Tell Me Again, My Love
86 I am scared
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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86 I am scared

Ryn glanced at Mika who was busy peeling an apple.  They were now in the kitchen.  Ryn had decided to make a dessert for them to have while watching a movie,  any movie.  

 Instead of them going out to buy groceries,  the rich girl announced that they could just order and the supermarket can send it here.  Why should they take a cab just to buy groceries? They could do something else during the time they had to use for going to and returning from the convenient store and buying groceries.  

Hence,  using Mika's phone,  Ryn,  with the help of Mika,  chose what ingredients needed to make vanilla pop cake,  along with the decorations,  and Mika added her favourite fruits.

Two hours later they found themselves in the kitchen making vanilla cake for the pop cake.  Well,  Ryn was the one baking the cake.  Mika, on the other hand, was busy peeling and eating fruits. As she slived,  she chomped on them silently. 

"Mika, " Ryn called after placing the pan into the oven.

"Hmm...??? "

"Do you...  Do you have any problem? " Ryn finally asked.

"No,  I don't, " despite the denial, Ryn could feel the worries in Mika's expression. 

"You do know you have me now.  Even Jeremy and Jason want to help you.  We all love you. "

Mika turned around backing Ryn.  She pretended to be absorbed with the apple she was peeling.  She even carved it into a cute rabbit! Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

She wanted to hide this demon from scaring Ryn away.  She was scared to be left alone again. 

Ryn wrapped her arms around Mika from the back.  Mika gasped.  The knife dropped onto the kitchen tabletop.  

"You are not alone.  We are all here for you. "

Mika closed her eyes as tears started to roll down her face. 

She hated the demon but it came suddenly.  She felt empty even when she was surrounded by other people.  The sadness came in a sudden.  She felt unwanted. She felt alone.  

Was it her fault when Ryn left?  Had she done something wrong to result to Ryn's leaving them with no news these past years?  Was she such a bad... 

"I am here now. I won't leave you...  Ever again... " Ryn stroked Mika's back gently,  coaxing her best friend when she felt the emotion getting worst. 

"Shh...  It's okay.  Come eat some apples." Ryn took the plate of apples and the knife Mika dropped.  Ryn ushered Mika to the front,  toward the living room.  

"It will take some time for the cake to cook and cool down. "

"Hmm... "

Ryn talked softly,  lolling Mika into the dreamland.  She sighed when Mika fell asleep.  She adjusted the girl's body and pulled a blanket to protect her best friend from any harm. 

Ryn took her phone and walked back into the kitchen.  Instead of checking messages from her manager or uploading the picture of the day (which she had not taken yet)  into her Instagram account,  she looked for a name among her limited name list. 

Once she found it, she quickly hit the call button. 

"Hello,  sweetheart? "


"Ryn?  Sweetheart,  are you alright? "


Harry grabbed his phone and car key,  planning to go to her but his headache got worse. 

He stumbled back with a groan,  holding his painful head.  Why of all other days he must have a fever today? 

He tried again but his body felt so weak.  Why was this happening when he must go out?  He thought fretfully.  

Today he must go see her.  He needed her answer. 

A few knocks on the door caught his attention,  breaking him from his thought,  and he murmured his permission tiredly.  An elderly woman, around 50s in a maid uniform came in bringing a tray.

"Young Master, I brought porridge and your medicine for you."

"I am not eating that.  Help me up.  I am going out, " he tried to stand up but fell down. 

His fever was worse than he thought.  It drained his strength almost completely in half a day! 

"Young Master,  don't move around.  You are still unwell," the maid quickly put the tray onto the nightstand and helped Harry to lie back on the bed. 

"I need to go out.  Help me."

"Yes,  yes.  You need to go out.  Before that, you have to eat some porridge.  You haven't eaten since this morning.  Fill your stomach.  After you eat your medicine,  we will help you go wherever you want to go, " she coaxed. 

She took the porridge and scooped a spoonful of it,  "Let's have a spoonful first.  You need energy to move,  right? " 

"Stop talking like that.  I am not a kid. "

"Yes.  Yes.  You are a young man now,  no longer a kid.  Come,  open your mouth widely.  Ahhh... "

The way she talked and acted clearly as if Harry was a sulking little kid and she was coaxing him with a big candy after he broke his favourite toy.   

She was used to his behaviour.  Even when he was sick,  which was rarely,  she would be the one taking care of him.  She was, after all,  his nanny.  


Ryn leaned her back against the counter and sniffed.  

"I'm scared," she whispered. 

"What are you scared about?  Is something wrong over there?  Do you want us to quit and return? " Her mother was always ready to drop everything for her even though most of the time Ryn was left alone as both the hippy parents busy racing toward a new "healthy" business perspective. 

They never gave up even though their business went under in just a few months.  They just shrugged it off and start anew. 

Ryn shook her head.  Right now,  if anyone saw her,  they could see the vulnerable girl hoping for protection.  

"I don't think I am strong enough for this... " Ryn choked out,  "but I am scared if I leave again,  what about Mika? "

Her mother was silent.  After about two minutes,  under Ryn's pounding heart,  she heard a heavy sigh coming from the other side. 

"Oh, my dear child..."


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