Tell Me Again, My Love
103 A model does not eat.
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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103 A model does not eat.

Ryn entered the restaurant with Harry next to her. She just waited as Harry talked with the waiter and followed behind the woman as she led both of them toward their seat. Before the waiter could pull her chair, Harry did first. Ryn just kept quiet but the slight movement of her brow showed how weird she felt right now.

It almost felt like they were dating.

But they were not. They were just here to have their lunch after hours practicing. Hmm... maybe he was just being a gentleman.

Yes. That must be right. He was just 'trained' to help women, especially.

With that thought in mind, Ryn felt better. She sat on the chair and took the menu.

Harry could not stop grinning as he sat on his chair and took the menu. He looked at the list.

"What do you want to eat, Ryn?"

Ryn smiled at the waiter for a second before she turned back her attention to the menu. She did not look at the price. She was too hungry to even care about it. If Harry could not pay, she brought her card today. 

In addition, she just received the pay for her project yesterday. And pocket money from her parents too.

She is rich today before she moves her 'salary' (except for pocket money) into her savings account. Pretty soon she would have enough to buy the house she wanted.

Hence, she chose everything she wanted to eat.

The waiter's eyes turned into big saucers when Ryn kept adding more and more food. She glanced at the man who came with the woman and was taken back seeing the smile on his face. Was this woman ordering for him as well?

But... but... but was the food not too much for both of them?

She tapped into her pad furiously, taking note everything Ryn said. Once Ryn finished talking, the waiter prepared to go. But first, as she was trained, she asked both of them first just to confirm there was nothing more the couple wanted.

"As for me..." Harry started as he listed what he wanted. 

The waiter was shocked again. Was this meant the food just not was for the woman?

She tried not to be obvious when looking at Ryn. This woman was so slim, just like a model. So where did she put all the food she eats?

This must be a cheat. It must be.

Even she, when just eating a small cube of chocolate, gained weight. Just a small piece of Kit Kat!

What has become to the world? Was God being impartial to a girl like her? This was unfair!

So unfair she wanted to cry.

No. She would see whether this woman really eat everything or the amount is just for a show.

"So, what do you think about this place?" Harry asked once the waiter left them.

Ryn looked around and nodded, "Nice."

"The food here is good too."

"We will see about that. But then again, I am too starving to care," she was not ashamed to admit how hungry she was.

Before long the table was full of food. Even the drinks were squeezed in between plates of food. Not to mention, the decoration that was on top of the table; a big fat red and white roses in a cute vase had to be moved just to give more space for the food.

Mind you, it was only filled with appetizer and main courses. Ryn requested, with the approval of Harry, to send everything except dessert quickly. All at the same time. No need to waste time for the waiter to pick up the empty dishes and replacing the appetizer with main dishes. Just send all at once. The dessert would come in later. The waiter swore she heard something creaking on her second trip to send the food. Luckily the table survived under everything. 

Ryn smiled seeing the food. She could not help herself from licking her lips in anticipation.

Again, the waiter was taken back. She recognized that smile. Was the smile not the one greeted her when she was watching Lexie music video. She loved Lexie so much. He is her favourite singer. And she could not help looking for information about the dancer who danced with Lexie in that video.

She learned that the woman was called Catherine or Ryn, a supermodel. Catherine was so talented, it took her less than a year to climb up to where she was right now. Catherine, so talented that she was the only model in the country, representing their beloved country, walking in the most famous fashion show in the world a few months ago. 

No, it could not be. 

The waiter shook her head silently.

She would not believe a supermodel as talented as Ryn, so beautiful and slim and so gorgeous, would eat so much. A model does not eat! 

If models eat, they will lose their figure.

No. It cannot be. She would not believe it.


"Oh my God, Ryn?" a woman suddenly approached them.

Ryn, who was in the middle of placing the napkin on her laps, put the napkin back on the table and stood up. "Genie? Mary? Julie? Oh my God, you're here?"

The three girls just grinned. They came to this country for a project which just finished this morning and now planning to have lunch. Who would guess they would meet their fellow Angel?

Ryn shrieked and quickly exchanged hugs and air kisses with them. Then, she looked around and saw the table too small to fit everyone.

"Can we move to another table? A bigger table?" she requested, forgetting about Harry who was standing awkwardly there.

"No... no... No need. We don't want to disturb your date," Julie winked naughtily.

"Oh. He is not my boyfriend. He's my junior. Harry, these are Genie, Mary, and Julie, my fellow Angels," Ryn was still hugging Mary.

"Ehem... Hello. My name is Harry. I've just signed under the agency," Harry introduced himself, trying hard not to show how heart-broken he was when Ryn, without caring about his feeling, simply told them they were not dating.

Was this not a date?

"Oh... just a junior?" Genie winked.

"Come on, girls. Stop teasing."

None of them even noticed the paled waiter standing near them. If these three were really the international supermodels, then... then...


They all stopped and watched as the waiter running away, crying.

"What was wrong with that waiter?" Ryn asked in confused.

Genie, Julie, and Mary shared a knowing look. Ryn had done it again. She just broke someone's fantasy of living as a supermodel... again.

"Nevermind her," Mary patted the confused Ryn gently.


The next day...

Ryn stretched her arms and yawned. She lifted up her legs, one at a time. She cracked her neck and hands. Then she yawned again.

It was time to wake up.

She put on her usual outfit; a green top and some jeans. Instead of her usual ponytail, she braided them into pigtails and a random cap to cover the head.

Instead of making some breakfast, she simply grabbed an apple and her bag. She needed to move now!

She opened the door and true to her thought, the car was already outside.

"Good morning," she greeted as she entered the car.

The driver smiled and drove the car away.

She, on the other hand, just leaned her back comfortably against the chair and closed her eyes. She started to eat the apple with her eyes closed.


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