gasped. 

"No,  I am not. " he reached for his cup of coffee but Angel grabbed it back. 

"Bring him a glass of water and Panadol, " Angel handed the cup still full of coffee to the maid waiting in the same dining room. She ignored the groan coming from Harry. 

"Eat your pill or I'll tell your mother, " she warned once the maid returned with the things she ordered. 

"I am not sick.  I'm going out after this, " Harry only took the glass of water,  stubbornly refusing to take the two small white pills.  He was not sick! The headache was the result of his worry of Ryn's whereabout. 

Thinking about Ryn made him impatient.  He only managed to finish half of the glass before stood up.  He wanted to check his phone,  just in case Ryn finally returned back his messages and calls. 

"Where do you think you're going without eating your medicine? " Angel cried when Harry,  still not eating his pills,  got up and stormed out of the dining room.  Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"Harry! "


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