Tell Me Again, My Love
101 Mika's proposal
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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101 Mika's proposal

Ryn walked out of the elevator once the door opened. She frowned seeing some of the people there quickly lowered down their head. Although she felt weird, she did not comment upon that. She walked straight to Mika's office.

"Babe!" Mika cried, rushing toward her and jumped.

Automatically Ryn hugged her back, chuckling when Mika refused to get down. With Mika still in her arms, Ryn walked toward the couch. She sat on it, with Mika now untangled herself and sat next to her, still hugging her.

"It took you so long to arrive," Mika complained accusingly. She had been waiting for hours for Ryn to arrive, even already planned the menu and venue for their lunch. 

So imagine her feeling when Ryn did not arrive until lunchtime was over. When she asked, Ryn told her she was having lunch with a friend. So sad.

"I'm sorry. I never thought it would take long just to hand in assignments."

Hearing this, Mika's face brightened.

"You mean next week we can do it?"

"Yes. Yes. I've taken a week off just for work. I've even done the quiz today just for that."

"A quiz? Oh no. How was it?" Mika looked at her worriedly. She knew Ryn hated taking exam and quiz is some sort of an exam for the two of them. It must be hard for Ryn.

"I have tried my best. Hope for the best," Ryn could only shrug. She did not want to think much about her result or she would get anxious.

"Don't worry. You can do it. I believe in you," Mika hugged Ryn tightly, hoping to bring a good vibe to her.

Ryn stood up and walked to the minibar at the corner of the room. She poured two glasses of orange juice and went back to Mika. 

"You've taken your lunch yet?" Ryn asked as she handed a glass to her.

"Hmm... I just finished," Mika glanced at the empty plastic bowl in the basket bin. 

"Good. Now we can discuss," Ryn put her glass on the coffee table and leaned back comfortably. Honestly, she was getting sleepy after almost half a day running around meeting so many lecturers. On top of that, she ate quite a lot for lunch. Of course, her eyes would get heavy.

"Talking about business already?" groaning, Mika walked slowly to refill her drink. Why couldn't they just have fun first?

"Don't tell me the make-up line is just a game for you," Ryn cocked an eyebrow.

"We are going to talk about that first?"

"Hmm..." Ryn took out her notebook.

Seeing her best friend taking out the book, Mika let out a heavy sigh. With her shoulders slumped down, she walked slowly to her table and took a file. Then, she returned back to sit next to Ryn. She handed the file to Ryn.

"They have redesigned the packaging. I have told them to give me 5 versions. What do you think?"

Ryn looked at the pages. Her eyes narrowed as she looked carefully. Finally, she chose two designs. She showed them to Mika.

"What do you think?"

Mika turned into her serious mode and looked at the designs. She agreed with Ryn. They discussed more seriously, including everything they told the team to improve.

Two hours later, they were finally done with their new product line. Mika called her assistant to send the decision to the team. Once the door was closed, Mika looked at Ryn.

"Next time can we just discuss at home? So tired," she complained.

"It will be better to discuss here or we will get distracted with everything." Ryn was strict with this. She knew her best friend so much and as the discussion was getting serious, it was better to do it properly. "Now, what do you want to talk about your Youtube Channel?"

Mika finally smiled. She almost forgot about it even though it was the reason why she needed to meet Ryn today. 

"Actually, I have a few ideas for a video of us. It is not a vlog but a proper video," she was so excited, she gripped Ryn's hands so tight until Ryn cried out.

"Oops... sorry," Mika quickly released her hands and rubbed her hands. She jumped up and down like a little kid just eating candy.

Ryn shook her head in bemused. 

"Anyway, one idea is a makeup session."

"You put on me? I'm okay with that," Ryn shrugged.

"Another is a mukbang."

"Mukbang? What is that?" Ryn frowned.

"It's an eating video."

"Eating?" Ryn was still puzzled.

She was after all not into media social. She did not even care how many followers and likes she gets for her Instagram account. She opened it under the order of Mei Li and persuasion of Mika. Her only 'work' is only taking pictures and uploading it. The rest she leaves to Mei Li. She was not interested at all in anything regarding media social.

And now Mika talked about making a video of mukbang. A video about eating? Would there be people watching a video about eating? So weird. What is so interesting watching people eating? She really needed to look at people's weird interest.

"You are still clueless what a mukbang is?" Mika asked when she saw Ryn's expression. Maybe being her best friend, Mika could guess what was inside Ryn's mind with just a lift of the eyebrow or a purse of lips. If others, they would not notice the changes in Ryn's mind because of her poker face and silence.

Ryn nodded. She still had no clue about the interest in it. What was the point of watching people eating?

Mika took out her phone and typed something. Then, she showed it to Ryn.

Ryn cocked an eyebrow when she saw a video of a petite Japanese girl talking cheerfully at the camera. With the help of the subtitle, it was clear the girl was going to eat a huge amount of fried chicken. Watching the girl eating while commenting, unconsciously her tongue slipped out to lick her lips. She gulped hungrily. 

Those fried chickens look so appetizing. She wanted them now.


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