Tell Me Again, My Love
88 Her true colour
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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88 Her true colour

"I'm calling because I miss you. "

Harry looked at his phone sadly.  The words he wished to convey to her today met a dead end.  He could not find the courage to say it.

It seemed like he still could not confess his feeling. He was too nervous to say it out loud.

He dropped the phone onto the floor and groaned weakly.

How could he be so pathetic?

Aww...  His head felt like a group of elephants, monkeys and dinasours stomping and having party wildly.

It was hurting so bad,  he felt like screaming in pain.  Why of all these days,  today he fell sick?

He turned around and used his only pillow to push against his head,  hoping it would lessen the pain.  But it was useless.  It did not even lessen 1% of the pain.

He moaned painfully.

He even ignored the knocking from outside. That showed how sick he was.

He closed his eyes tightly and whimpered.

Leave him alone.  Just leave him alone.

"Young Master,  sorry to interrupt but you have a visitor... " the butler paused when he saw his Young Master was lying on the bed,  unmoved. "Young Master? "

The butler placed a hand on Harry's forehead and sighed heavily.  It seemed like the fever was getting worst.  He quickly pulled the blanket to cover Harry and even adjusted the temperature.  Then,  as he was about to leave the room,  he almost stepped onto Harry's phone.  Clucking his tongue disapprovingly,  he placed it on the nightstand. Without thinking,  he connected it to the cable to recharge it.

He took a step back and looked around the room. He nodded once,  satisfied with the tidiness of the place.  Then,  quietly he leaved the room,  not forgetting to close the door.

He would just tell Miss Lia to come again on another day.  Today Young Master Harry was unavailable.

He went downstairs to the living room and bowed his head politely at his Madam and the young woman who was chatting happily with his Madam.

"Madam,  Miss,  sorry to interrupt.  Young Master is unavailable."

Mrs.  Si frowned.  But she quickly pushed a smile and patted Lia's hand gently.

"Aunty is sorry,  Lia.  It seems like you can only chat with Aunty today. "

Lia covered her dissappointment with a weak smile.  It seemed like she was turned away again from him.  Why was he avoiding to see her again? He hated her so much? Would he never forgive her in this lifetime?

"Oh yes. Would you like to accompany me enjoying the roses? This morning I saw them just blossoming. "

Lia looked at the door,  chewing her lower lip.  She was not interested looking at boring flowers. What was so interesting looking at flowers?  If shopping she would love to go, especially if high end brands.  Surely Harry's mom would buy her something,  right? At least a Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM bag. She had been eyeing that bag for months after seeing so many Youtubers and Instagrammers using it.  She wanted one too!

Or maybe a Gucci dress?

"Lia? " Mrs.  Si saw her expression.  Her impression of this girl slightly changed.  Hmm...

"Actually Aunty,  I have something to do.  I am so sorry.  Maybe next time? " Lia spoke carefully,  giving her prettiest smile at the older woman.

"I see... " Mrs. Si did not say anything more.  She quite saw now what she did not before.

Silently she stood up and accompany Lia walking to the door. The butler followed behind politely.

"I'll come back later, okay,  Aunty? " Lia hugged and air-kissed the elder woman before she got into her car. She would come again tomorrow.  Surely Harry would not turn her away again,  right?

Mrs.  Si watched as the car drove away.  She turned around and looked at the butler,  "What do you think? " Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Under the stare from his madam,  the butler cleared his throat and said,  "Just what you think,  Madam. "

Her face darkened.  It seemed like the woman she considered her potential daughter-in-law candidate was a gold digger.  Was this woman even loved her son?  She was fretful seeing so many girls only looked at their wealth rather than her son's pure heart. Where was a young and kind woman for her dearest son?  Had all these kind women extinct?

"This is unacceptable.  If she came here,  just tell her Harry is busy," she paused.  Her eyes narrowed as she thought of something.  "I am busy too. "

"As you wish,  Madam, " the butler nodded politely.  He was relieved when his Madam finally saw that girl's true colour.  As an employee,  he was unable to say it clearlt,  just hoping any of the family members noticed it.  Finally,  his prayer was answered.

He followed behind his employer,  planning to tell all the maids about the order.  Then,  he would check the kitchen,  telling the cook to cook something nutricious for Young Master Harry.  If the fever getting worst,  then,  he would call the family doctor again.

Maybe a jab on the buttock would do the job. The butler nodded at his thought.  A jab would do the job.

Harry,  oblivious with what the butler was thinking,  was having a nightmare.  He kept turning and moving,  groaning in pain and panic.

In his dream,  he was in a cruise with Ryn.  He actually invited her to celebrate his birthday and unexpectedly,  she accepted his invitation.  It was midnight and they,  along with his other friends,  just finished their celebration.  He managed to pull her toward the deck. To his surprised,  no one was there.  Such a golden opportunity.

"Ryn, " he called her name nervously.

She turned around and smiled sweetly,  sending his heart pounding like mad.

She was so beautiful,  like a goddess.

He gulped nervously.

"What is it,  Harry? "

Even her sweet voice sounded so sexy in his ears.  His face felt so hot.  Unconsciously he fanned his face.  Why was it so hot?

She frowned.

"Are yiu okau,  Harry? "

He fanned even harder.  Why was it so hard to breathe?  He turned around and slapped his face,  trying to calm down.

"Harry? "

His breath was getting harder and he gulped,  trying not to panic.

"Achoo... " now he felt so cold.

He shivered uncontrollabry and looked at her.

She looked back at him in puzzled.

He shivered and tried to open his mouth,  only to gasp in shock when salty water entered his mouth.

"Harry? "

He looked up at her in panic.  How could he now be underwater while she was on the boat?


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