Tell Me Again, My Love
102 Ryn and Harry's date day
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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102 Ryn and Harry's date day

Ryn checked herself in the mirror for the last time. Then, she went to get the heels from the next room; the room she threw all the clothes and shoes/ heels she received from the brands she front or work with. She already chose the heels for the outfit last night so it took her no time to get the heels, put them on and grabbed her sling bag.

She did not have to wait long when a car stopped in front of her. She cocked an eyebrow seeing the black Ferrari. She looked inside at the grinning Harry.

"I thought we are only going to practice your walk. Where is your usual car?" she asked, still entering the car.

"Why not? Isn't this a cool car?" Harry asked back. He chose his favorite car for this 'date'. He wanted to show off to her, wanting her to know that he could go head to head with that 'old man'.

"Hmm... hmm..." For Ryn, it did not matter what brand the car was as long as it can bring her to her destination safely and without any problem. She pulled the safety belt and buckled it.

Harry waited more. But, it seemed like Ryn was not interested to talk more about the car. She did not even check the car out. She did not even gasp in awe.

She simply leaned back comfortably and closed her eyes. Before long she was entering the dreamland.

Harry was speechless.

Why was Ryn so different than any other girl? Should she not feel excited to ride this car? Should she not feel excited having a date with him today? Why would she be sleeping once she gets into the car?

Somehow he felt disappointed.

Before long they arrived at the modeling office. He took a deep breath and shook her shoulder gently to wake her up.

Ryn blinked her eyes sleepily. She rubbed her eyes and looked around. Once she realized where she was, she yawned again. Then, she unbuckled the seat belt. "Have we arrived?"

"Hmm... yes, we have. Are you still sleepy? Late-night last night?" he asked,  trying to sound nonchalant.

"Sort of," was her reply. She was already getting out of the car and greeting her fellow models,  chatting happily. It seemed like she had forgotten about him! 

He sighed. He unbuckled the seat belt after turning the engine off. Then, he got out of the car and joined Ryn's group. 

Being the newly signed model, the junior, he quickly greeted them politely. Some he recognized and some he did not, Ryn helpfully introduced him. 

It seemed like the date he was planning and picturing might not become reality with so many models today who knew and friend with Ryn. 

"So, why are you two here?" one of them asked once they sat on the couch at the lobby of the office. 

"Harry wants to practice his walk." It was the excuse Harry gave Ryn after all and she told them. 

Harry kept quiet. He could only smile weakly. What else could he say now? 

Why? Why did he tell her that? Why did he use this stupid excuse to ask her out? Had he gone crazy? Had he gone stupid? 


The other models looked at him. They all knew how new he was and there was so much he still lacking. Through experience and practice, he could go further and they all agreed wholeheartedly he had the potential to go even further. 

Ryn and Harry entered the studio where the models practicing their walking or if they had an event they need to go and require a practice first. Some of the models followed as well. They were interested in seeing how Ryn, their Sleeping Beauty, would teach Harry how to walk.

It would be a sight to see, a very interesting sight to see.

Ryn, along with the other models, pulled a chair to sit. Harry, on the other hand, stood straight like a good little soldier. He was getting more frustrated as his dream date was flying away from his grasp.

Why were there so many models coming in as well? Why were there so many gooseberries?

This was not what he had in mind.

"Alright, as we are here as well, we are going to help you, junior," one of the models winked.

Harry gulped.

"Yeah. You should show us what you have before we can help you," Ryn nodded her head.

She had seen a recording of Harry's walk, courtesy from Mei Li. Harry did look awkward and nervous but he succeed to cover it. She was hoping since that show until now Harry had practiced more. She also planned to see how Harry reacts in front of the camera.

As his senior, it was her job to help him in becoming the best model. In fact, the models here, although small in numbers compared to other modeling agency, but they all strive to be the best.

So Harry has to follow others and become the best as well.

Taking a deep breath to calm himself, Harry went to stand at the end of the room. His heart was pounded heart seeing so many pairs of eyes watching his every move. The one he was most nervous about belonging to Ryn. Would she think he was too pathetic?

He started to walk while trying to remember the points Mei Li gave her before the show at that time. Hopefully, it did not look so bad.

Ryn narrowed her eyes. Then, she leaned to the side and murmured something with the girls there. Even some were pointing their finger at Harry while discussing furiously.

Harry gulped as he stayed put in front of them. 

Ryn finally was done discussing with her fellow models. Then, she looked at him calmly. She opened her mouth, "It seems like you have practiced quite a few times. Your walking has improved."

Harry blew out a relieved sigh, "Thank you."

"However, there are still some aspects we need to point out," Ryn added. She signaled a model and the model stood up. Ryn stood up as well.

"Watch us," Ryn and the model went to where Harry started his walk and started to strut. While walking Ryn pointed out Harry's weaknesses and how to improve it.

Harry and the other girls watched. Harry especially watched carefully. He tried to remind himself to stay focus, not drooling or enjoying the walk but truly learning from her.

The other models were smiling. They helped by giving pointers as well to help Harry. 

It took them almost three hours before Ryn finally satisfied with Harry. Some of the girls even left before that, having another commitment to fulfill. Lastly, only Harry and Ryn remained.

"Thank you for helping me," Harry smiled at Ryn. He handed two bottles of cold drinking water to her.

"It is okay. It is my responsibility as your senior." Ryn took a gulp of the water. She did not even realize how exhausting it was teaching others. Later, she did not want to do this anymore. 

"I'll treat you lunch?"

"Sure. It's already afternoon, isn't it?" Ryn checked the time. 

No wonder she was hungry. It was time for lunch!

Harry grinned widely. He guessed he finally got the date he wanted so much. Now, the date was officially starting.


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