Tell Me Again, My Love
97 Mei Li's plan for the show
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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97 Mei Li's plan for the show

Mei Li gathered her courage and opened her mouth, "Ryn just agreed to participate in a popular variety show 'A Day In My Busy Life'."

Both the Long siblings lifted up their brow. A variety show? Their Ryn? 

Both looked at Ryn quietly, questioningly.

Ryn could only shrug helplessly. 

They turned to look at Mei Li. 

Mei Li gulped. 

"Actually..." Mei Li paused. Was she wrong this time?

"Mei Li thinks it will help to stop the rumour between J and me," Ryn finally opened her mouth. She felt sorry seeing how pale her manager looked. Hopefully, Mei Li would not faint or anything. 

"How?" Mika asked. She was not happy about it, though. She loved when people think Ryn and Jeremy had an affair or in a relationship. It would become true if everyone talked about it, she believed. Ooh...  She just wanted these two to be together again. 

"I don't know. You two know how boring my life is," Ryn shrugged. She reached for her milkshake. She loved it. Maybe she should drop by at the cafe again after this.

"You are too lazy," Mika mumbled. 

"Yes," and Ryn was even proud of it. Why should she be ashamed of who she really is? Take it or leave it. She did not care what others think about her. 

"Mei Li, what do you have in mind?" knowing how unbothered and uninterested Ryn in this matter, Jeremy turned his attention to Mei Li. This manager of Ryn must already have a plan when she decided to meet them after the meeting with the producer. She was this workaholic, just like Ryn. 

"Ehem," Mei Li cleared her throat nervously.  She looked around frantically before she remembered she had a notebook in her handbag. She took it out and flipped to a fresh page. Now, she looked around for a pen. 

Mika grabbed a pencil from Jeremy's table. She gave it to Mei Li. She just could not wait anymore for Mei Li to search her pen in that bag. 

Once receiving the pencil, Mei Li quickly wrote something on the page. She wrote fast and furious.  

Before long, she put down the pencil on the table, lifted up her head, and looked at them. 

"During the London Fashion Week, a reporter managed to take a few pictures of Jeremy and Ryn together in one of the shows.  Despite our denial, some still do not believe it," Mei Li started. She pointed at the figures she wrote. 

All pair of eyes looked at the note. 

"Pretending?" Ryn looked at her manager in puzzled. Pretending to be a couple with Jeremy or... What? She was confused. 

Jeremy on the other hand started smiling. First pretending and then they would become a real couple. He approved of this plan completely.  100%.

"I thought it is real, not acting at all," Mika frowned. 

Jeremy glared at his little sister. 

Ryn nodded, agreeing with Mika. The show was a real life of an artist, not acting. Would she cheat for the sake of that stupid rumour? 

Mei Li shook her head and waved her hands. 

"No... No... No... All of you have misunderstood me. I did not mean for Ryn to pretend but..." she quickly pointed at the next point. 


"What I mean is to arrange the schedule of that day to include time with you. We can use the opportunity to explain your real relationship either still friends or already-"

"Just friends," Ryn cut Me Li quickly. 

"For now," Jeremy added and reached for Ryn's hand but unfortunately Ryn leaned back to avoid his touch. His face changed a bit but he quickly calmed himself. He still had time. 

Mei Li looked at the three of them and gulped.  Suddenly she felt so hot and cold, and uncomfortable. Had the air-conditioned in this room broken? How could she feel hot and cold at the same time? 

"So, you want us in the show as well?" Mika quickly pulled them back to the real topic.

Jeremy gave Ryn a hoping look and cleared his throat. They would talk about this later. 

Ryn simply looked at Mei Li. Her focus was never wavered, unlike the man in front of her. 

"What if we make use of the... No... It will turn into a monster show. Jack will be furious," Mei Li shook her head quickly. She hugged her trembling body, could already imagine what Jack would react when he saw the tv crew. It would be a disaster!

"The commercial shooting?" Mika's eyes widened. She looked at Mei Li in shocked. Had Mei Li gone crazy having that kind of plan? 

"I object," Ryn made a huge X shape with her arms. 

"I object too," Mika echoed, doing the same gesture as Ryn. 

Jeremy gave them a puzzle look. What were they talking about? Jack? Jack who? 

"I can actually consider anything but him," Ryn cried.

"Actually..." Mei Li tried to explain but the two girls were too hysterical to listen. She looked at Jeremy, hoping he could calm them down. 

Jeremy did not disappoint her. He calmed those two in just minutes. For Mika, he threatened to cut her salary. While for Ryn, he simply told her he would kiss her if she refused to calm down and he would even ignore Mei Li's presence.

These tricks did the job perfectly.

Both shut up and glared at him. 

He cocked an eyebrow at Mei Li, signalling her to continue.

"How about we include an activity with either one of you?" Mei Li suggested. "You always spend time together, right?"

"What kind of activity? Shopping? Holiday?" Mika's eyes shone brightly at the thought of doing her favourite activities. 

"I do not mind doing anything," Ryn wrapped her arms around the excited Mika. 

"Once you decide the date, you can inform me. I will arrange my schedule," Jeremy told Mei Li. He might as well join the shooting. If it would make her like him more, even better. 

Ryn lifted up her left eyebrow at Jeremy. Something smelled fishy and she honestly did not like it. 

Not one small bit.


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