Tell Me Again, My Love
87 Calling at the wrong time
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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87 Calling at the wrong time

Ryn went to the corner of the kitchen and sat on the floor.  Her knees were pulled together close to her chest as she leaned her right side to the wall. The phone was pressed on her left ear. 

"Do you want us to go there? " her mother asked gently. 

Ryn sniffed.  She shook her head.  Then,  finally remembering that her mother could not see it,  she opened her mouth,  "No need,  mom.  I guess I am just... "

She paused,  not knowing what to say.  She did not want to worry her parents but at the same time, she wished she could be in her mother's arms like she used to when she was still a little girl. 

"If your work is too overwhelming,  you can just quit.  We can still support you,  dear, " her mother's voice was so soothing,  it made Ryn felt better. 

"Hmm... "

"If you want to take a break from everything,  just come and drop by.  I have no doubt your father will be happier to see you. I know I am to have my daughter close to me all the time."

"Hmm... "

They spoke for a few more minutes before Ryn reluctantly said goodbye.  She felt better now after talking with her mother.  She closed her eyes and bent her head downward,  resting her head on her knees. 

She could do this.  She was strong enough to face all these. 

The "ting" sound coming from the oven,  telling her that the cake was done,  snapped her back to reality.  She lifted her head and looked at the oven.  She sniffed and wiped the tears from her face. Then,  she stood up and walked to a drawer close to the door to get a kitchen cloth to take the hot pan out of the oven and put it on the tabletop to cool.  Then,  she walked to the sink to wash her face. Hopefully, her face would look better and Mika would not know she had been crying just now. 

She walked back to the front to check on Mika.  Mika was still deep in her sleep.  Ryn smiled slightly,  adjusting the blanket a bit.

She went into her room and sat at the window.  She looked outside silently,  wishing the wind would bring her worry away. 


Jeremy stretched out his arms and let out a huge yawn.  He was tired after reading so many files and documents.  This morning he even had to chair a meeting and covering Mika's section.  Luckily he always had the latest update on her projects. 

Without thinking,  he reached for his phone and checked the message.  As he thought,  she did not send him any. How could she when Mika was holding her attention the whole time?  Knowing his little sister, Mika must be coaxing Ryn out for a session of mental therapy aka shopping.  Or she would ask for another pyjama party. 

He chuckled at the thought.

He put it aside and took another file.  He planned to skip lunch to finish all these files.  Later,  he could bring Ryn out for candlelit dinner.  About Mika,  he would tell Jason to bring her somewhere,  just for the sake of not having this gooseberry during his date with Ryn. 

He grinned at his plan.  It would be marvelous and tonight...  Just maybe...  Tonight would be the night Ryn would say yes and they would be together officially. 



Mika watched as Ryn busy turning the cake into smaller pieces and mixing it with some ganache. Mika gulped. She tried to steal some for a taste but Ryn gave her a warning glare.

"If I let you eat now, we won't have enough for the pop cake," Ryn pointed out.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"But today is my cheat day~" Mika wailed but was ignored by Ryn.

Ryn could be so evil some times.

"Alright, now make the balls," Ryn finally put the bowl to the centre of the table and looked at the drooling Mika, "You want to make a Princess pop cake, right?"

Mika nodded quickly. She had already put on the plastic glove and started taking a small bit to roll into a ball. Under Ryn's instruction, Mika managed to stick it to the lollipop stick. 

Mika smiled happily. She had never done this before and so excited when Ryn told her she could do it. She was the one wanted to have the Princess theme.

"Honestly, I am not sure how you are going to turn it into a princess, though," Ryn commented, watching in bemused at how excited Mika was. She looked at all the small things for the decoration.

"I still think it is easier to have an animal theme."

"Princess is better. Both of us are princesses so it is logical for us to have a princess theme," Mika stated seriously.

"Fine. Fine. Whatever you want."  Ryn smiled seeing the childish expression on Mika's face. 

Finally, Mika was no longer under her 'spell'. Ryn glanced at her ringing phone, frowning.

Who would call her at the time like this? Mei Li?

"I need to take this call. Give me a sec," Ryn took off the plastic glove and grabbed her phone.

She went to another side, so not to disturb Mika with her little project. She frowned seeing Harry's name on the display. She slapped her face, just remembering she forgot to reply to his call and messages. At first, she was busy with her work and later, she just plain... well... forgot.

"Hello, Harry," she greeted apologetically. She tried not to sound sorry too much even though she was in the wrong.

"Hey... uhuk uhuk... Ryn?"

Ryn frowned. Why did his voice sound so hoarse? 

"Are you alright, Harry?"

"It's nothing. Just... a fever..." Harry forced to keep talking, silently cursing the pills for making him drowsy. He needed to talk with her today. He must.

"Then why don't you have some rest? Why are you calling me when you're sick?" Ryn was surprised to hear him sick. Why was he calling her? They did not even share the same classes. 

Don't tell her he wanted to ask her help in modeling. He was sick! He should be resting, not working!

"I just... I just..." Harry paused, not knowing how to say this.

"Just what?"  Ryn looked at Mika who suddenly shrieked, "What's wrong, Mika?"

Harry closed his mouth. It seemed like he was calling at the wrong time... again.

"I guess.... you're busy. Bye." Without waiting, Harry disconnected the call.

Ryn who was walking back to Mika was taken back when the call ended suddenly. She looked at her phone in puzzled. What was wrong with Harry?

"Whatever," she shrugged it off and went back to help Mika with her pop cake.


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