Tell Me Again, My Love
93 A weird lunch meeting
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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93 A weird lunch meeting

Ryn, instead of enjoying the steak she loved so much, was having a crisis. She knew herself too much. She had no doubt Mei Li did too.

So why would Mei Li agree for this project?

Should not she, and everyone who knew her, know how boring her life was? 

What could she show to the audience?

A video of her sleeping and eating?

Obviously, she could not bring the cameras to the campus... right?

A headache was fast coming. She wished she could punch a 'pause' button to stop everything and took a step back to think more into this.

"We would also like for Miss Ryn to come to the studio during the premiere of the episode."

"Oh yes. She will come," Mei Li nodded her head cheerfully. She did not even look at the uncomfortable Ryn. Her focus was on Mr. Su who was gushing about how exciting it would be to finally show how a supermodel life was.

Erm... anyone wanted to look at her weird face right now? Ryn's big eyes looked at these two silly people before at the extra actors aka Mr. Su's assistants.

One of them, the woman, was busy wolfing down the food with her big eyes looked right and left. Her bulging mouth never got 'slim', acting as a spectator watching both her boss and Ryn's manager exchanging praises and pleasantries.

The man, on the other hand, was busy jotting down everything his boss was talking about, then, turning his attention to type furiously on his phone, sending and replying messages.

Ryn sighed.

She looked at her steak sadly. Of course, when she ordered it, the TV team was taken aback. It was a 'different' kind of food chosen by a model. She did not even bother order salad. Why should she lie just to keep her face? Why should she eat rabbit food? Green vile things are for rabbits and other animals. 

Unfortunately, she lost her appetite. Poor steak.

She leaned backward and watched, as both Mr. Su and Mei Li had not finished their stock of words. She would give another ten minutes before she took over the discussion.

Exactly after ten minutes, she cleared her throat to grab their attention.

Every pair of eyes looked at her.

She forced a smile and opened her mouth, "Although I am interested in joining this program, I do need to clear something up."

Mr. Su smiled widely seeing the supermodel finally opened her mouth. Honestly, he was a bit worried seeing how quiet Ryn was.

"During my off day, I usually sleep the whole day," she started and put a hand to stop Mei Li from interrupting her. "I am not sure that is what viewers want to see."

Mr. Su pursed his lips a bit. Surely, Miss Ryn's lifestyle was not that boring, was it?

"My lifestyle is totally different than any other models. You can ask everyone," Ryn added.

Mei Li was giving funny faces at Ryn. She wanted Ryn to stop talking. It was so obvious, so obvious that Ryn was against this project. But... but this was such a golden chance, a great opportunity for everyone to know who Ryn really was. She had no doubt that after this episode being showed, no one would talk bad about Ryn... ever again. This was the chance for Ryn to explain her real relationship with Jeremy!

As long as Ryn had not given her answer, their relationship should be just friends.

Moreover, no one could say anything about it because Ryn's best friend was Mika and it was usual for them to spend time together. With Jeremy and Mika lived together, it was normal for Ryn to be next to Jeremy.

That was what they told the media and Mei Li stuck to it like glue.

Until Ryn gave her decision, they would maintain that both Ryn and Jeremy were just friends. And that's that.

"Actually, Miss Catherine, whether it is boring or exciting, it is up to the viewers," Mr. Su said slowly, carefully. Somehow, he could feel that the quiet supermodel in front of him not really excited about filming her daily life. What should he do to make her agree?

"Excuse us, lady and gentlemen. Please excuse Ryn and I for a few minutes." Mei Li signalled Ryn to follow her out of the room.

Ryn followed. She was after all unsatisfied with this dealing.

"What are you thinking about?" Mei Li hissed.

"What do you think about this thing?" Ryn asked back.

"What I have in mind is to help you out of the controversy. We can use this filming to clear your gossip once and for all," Mei Li explained quietly.

Ryn paused. She thought about it for a while before she sighed.

"You've worked hard," she pulled Mei Li into a big hug.

"Hmm… it was so scary," Mei Li nodded sadly.

"I'm so sorry. I'll do this show but…" she gave a serious look at Mei Li, "Not during my class."

"Okay… okay… I promise," Mei Li lifted up her hand and promised.

Ryn nodded. This time she led them back into the room. The two men looked at them worriedly while the woman was still finishing her food.

Looking at the woman made Ryn's stomach growled. Without wasting another moment, she took back her seat and started to wolf down her steak.

"Well…?" the two men looked at Mei Li worriedly.

"We have a condition before we can sign the contract," Mei Li told the team.

"Anything. We will do anything you want," Mr. Su said hurriedly. He would do anything and everything to have Miss Catherine in his show. Imagine a supermodel who represented their country, the only model, who was chosen in an international brand shown worldwide. And Ryn had never agreed to participate in any television show. They could only see a glimpse of her in his show during the genius Angel episode, and so many viewers asked and demanded for Ryn to be featured in this show.

That was why he was working so hard to get Ryn in the show.

He must get her in his show.


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