Tell Me Again, My Love
94 The only condition for the show
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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94 The only condition for the show

Mr Su waited nervously. What was the condition Miss Ryn has to appear in his show? Was it money? Did they have to prepare anything prior to the filming? Did she want to have a particular guest to accompany her during the recording in the studio?

"The only condition we has is not to film during Ryn's class," Mei Li spoke firmly. She looked at the producer in the eyes, ignoring the happy Ryn enjoying her food. 

Seriously, this girl was so laid-back, she just pushed all the responsibility to her. Once she told whatever in her mind, all her worry disappeared and the responsibility to handle everything switched to Mei Li.

Then, she corrected herself regarding her unhappiness. She was the manager. Of course, she had to have the most headache for Ryn. What was the point of Ryn hiring her as a manager if she still had to do everything? This was the job of a manager. She gathered her energy and put on her professional face.

Ryn, on the other hand, called for the waiter to come in by pressing a small button on the rectangular device on the dining table. To the surprise of others and the bemused Mei Li, Ryn ordered more food. The female assistant slowly moved closer to Ryn and the waiter and with a worried finger pointed at the food she wanted. Ryn looked at the woman and smiled. Instead of one, she asked for two portions.

Both shared an understanding smile. They found someone who shared their interest in food. 

The assistant sat next to Ryn, not talking but just wanted to sit next to her food comrade. Both did not exchange a word, just smiles.

Mr Su stared at his female assistant while the male assistant covered his face in ashamed. Trust Lucy to forget everything when she could eat delicious food. Not to mention she did not have to pay a single cent for it and could even ask for more food without worry. Their boss would pay for everything. They did hear rumour about Ryn loved eating so much but they did not believe it. How could a supermodel ate so much? It must be a rumour.

Just a rumour.

No. It was real. Miss Catherine really loved eating so much. The food she just ordered usually was for three people. And she just ate steak! A whole plate of steak!

And the childish and innocent Lucy joined the foodie team!

"Ehem, about our condition," Mei Li cleared her throat to grab back their attention to their topic, the reason behind why they were gathering here.

"I agree. You can even choose the date for the team to come."

"Good. When can we sign the contract?" Mei Li asked. She was a bit thirsty but she wanted to settle this matter first. She quickly took a sip of her cappuccino while waiting for his reply.

"We can sign now, " Mr Su signalled his assistant to bring the contract.

Lucy swallowed her pineapple fried rice hurriedly and fumbled in the bag to retrieve the contract. She handed the file politely to her boss.  Then,  thinking she was no longer needed,  she returned back her attention to the food. 

Ryn waited until Mei Li nodded her approval before she put down her signature. Now they had committed to this.  She shook Mr Su's hand,  smiling.  

Then,  she turned back her attention to the food that was just arrived. 

Lucy joined her with the 'party'.

The other three were speechless watching these two girls' behaviour toward food.  Seriously,  could these two calm down and acted like elegant women?  Especially Ryn as a supermodel.  Where was her poise and model attitude? 

"Thank you so much for agreeing to be in the show.  Please contact us once you have a suitable date.  Please do not make it too sudden because we need to arrange the team and the equipment. "

"We will.  Do not worry about that.  You do have my number,  right? " Mei Li again took over the conversation,  leaving Ryn having her lunch peacefully. 

As the time ticking away, Mei Li still needed to meet someone.  She had an idea on what kind of day should Ryn portray.  Hopefully, the person she had in mind would gladly help them. 

Mei Li pulled Ryn out after thanking the producer for the meal. She ignored the grumble from Ryn, already thinking about how to propose to that person about the idea she was having.

"Can you arrange a meeting with Mika now?" she told Ryn while pulling the girl into the car.

"Mika?" Ryn frowned.

"Yes. I have an idea for the show," Mei Li started the engine and started to drive the car out of the parking lot. She used her card to pay the parking and let the car heading toward Mika's office.

Ryn twitched her lips but still followed Mei Li's instruction. She took out her phone and speed-dialled to Mika's number.

"Hello, babe. What's up? Are you at home now?"

"Where are you, Mika? At the office?"

"I'm on the way back to the office. Why?"

"Wait. Mei Li wants to speak with you," Ryn hit the speaker button. She placed it in the centre so it was easy for Mei Li to communicate with Mika. What did she want to talk about, anyway?

"Hello, Miss Long, Mei Li is here."

"Mei Li? Yes, what is it? Is it about work?"

"Yes. Do you want to talk now or can we meet you at your office?" Mei Li turned to the right.

"Just come straight to my office."


Ryn pulled the phone back to her and changed the speaker to normal mode. She placed the phone near her ear, "Babe, we're on the way."

"Okay. We're almost there. I'll see you there. Bye."

Ryn put back her phone in a sling bag she brought along. The backpack was safe in Mika's car. The plan was to retrieve the bag back once she finished with all her schedules of the day. That was why Mika reminded her to call once she reached home.


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