Tell Me Again, My Love
105 Am I pregnant? 1
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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105 Am I pregnant? 1

Mika parked the car right in front of the entrance and waited. She was actually frowning. 

Even when Ryn got into the car,  instead of greeting her best friend cheerfully, Mika gave a weak smile and drove the car away. 

Ryn looked at her best friend and frowned. What had happened? Was there something wrong with the work? Or even with Jason, her fiance? What was the reason behind the forced smile and the silence? 

Was it the right time for their discussion? Should they postpone this to another time? 

As Mika was usually a chatterbox when with her, this silence really was an awkward journey for Ryn. Several times she opened her mouth, only to close them back. 

How could she speak when she had no idea how to begin? 


Mika simply tapped the radio to switch it on. Immediately, her favourite song filling the space loudly. 

Ryn sighed. It was clear Mika had no mood to speak at all. 

They kept to their own thought along the way,  although Ryn could not help from glancing at Mika from times to times. 

She was honestly worried about Mika's mental health. She was worried about Mika. 

Ryn held onto the seatbelt once they reached the basement. Ryn watched as Mika wordlessly shut off the engine and unbuckled the seatbelt. What now? 

"Mika." Ryn finally gathered her courage and opened her mouth. 


Mika finally looked at Ryn, but there was no cheerfulness in her eyes. There was not even light in her eyes. 

What had happened?

"Are you feeling okay?"

Mika did not reply. In fact, she simply walked to the elevator without even waiting for Ryn. 

Alright, Ryn was getting worrier and worrier.

Even when Mika was having one of her spells, she would not ignore Ryn like this.

Ryn quickly rushed behind Mika. While waiting for the elevator, Ryn, without a word, simply wrapped her arms around Mika's waist from the back. 

"Even if its regarding office or work, even if I do not understand any bit of it,  you can share with me if you are having any problem. Together we can solve it. Two heads are better than one, right?" 

Mika's eyes stuck at the hands around hrr waist. She was still feeling confused about it. 

Ryn pulled back her hands when the elevator's door was opened but still, she held onto Mika's hand, hoping it would give some sort of encouragement and energy to her best friend.

Mika did not pull back her hand. In fact,  she seemed to be deep in her thought. 

Pretty soon, both reached the house. Mika punched the buttons to unlock the door and entered. Ryn followed behind.

Mika dropped her bag on the flooor and slumped herself on the couch. She curled herself into some sort of a circle. 

"What's wrong?" Ryn asked, again wrapping her arms around Mika. 

Mika mumbled something under her breath. 

"What? What did you say?" Ryn could not hear clearly when Mika's voice was muffled. 

"I... I think... No.. I am not sure at all..." 

Ryn waited, rather impatiently.

"Mika buried back her face against her knees and mumbled something. The voice was again unclear. 

"Mika,  you can talk to me. Do you have any problem? You can discuss it with me. We are best friends, right?" Ryn coaxed gently.

Mika nodded. They are best friends...  Forever. Till death do they apart. 

Mika lifted up her face to look at Ryn. Her face was already wet with tears, making Ryn worried sick. 

"I... I think I..." her voice was stuck in the throat. She sniffed and wailed, hugging Ryn tightly. 

"Mika, what is wrong, babe?" Ryn's hand stroked Mika's back gently, trying to sooth her. 

Was the problem so serious until Mika could not even utter it? What was going on right now? 

Most importantly, where were Jeremy and Jason? Why were they not here to coax Mika? How could they leave her alone fretting worriedly?

"I think I am... pregnant."

"Wh... What?" Ryn's eyes widened in shock. 

Mika pulled back from the embrace and looked at Ryn sadly. Her hands covered her still flat stomach.

"What do you mean you think you are pregnant? Are you sure? Maybe your stomach is filled with gas," Ryn's questions came out back to back. She was still not blinking her eyes at Mika's stomach. 

Mika sniffed and threw herself into Ryn's arms, crying loudly.

"I do not know. I am so confused. Am I really pregnant? I do not think so but at the same time I think I am."

"Have you tested it yet? Maybe-"

"I am late. It has been almost two months."

"Maybe... Just maybe because you're under stress. You have so many projects going on. So your period do not come. Maybe you should... Err...  Maybe we should go buy a pregnancy test?"

Ryn was still trying to analize what Mika just told her. She was freaked out as well. 

Was Mika pregnant? With Jason? Before they get married? 

Oh no, their parents would not like this. 

And this silly couple had not decided their wedding date yet! 

People would think it is a shotgun marriage. 

"Mika, let's go to the pharmacy."

Ryn pulled Mika off the couch and grabbed Mika's handbag.

Screw the Youtube channel. Screw the jewellery discussion. 

They need to know whether Mika was truly pregnant or it was her stress playing a cruel joke to her. 

Mika stayed in the car while Ryn went into the pharmacy. This silly friend of hers actually froze when she saw the pharmacy. She could not even speak or move her hands from gripping the steering hard. 

It took Ryn no time to return with a huge plastic bag. 

Mika's eyes glued at the bag. 

"Let's go home." Ryn pulled the seat belt and told Mika gently. 


"Babe, the faster we reach home, the faster we can check your condition."

Mika looked at the plastic bag on Ryn's laps and took a deep breath. Silently, she changed the gear and drove the car away. 



It would be okay. Ryn was with her.

Everything would be okay.


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