Tell Me Again, My Love
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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99 Would you like to join us?

"Thank you, Harry," Ryn took back her bag and thanked Harry. Finally, she was done handing all the assignments to the lecturers. 

"It's okay. How about lunch together?" Harry suggested. He followed her handing her assignments, smiling sheepishly when some of the lecturers noticed him. 

Ryn rubbed her stomach. She did not even notice how late it was. No wonder she was feeling empty. She nodded. 

He grinned even wider. Without thinking, he took her hand. 

They did not notice the gasp from everyone around them. 

Maybe they were so used to having everyone looking at them whenever they go. Ryn, especially, as she was used walking on the runway with every pair of eyes gazing at her. 

"Which restaurant you want to go?" he asked, already busy remembering every single restaurant around the place. Where should he bring her? 

"Cafe?" she was too hungry to even care. The nearest food source would be cafeteria and that is where she wanted to go.

"Cafe?" his face fell. Why did she not want to go to a proper restaurant? Heck, he even could spend thousands for the 3 to 5 stars Michelin food!

Not knowing what inside his mind, she nodded. She even, without waiting for him, started to walk toward the cafe. She was too hungry, so starving to even care what others think. Why should she?

He followed behind her, this time slowly. He did not like the idea of having 'date' in the cafe. He was not looking down on the cafe's food but the dissatisfaction came because he wanted to treat her the best food.

He was no liking this. Not at all.

Both of them entered the cafe. She led the way. He took almost a minute after to enter the building. Instead of looking for a place to sit, her eyes looked around. What should she eat today?

She finally chose fried rice, sweet and sour ribs, fried chicken, popcorn chicken, soup and fried bread. for drink, she chose watermelon juice and plain water.

Harry who did not notice Ryn's 'shopping spree' only chose wantan mee and iced Americano. He found an empty place to sit and wait.

He waited... and waited. He started to frown when Ryn was still at the stall. What took her so long? Was she undecided what to eat and was still thinking?

He started to stand up but a group of girls approached him. His face changed. This was the reason why he was not happy to have lunch here!

"Hi, Harry. Alone? Can we sit here?" Jane asked bashfully. 

Her friends threw a shy smile at Harry. Their hands were holding a tray of food, mostly some sort of smoothies and a bowl of vegetables. Some even only have a carton of yogurt and a few slices of fruits.

"Actually, I am here with someone," Harry cleared his voice and spoke.

Their faces changed, especially Jane. Being the daughter of the CEO of this university, no one, no one dared to say no to her. Whatever she wanted, she would get.

Harry frowned when the girls did not make a move to go away. Was he not clear enough?

"Hmm... should I find another place to sit?" the voice interrupted them. They turned to look at the owner of the voice.

Ryn was holding a tray full of food. She just stood there, looking at them calmly.

"You... you..." Jane pointed a finger at her, choking. She remembered this woman. She was the one who made her lose so much face during the shooting of the commercial. The end work of the commercial, which made her so angry, was this woman alone with the boys introducing the university with that stupid smile on her face!

When she told her father to cancel the commercial, her father could only shake his head and told her they paid a lot to have Jack directing the commercial. They had to use it or they would waste a lot of money. They could not spend a lot just to throw it away!

Then, on top of that, she saw this woman strutting on the runway of the most famous show in the world! Jane was thinking of becoming a model for that brand but seeing that woman, she threw everything in her room in anger, breaking everything. She even broke her favourite crystal vase!

She glared at Ryn but the woman did not even look at her. In fact, Ryn was smiling at Harry, waiting for his reply.

"Here, let me help you." Harry ignored the girls and helped holding Ryn's tray. His eyes widened just a few seconds but they went back to normal. His lips curled into a smile. He should guess she would be like this. 

How could she be so cute?

The girls were too shocked to even talk or shriek. Their eyes widened, staring at the amount of food on Ryn's tray. Was she buying for Harry too? So... so shameless!

She took her seat and finally looked at the girls, "Hello, girls."

Jane opened her mouth... and then closed it back. Her mind blanked as she was still too taken back seeing the food. 

Harry helped arranging the food on the table. Ryn, on the other hand, was still looking at the girls. When are they going to sit? She was getting a stiff neck looking at them standing there like statues.

"Well, would you like to join us?" Ryn asked, even though she knew the seats there were not enough for everyone to sit.

Jane's eyes full of fire glared at Ryn before she stormed out. She even left the tray onto another table even though the table was occupied with other students. Her friends followed behind her, did the same with leaving their tray on the table. The students, boys, looked at the trays and without ashamed took the fruits and drinks. Why waste such good food?

Ryn looked at Harry but he just shrugged. Not wanting to hurt her head thinking about the weird girls. 

"Just ignore them. Eat your food," Harry urged.

She nodded. Later, she still needed to go to Mika's. So many things to do today and so little time.


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