Tell Me Again, My Love
98 Taking the quiz today
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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98 Taking the quiz today

Ryn adjusted her bag for the tenth time. What did she bring to the campus today? A huge boulder? A huge mansion? So heavy! 

She huffed and puffed, struggling to bring everything in one go. 

Luckily, she wore sneakers today. 

She finally reached the lecturer's room. She put down the bag and took a few deep breaths to gather herself. She even took off the cap she was wearing and used it as a fan.

Once she was calm enough, she quickly retied her ponytail and adjusted the cap properly before she knocked on the door.

With a polite smile on her face, she opened the door once she received the approval. 

"Yes, what can I help you today with?"

"Actually I have finished the assignment you gave us," Ryn took out the file and handed to her. 

The lecturer cocked an eyebrow seeing this student of hers already handing the assignment even though the due date is next month. She took the file and flipped through. At the first glance, everything that should be written was there. She nodded approvingly and put it aside. 

"Is there something else?"

"Erm...  Actually I would like to take the next class off because I have to work on that day," Ryn took out a piece of paper, detailing her work commitment of that day. Since working back, she always handing a detailed report of her work whenever she needed to take a day off from her class. Even though she tried hard to adjust her working, commitment only on weekends but sometimes she still needed to go during weekdays too.  Most of the lecturers understood her dilemma, especially when she always handed her assignments before or on time. 

"What about your quiz?"

"Err... Can I do it earlier?" Ryn asked hopingly. 

Ms. Lee did not say a word. She simply pulled a drawer and took out a piece of paper. 

"Why don't you do it now?"

Ryn's heart pounded hard. Now? Her 10% of the whole marks for this subject?

Oh My God... 

Her trembling hand pulled the paper closer.  

Magnolia Lee simply looked at this student. She did not feel ashamed or guilty.  She could just give her 0 for her quiz.  It was not compulsory for her to follow this model's schedule. As a student, it was this model's responsibility to follow the schedule.  She did remind them how important the quiz was and even emphasized since last week that they would have the quiz next week. 

Taking a deep breath to calm herself, Ryn started to answer the quiz. Luckily, she did read some topics last night while checking for the last time about her assignment before she printed it out. 

"Time is almost up. You have ten more seconds... Eight... Seven... Six... Five... Four... Three... Two... Time's up."

Ryn felt like crying. Although she did finish answering all the questions, she did not have the time to check back the answer. With trembling hands, she handed the paper back to Ms. Lee. 

"Why are you still here?" Magnolia stared at the trembling Ryn, questioning her why she did not leave. 

"I'm sorry. Thank you, Mrs.  Lee."

Ryn bowed and got out of the room, pulling her bag along. She sniffed, trying not to cry. She must control her emotion. No matter what she would get, she did her best. 

Now, she headed to the next location.  She needed to submit another assignment to another lecturer. She must not show her sadness to anyone. 


Her walking stopped at the sound of her name. She turned around and threw a smile without thinking. 

Harry gulped. Trying to ignore his pounding heart, he stepped forward until he stood just next to her. 

"What are you doing here?" he asked, trying not to hold onto her shoulders and shook them silly. Why she did not call him at all yesterday? 

"Oh dear, I forgot to call you back yesterday, Harry.  Sorry," Ryn apologized. 

Harry shrugged, smiling. She was not deliberately avoiding him. She just forgot about it. It was unintentionally.

"So, what are you doing here?" he asked again, eyeing her big bag.  What was she bringing that? It looked heavy. "Let me help bringing it."

Without thinking, she handed the bag to him. 

Yup.  It was heavy. Nevertheless, being a man, he could carry it easily. 

"So where are we going?" he asked cheerfully, walking next to her. 

"I need to submit my assignment to Mrs. Snow," she answered.  

"Let's go, then." 

Both headed toward another building. None was bothered with the look ans whispers from other students who were shocked to see the most popular guy in the campus was walking with a girl. Moreover, looking at the bag he was carrying, it was obvious the bag belonged to the girl. 

Why was he walking with her? Was she his girlfriend? 

Who was that girl? From which class? 

So hateful! 

Irene and her girlfriends who were just walking out of a building stopped in daze. Whom did they just see? Who was that girl next to Harry? 

"Girls, do you see what I see?" Irene gasped. 

"I don't think so...  No..." Rebecca choked out, rubbing her eyes in shock. Were her eyes playing with her? 

"Me too..." another girl choked out. 

"Is that Ryn?"

"You mean the girl with Harry is Ryn?" Irene gripped her hands. She was jealous, so jealous of Ryn. 

She still could remember the humiliation when Ryn showed off during the audition that day. Then, during the shooting, it was so clear how Ryn never thought of her as her friend and put her down. She had no doubt Ryn talked badly about her to the director. That was why the director looked down on her, never treated her with respect she deserved. 

"Maybe... Maybe both of them are doing assignment as partners?" Rebecca tried to calm everyone down. She, truthfully, was uneasy with the way the girl treating Ryn. For her Ryn did nothing wrong and was misunderstood but the girls overreacted. They kept thinking Ryn looking them down. 

Maybe Ryn was right. They themselves did not ask her and when her real identity was revealed, they treated it as betrayal.


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