Tell Me Again, My Love
96 Are you here for me?
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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96 Are you here for me?

Ryn looked around for a cafe or restaurant. The two she entered did not serve the food she wanted.  She almost gave up until she reached a cafe at the last row.  Taking a deep breath to brace herself for another disappointment, she put a smile on her face and entered. 

"Hello. Welcome." A young woman wearing an apron with a big pink heart welcomed her in politely. 

"Can I have a take away?" learning from her experience of the first restaurant, Ryn asked immediately.

"Of course," although taken back with the sudden question, the woman answered the question while following behind Ryn. 

Ryn looked at the menu hanging on the wall.  She chose two dishes, which she knew, were Jeremy's kind of meal.  She also added some pastries and chocolate shake. Then, remembering about Mei Li and herself, she added more pastries and two drinks. Oh, yes. The watermelon juice and garden salad too. Now, she was finally done with the order. She sat down near the counter and waited quietly. 

The woman quickly worked on her order.  It took just fifteen minutes for everything to be ready with only the woman handling everything.  Ryn quickly paid the price and contacted Mei Li. 

She was already late. Jeremy must be starving right now. Oh dear... 

Ryn quickened her walk and when waiting for Mei Li to arrive, tapping her heel impatiently. Soon enough Mei Li arrived and without wasting another moment, she got into the car. She called Mika once she put on her seat belt.

"Hello, Ryn. Where are you?" Mika sounded worried. Of course, she would. Ryn told her she was on the way but almost an hour pass but there was still no Ryn in her office.

"I just bought the food. We are on our way. We are almost there," Ryn chuckled hearing the worry in Mika's voice.

"Don't worry. We are almost there."

Mei Li glanced at Ryn, bemused seeing the cold and lazy Ryn was coaxing Mika. Their friendship was even closer than sibling was. 

Mei Li parked the car at the basement.  Being the spokesperson to both the jewellery line and clothes line, as well as someone who was close to the Long siblings,  Ryn had her own parking card.  In fact, the parking lot provided specially for Ryn just next to Mika's. 

Ryn used her card to go straight to Mika's office's floor via elevator from the parking lot.  A few months ago Jeremy installed the system and distributed the cards to the higher managements.  While the others who commuting in their own vehicle was given two choices of parking lot three kilometres from there and they either walk or use the free bus Jeremy hired. 

Mika was waiting anxiously when her assistant announced Mei Li and Ryn's arrival.  She quickly hugged Ryn, happy just to see her best friends. 

"I have bought some food.  You can call his assistant to get it," Ryn showed the paper bags to Mika. 

"Then, let's go," Mika pulled Ryn out of the room, heading to the elevator. 

Mei Li quickly followed behind.  Maybe she could include him in the discussion for the show. Surely, he would agree with her plan. 

It took them minutes to arrive. 

Mika did not wait for his assistant to announce their arrival.  She simply opened the door with a loud, "We are here!"

Jeremy lifted up his head from staring at the computer.  His bleary eyes widened seeing her. 

"Ryn, My Love.  What are you doing here?  Are you here for me?"

"Erm... I am here for Mika," Ryn hated to break his cheerfulness but she would not lie just for him. She would say what was in her, if permitted. 

His smile cracked. He coughed and looked away. He tried not getting hurt with her honesty. He should be used to this, shouldn't he? 

Nevertheless, he still feel pain in his heart. 

"Ryn bought food for you. Let's see what she chose for us," Mika brought the food at the coffee table. She signalled his assistant to bring some bowls, plates and utensils. 

"Oh..." the thought of Ryn bought food for him, specially choose food for him,  brought huge smile on his face. 

Without thinking, he pulled her closer and dropped a kiss on top of her head. 

Mei Li quickly turned around, trying to avoid looking at this scene. Her cheeks reddened. 

Ryn broke free from Jeremy and quickly took the paper bags, taking out the food containers one by one.  She put them into the bowls and plates his assistant brought from the pantry. She arranged them nicely. 

"Stop working and start eating.  I heard you skip your lunch again," she gave him a disapprove look. 

"You do worry about me," his heart pounded hard at the thought of her worrying over him. If that was not love, what was it? 

She did not reply. She simply handed the utensils to him. Then, she went to Mika who frowning at her phone. 

"What's wrong, babe?"

"Hmm... Nothing. It's nothing to worry about," Mika punched some buttons and sent them. Then, she kept her phone in the pocket and smiled at Ryn. 

Mei Li who felt herself as the biggest third wheel in this room quickly excused herself.  It was better for her to wait at the waiting room outside. 

Mika waited until after Mei Li closed the door.  Then, she skipped and sat next to Jeremy who was just sitting down to have his lunch.  She draped her arm around his shoulders and asked cheekily, "What do you think of Ryn's choice? Your cup of tea?"

Jeremy glanced at Ryn who was on the phone.

She was replying to a message by a brand who wanted her in their latest advertisement. They had called before and she did give then sort of positive feedback via Mei Li.  Now, they were trying to agree with a suitable date for the shooting. They would even pay how much Ryn demanded because they knew she would be able to portray and deliver their product's best attributes and benefits without any problem. A short shooting period with the best result.  Who would not like that? Even if they used popular actors or actresses or even models, they might need a longer time for filming and there might be a possibility for the end product not what they had in mind. 

"So this Saturday? Send the detail to Mei Li," Ryn ended the call with a 'bye' and looked at the siblings. 


"Nothing," Mika shook her head. 

"Hmm... Thanks for buying my favourite," Jeremy lifted the bowl of fried rice noodle.

"You are welcome," Ryn took a seat on the lone cushion, facing the siblings. 

"So, there must be something you want to discuss with Mika if your manager tags along," Jeremy asked once the food was consumed.

"Just call Mei Li back. I am just the middle girl here," Ryn shrugged. She had no idea why Mei Li wanted to come here after the meeting with the producer.  She was puzzled too. 

Mei Li came in and took a seat on the only empty seat. She was nervous suddenly. She never thought about this deeply. What if they rejected her request?


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