Tell Me Again, My Love
95 Stupid crazy brother
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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95 Stupid crazy brother

Mika skipped into the elevator happily. Jason was shaking his head in bemused when he saw his fiancée so happy. They had their romantic lunch at the tallest restaurant in the city and he even managed to surprise her with another set of tiara and a bouquet of red, white and pink roses.

Yes. This fiancée of his is a talented designer who can design beautiful clothes and even jewellery. But sometimes he just loved surprising the love of his life. 

She did love everything he gave her. Even when they were in school, the smile she had when he gave her was so wide and her eyes even shone brightly even though it was just a ring made of wildflower.

The wilted ring was now hanging on the wall in a small decorative frame as a decoration. That showed how much Mika appreciated and loved every single thing he gave her. And it made him love her even more.

"I will see you tonight?" he asked, right before the door closed.

"Dinner?" she asked, pushing a button to stop the door from closing.

"Yes. I will pick you up around 7.00 pm. Love you." he waved.

"Love you more," she gave flying kisses before pushed the button to close the door. 

He smiled and walked back to the door. He still needed to return to his office. 

Mika twirled in the elevator.  She was so happy receiving the presents from her love.  Even though she could actually design, the tiara but she loved the fact that he spent time and thought for her.  She loved him too much. She just wanted to squeeze him hard and kissed him until both breathless.  

But now was still not the time.  Once she got married to him,  she could do whatever she wanted to him. 

She grinned at the thought. 

Although, she loved Ryn more...  More than anything. 

Once the elevator's door opened, everyone gasped and rushed back to their place. 

Mika,  in her witchy gothic Lolita mode,  walked toward her room,  cocking an eyebrow seeing some of them quickly lowered down their head. 

Humph..  Must be gossiping behind her back.  Did they love their salary being cut so much for being gossipy instead of focussing on their work? 

It seemed like another warning should be given to this team. 


She entered her room with another hmph and sat on her comfortable and soft leather chair. 

She looked at the file. It was the proposal for the latest collection of the jewellery. Her lips curled into a big grin. 

She loved all the ideas.  Although at first each one of them sound so cliché but when the assistant delved into each idea, explaining what they had in mind, her interest was grabbed tightly.  She did not even care the poking and pulling from Ryn.  She just wanted to hear more and pictured them in her mind. 

And she ended up not knowing which one to choose because she wanted all.  

And Ryn was not happy because of her interest in everything. 

Well, what else could she do? No wonder Jack was the best creative director in the country. 

However, she still afraid of him. 

She gulped at the thought. 

Anyway...  She should not dwell over her fear of him too much.  She should just focus on the marketing of the collection. 

She took her phone and punched a button. 

"Hello. Brother, are you busy?"

"Mika?  Why?"

"I am asking you first. Are you busy?" Mika groaned when Jeremy asked her back. 

Jeremy chuckled.  He checked on the time.  Hmm... Lunch hour was over.  Did he just get so lost in his work until he forgot to take his lunch again? He rubbed his stomach and looked at the mug of coffee. 

It was empty. 

He sighed. 

"Mika, I'm hungry.  Can you buy pastry or anything and send to my room? I still need to finish a few more files."

"Why can't you order online?" Mika cried. 


"Hmph... I will ask Ryn to buy. She is on the way," without waiting for Jeremy's reply, Mika hung up.  

Stupid brother. He should inform her earlier when she was still in the restaurant.  Now she had reached the office and he expected her to go out again for his food? Stupid crazy brother.

She then proceeded to call Ryn. 

"Hello, Mika. What's up?" 

"Hello, Ryn. Where are you right now?" Mika asked.  She closed the file she was reading and leaned her back against the comfortable and comfortable chair. 

"We are almost there.  Why?" Ryn looked at Mei Li who was glancing at her questioningly. 

"Can you stop at any cafe and buy some food? Jeremy forgot to eat lunch again and he is hungry."

Ryn checked her watch. Her brows knitted seeing what the time was. It was already late and Jeremy had not have his lunch? Was he crazy skipping his meal?  Knowing him, he would only have two slices of toast and a cuo of coffee for his breakfast. 

This Jeremy... 

"Okay.  I will see what I can find. I will call you back once we have arrived. Err...  Do you want anything too?" Ryn asked. 

"Watermelon juice and garden salad, please. Thanks, Ryn. Love you."

"Bye..." Ryn hung up and looked at her manager. 

"Can we stop at the nearest cafe or restaurant? I need to buy some food."

"Okay." Mei Li quickly scanned the shops and saw one.  She drove the car in front of the restaurant. "Call me once you're done. I am too lazy to get out of this car."

"Hmm..." Ryn got out of the car and entered the restaurant. A smiling woman welcomed her. 

"Welcome.  How many?" the woman asked politely. 

"Do you serve take away?"

The waiter eyed Ryn up and down. Her eyes narrowed. 

Being the lazy Ryn, she had blocked her supermodel aura and if people who did not know her or the label she was wearing would think, she did not have enough money.  (However, if they knew how much her saving in her two bank accounts, their jaw would drop down in shock. She was too lazy to spend her earning and just bank in whatever she received. The money she used from spending was actually her pocket money given by her silly hippy parents and sometimes at the end of the month, she still had balance.)

"I'm sorry, Miss.  This place do not do take away," the waiter said coldly. 

Ryn cocked an eyebrow at the waiter's rudeness. However, she did not comment upon that.  Instead, she turned around and walked out. 

Jeremy was starving and she needed to buy food for him... quickly. 

She did not want him to get sick from his own recklessness.


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