Tell Me Again, My Love
92 The lunch meeting
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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92 The lunch meeting

Mika glanced at Ryn. She hid a smile seeing the frown on Ryn's face before Ryn shrugged it off. 

That boy must be not answering the call. 

Good.  Very good.  Her big brother did not have a rival. If Ryn had another man wishing for her heart, her big brother would face a huge challenge.

Being so laid back and lazy, Ryn could actually switch her heart to another man who could give her a peaceful day.  Her stupid big brother was too impatient until they almost lose Ryn again.  Stupid Jeremy, Mika's heart scolded bitterly. 

"Anyway, where do you want to have a meal?" Mika asked, flicking the signal to the right when they were close to the junction. She had better change Ryn's attention to food. 

"I have a lunch meeting," Ryn checked the time.  She was still early for lunch. 

"Oh yes.  Is Mei Li waiting at the restaurant?" Mika switched on the GPS system and set the destination. This time she could only send her.  It would be inappropriate for her to join the lunch meeting. 

"I need to change my outfit.  Can we stop at any gas station? "

Mika quickly drove the car to the nearest gas station.  She waited as Ryn went to the ladies' room to change into the dress she brought earlier. When Ryn returned, she helped touching up Ryn's makeup. 

"Now you are ready for the meeting," Mika declared, pleased with her work.  She rubbed her hands with the lotion and started back the engine.  She handed the tube of lotion to Ryn. 

Ryn rubbed some on her hands and arms.  Her stomach was growling from hunger.  What people said was right.  Thinking made people get hungry. 

"I will see you later," Ryn waved goodbye once the car stopped right in front of the restaurant. 

"Call me when you reach home.  Good luck with the meeting. Bye," Mika watched until Ryn entered the building before she drove the car away.  She needed to return to the office to send the jewellery advertisement file and then went home.  Jason just messaged her he wanted to have a romantic lunch with her.  He told her to wear something pretty and cute. 

She just needed to send this file to show to Jeremy for the approval of the budget. 

She could not wait to see the finished product. It would be fabulous. 

Ryn stepped into the restaurant and smiled at the man at the entrance.  "I have a lunch meeting here. My name is Catherine. "

The man checked the list he had and nodded. "Please follow me."

Ryn followed behind him, smiling the whole time.  Mei Li was already there, waiting in the room booked by the producer's team. 

"You're finally here, " Mei Li quickly pulled Ryn into the room.  She thanked the waiter and closed the door. 

"Please sit down.  How is the meeting this morning? "

"Hmm...  Do you no longer need to buy groceries for your  whatever neighbour?" Ryn cocked an eyebrow.  She still could not forget how desperate Mei Li was until she created that weird and silly excuse. 

"Ha...  Hahaha...  That grocery...  Ahh...  Well...  Erm..." Mei Li rubbed her nape sheepishly.  Why would Ryn mention about that 'task'.  Why did she...  stupidly ask about the meeting with that devil?  So stupid! 


"Even if I was busy, I still think about you.  Just ignore the insignificant matter and tell me how the meeting is," Mei Li tried to brush it off with a giggle. 

"Hmph..." Ryn flipped her hair back and took out her phone. 

"What is this meeting all about?  You would not even tell me just a hint about the matter," Ryn changed the subject.  Her body shivered unconsciously.  She did not want to remember the nightmare this morning.  She not only blamed that monster but also her best friend, Mika.  How could Mika do this to her? 

Mei Li took a seat next to her.  She was grinning sheepishly.  Honestly, she had no idea how Ryn would react if she knew. Surely, Ryn would understand why she was so excited about this project, right? 

"Actually a month ago they contacted me," Mei Li started nervously.  She quickly opened her planner.

"You should already know the 'A Day in My Busy Life'?"

"Hmm..." Ryn did know about the show.  Angel was involved with the show last time.  The day she baked quite a lot of chocolate cake.  

"The producer of the show wished for you to be in his show."

Ryn's eyes widened.  Her?  In that show? 

"Are you serious?"

"Yes, I am.  That is why we are meeting with them."

Both turned to look at the door when it suddenly opened. Two men and a woman walked in.  Three of them were taken by seeing the two women.  They thought they were early but the women were earlier. 

Err...  What should they do now? 

The two who walked behind looked at their leader, waiting for his lead.  He cleared his throat and smiled widely. 

"Miss Mei Li and Miss Catherine.  Thank you for agreeing to come.  Sorry, we're a bit late," the man in front said cheerfully as he went forward to exchange hugs and air kisses.  

Ryn was a bit taken by with his friendliness but watching how calm Mei Li was,  she just followed what Mei Li did and exchanged the hug and air kiss. 

"You are not late, Mr. Su.  We are the one who came too early," Mei Li replied.  She turned to look at Ryn who kept quiet the moment these people came in. "Ryn, this is Mr.  Su, the producer of 'A Day In My Busy Life'.  This is Mr.  K and Mrs.  Mo, his assistants. "

"Hello, everyone.  I am Catherine.  You can call me Ryn," Ryn introduced herself politely. 

"Thank you for coming.  No need to be so polite...  Hahahaha..." Mr.  Su took his seat happily seeing how respectful Ryn was despite being a supermodel.  So down to earth. 

"Have you order yet? " 

Both shook their heads. 

"Just order whatever you want.  Put the bills on me...  Hahahaha... "

Ryn put on her poker face. She was getting a weird vibe coming from this weird man.  Had he gone crazy for being late?


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