Tell Me Again, My Love
91 His call
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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91 His call

Harry gulped down the chicken porridge quickly. Then, he ate the pills in the small bowl, washing them down with a glass of water.  Once he was done, he reached out his hand expectedly. 

"Yes, Young Master? " she asked innocently.  She arranged the bowls tidily on the tray, next to the glass.  Her lips curled into a smile, happy to see Harry was getting healthier after few days having high fever. 

"My phone." Even until now, his phone was still in her hand.  She refused to return it, claiming it would make him sicker.  To his horror, even his family agreed. 

Just now, she announced that he was getting better and better.  Shouldn't she return his phone? 

He needed to contact Ryn! 

"I will check back in a few more hours," she patted his head gently and started to head to the door, bringing along the tray. 

"Nanny, my phone." Despite of getting better, he was still weak.  He groaned but no one felt sorry for him. 

They all agreed that he should stay focus to be healthy, not thinking about play and study! 

Few hours later, his nanny came in with a thermometer.  She quickly fixed it in his mouth, ignoring his hurt look.  She checked the time and took out the thermometer. She narrowed her eyes when reading it

"You no longer have a fever.  Very good.  Good boy," she patted his head proudly. 

"I'll bring your dinner," with that, she quickly headed outside. 

He closed his eyes sadly.  When would he get back his phone? When would she deem him ready to have back his phone? 

"Brother, do you really have no fever?  So is that mean you are no longer confined here?" Mia, his little sister skipped into the room cheerfully.  Her hand was holding a Justin Bieber tumbler. She sipped from it happily. 

"Hmm..." he was too tired to deal with his naughty little sister.  He did not even open his eyes to look at her. 

"Cool.  I can now invite my friends here," once she revealed her plan, she skipped out of the room.  She was so happy being able to invite her friends for a party; she did not even spare another moment accompanying her brother. 

Yes, she was that spoiled. 

The family did not allow her to bring anyone home when he was sick, not wanting the noise to disturb him.  Despite her begging, they, especially their mother with the nanny behind her, determined to make the house as quiet as possible.  She was not even allowed to play music loudly! 

How bizarre!

Hence, when she heard her elder brother was getting better, she quickly wanted to check... Surely, now their parents would allow her to bring friends back, right? 

She planned to have a little party to celebrate. 

The nanny came in holding something.  She smiled tenderly seeing the defeated look on his face.

"Young Master," she stood closer and called softly. 

He opened his eyes slowly.  Then, he blinked. 

"Here is your phone.  I have charged it full," she handed the mobile phone back to him. 

She hid a smile to see how excited he was until he almost dropped the phone.  She excused herself and left, wanting to give him some privacy. 

He closed his eyes, trying to calm himself.  Once he was ready, he switched on the phone.  Immediately so many miscalls and messages bombarded to the screen.  He checked, just in case one or several of them coming from her.  But to his disappointment, there was none. 

He shook the sadness away and looked for her name.  Without waiting a moment layer, he clicked on the screen to call her. 

His heart pounded so hard. 

She would answer his call, right? 

The ringing continued for few times before he finally heard her voice.  His face lit up. 

"Hello.  I am in a meeting right now.  I will call you back.  Bye. " 

And she ended the call before he could even say hi. 

He looked at his phone sadly, heartbroken.  Was she trying to avoid him? 

No. He shook his head quickly.  She was not this kind of girl.  If she really did not like him, she would tell him straight to the face.  She would not act like this. 

She would be blunt, straight to the point. 

He closed his eye, feeling better now.  If she said she was busy, then she must be busy.  It was his own fault for not understanding her job. She did say she would call him back once she was done. 

Clutching his phone, his breathing getting even as he entered the dreamland.  He would wake up when she called. 


Ryn quickly entered back the room where Mika and a group of people were still busy discussing and studying the items on the table.  She smiled. 

"Sorry about that.  So, how is it?" she took her seat next to Mika and took a small container.  

"It is easy to apply and blend, and the colour really pop out on the skin. Only I am not sure with the selection of the colour."

Mika was still unwilling to accept her choice of glitter would not be in this debut collection.  Ryn told her to go for the basic colour where everyone can use.  Nevertheless, to make it different from other brands, the ingredients should be beneficial to the skins, hence the reason why it took so long for the formula to be developed. 

"I like the fact that they all are suitable for all skin tone. The packaging is cute and travel friendly," Ryn checked the packaging.  Her vision for the first collection was for the busy bees who are working but have to leave the house early in the morning.  "I am not sure with the brush.  What do you think, Mika? "

The packaging designers at first were blowing relief sigh but now they were looking at Mika nervously. Would she say the same thing too? 

"Hmm..." this time Mika checked the brushes one by one.  Using her experiences playing with makeup, her fingers tested the bristles and the holder, looking for the perfect design suitable for their concept. 

Ryn showed why she thought the brush needed some redesigning and Mika agreed.  It was a good design but the team could do better.  

When the meeting was finally over, the other people almost cried in relief.  They thought they only needed to be aware of Miss Mika but it seemed like Miss Ryn was worst. She would always questioned back their ideas, like pistols straight to their heart. 

However, at the end of the day, they all agreed that her comments were not to put them down but to make them working better.  They would accept this challenge and showed both bosses they were worth it. 

"Who are you calling?" Mika saw Ryn taking out her phone before she even put on the seat belt. 

"Harry," replied Ryn. 

"Why? "

"Coz I promised him.  Keep quiet ... Shh... "

Mika pouted.  She was still full of questions but was told to be silenced. Why would Ryn call Harry?  They were not even classmates! 

Ryn placed the phone near her ear and waited...  And waited...  And waited. 

No one answered the call. 

She tried again, thinking he might not hear the first time. 

The second one went unanswered again. 

She frowned.


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