Tell Me Again, My Love
104 Eating, sleeping and exercising are my hobbies
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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104 Eating, sleeping and exercising are my hobbies

Ryn woke up when the car stopped. She looked around and found them stopping at the red light.

"If you are still tired, just continue your sleep."

"Hmm..." Without thinking, she closed back her eyes and continued sleeping.

She was exhausted. Yesterday was an eventful day. The morning was spent with teaching and guiding Harry with his walking. Then, she went to a photoshoot that last way over midnight. She found herself slumping in her room at 5.25 in the morning. Then, she needed to wake up for this. Only 2 hours, more or less, sleeping and now she had to wake up to work... again.

She might need to think about this modeling job again. Too little sleep was not good for health! She needed at least 14 hours of sleep.

"Luckily I come pick you up, right?" he chuckled.

She nodded dumbly. Mei Li suddenly had a family matter to attend to and luckily for her, her fellow partner model, Sam, could come to pick her up.

"Have you had your breakfast yet?" he saw the apple in her hand. She could even fall asleep while chewing it!

So funny! 

If only he remembered to take a picture of her... or even a video!

His followers would not even believe him until he showed them the video.

Unfortunately, he forgot. He was too focused on driving.

"Not yet," she answered sadly.

"Drive-through there?" he pointed at Starbucks.

She looked at it with her sleepy eyes. "Hmm... Mocha Frappuccino, 3 Banana Chocolate Muffin and that mini sausage things," she listed.

"3 muffin? You do know the size of the muffin?" he cocked an eyebrow.

"I'm starving~"

Shaking his head in bemused, he repeated back her order and added Hot Americano for himself. He would only eat after the photoshoot... like usual.

Some of the models were just like him. They usually cut down their food intake, even their drink intake, before a photoshoot or shooting, especially when they have to take off their top.

Luckily for him, his six-pack is still there despite his short holiday to Melbourne. He was satisfied with his body condition now. Glancing at her, he had no doubt her body was fit as well.

She was not too skinny. She was fit despite her eating choice. He honestly had no idea where she put everything she ate.

That was a mystery among the models who knew her. 

She ate a lot. She slept a lot. She did not exercise much. When the other models needed to watch whatever they eat carefully and even train hard, Ryn could just glide into the room with her hands full of breads or pastries. 

Sam handed the food and beverage to Ryn. His drink was placed in the cup holder but he did not take a sip,  unlike Ryn. 

True to what she said earlier, she quickly ate her food while sipping her drink. She did not even ask for a low-fat milk or almond milk for her drink! He knew because he tried to change it for her and she said no need, make it full cream milk. 

She just swallowed her last bite of the last muffin when they reached their destination. She rubbed her lips with the tissue paper provided by the shop,  not dab but rub thoroughly. Sam chuckled at the sight. 

Ryn just forgot to control herself again! 

Luckily Sam was used working with her. If not he would get so shocked at the sight and re-think back about modelling. 

Such a cheater! 

"Ryn," he called as they unbuckled the seatbelt. 


"Promise me you won't be angry if I ask you this," he pulled the key from the keyhole. 

"Ask what? What should I be angry about?"

Finally her stomach was full and Ryn felt happy and ready to face the world today. She looked at him questioningly.

"Erm... You don't eat or drink any slimming product, do you?" he asked carefully. 

Ryn's eyes widened. Then, she started to laugh. 

It made Sam a bit worried. Was Ryn so angry she had to laugh to calm herself? 

"That is so funny. If I were to take any slimming product, would not the brand hire me as their spokesperson?"


"My family is all around my size. However, I do exercise a lot but you all do not see that side of me. Exercise is like eating and sleeping for me. It is my hobby."

Eating. Sleeping. Exercising. Hobby? 

Ryn grinned seeing the confused look on Sam's face. 

"Any other question before we go into the studio?"

Sam quickly shook his head.  He did not think his brain could accept 'fact' from Ryn anymore. No wonder. No wonder some male models told him not to ask too much questions to Ryn. 

Could he say he wished he did not ask that question at her? 

They finally entered the studio. Ryn with her big smile approached the people there cheerfully. Sam, on the other hand, was still having his stupefied look on his face. 

The director quickly gave them a small talk before herded them to change into their outfit and makeup. For this assignment, both will act as a couple in love, showing off different kinds of shoes. And Sam was topless. 

Some female crews could not help from drooling at him,  increasing his ego. However,  Ryn did not even bat an eye. 

Why should she when she was used to be the girlfriend of the famous singer who is now also the youngest CEO in the country who toppled the first ranking company in just two years? A brand new company, not taking over his family's business. 

Jeremy's body,  even when he was in school, was even better than Sam, in Ryn's opinion. In fact she still could not find a man who could win against Jeremy in term of his handsomeness and even his brain (and talent in music).

God is so unfair, putting everything good in one man. 

Honestly, having topair with Ryn made Sam realized how lucky he was to have this partner. Ryn was not stingy on helping him with his posture and pose, even showing him how to improve it to show off the product. 

So, although his ego was not feed when Ryn did not drool at him, he was still thankful for her help. 

Once they were done with the shooting, as a thank you (and maybe finding a way to flirt with Ryn), Sam wanted to treat Ryn late lunch. But... 

"Oh,  sorry,  Sam. I have another appointment and she will pick me up."

Yet again, Sam's ego was punched by invisible hand.  

Oblivious with Sam's mood, Ryn simply sat on the chair and waited for Mika to pick up her. 

They were going to discuss about the video Mika would take during Ryn's 'A Day In My Busy Life' as well as the outfit to wear during the shooting for the latest collection of the jewellery line with that satan Jack.

It would be another long day (or weekend) for Ryn... Again...


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