Tell Me Again, My Love
107 Girls are really weird creatures.
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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107 Girls are really weird creatures.

It was late in the evening. Almost close to night time. 

Jeremy rubbed his wet hair with a fluffy white towel as he walked toward the living room. He sat on the couch and switched on the television. 

Today he had to attend a television show to sing his latest single. The feedbacks were good,  which he had already predicted. 

A song created for his love. Of course, it would be a good song. 

Jeremy was just scrolling the channels when the door was opened and laughter hit his hearing. 

He looked at the women walking into the house, giggling. He put down the remote control and stood up, smiling. 

"Have you finished discussing about the project?" he asked, rather absent-mindedly, as he leaned to hug Ryn. 

Their faces changed. 


He cocked an eyebrow seeing their expression. What was with the guilty look? 

"Ryn? Mika? Have you discussed what you want to film next week?" he looked at them and found them even tried to avoid looking at him.  "Girls?"

"I should make dinner now," Ryn pretended to look at the clock, gasped, and hurriedly went into the kitchen. 

"I... I.. I need to call Jason," Mika quickly took out her phone and speed-dialed her fiance, Jason. 

Jeremy could only watch helplessly as both quickly left him. He shook his head in bemused. Somehow he could guess why they were running from him. 

They must be having too much fun and forgot the real reason why they were meeting today. 

That must be the reason. 

As Ryn had not planned to make dinner today, the menu was quite simple. She just used whatever she found in the kitchen. 

Mika, on the other hand, hid herself in her bedroom. Jason was still busy with his meeting even though it was Sunday. He could not answer her call and could only send a message for her understanding.

She did not mind. She understood how busy he was. Heck,  she was busy almost all the time too and he did not mind at all. So why should she be angry when he could not attend to her? 

Ryn took more than an hour to finish cooking everything. She brought the dishes to the dining table, not calling the siblings for help. 

Truthfully, she was still trying to steal some more times avoiding Jeremy.

However, whether she liked it or not, she had to face him. Her walking getting slower as she sent the last dish on the table. Once she delivered the drink (a huge jug of iced lemon tea and glasses), she was done with the dinner.

She walked slowly to the living room to call Jeremy for dinner. Wait. She could just call Mika first. Nodding at her thought, she quickly did just that. She rushed upstairs and called Mika.

No answer.

She frowned when her knocking and calling were not answered. 

"Mika, dinner is ready," she called again.

Something muffled coming from the room.

Ryn knocked even louder, "Mika, open the door. Do you want me to call Jeremy before you open the door?"

Slowly the door opened, revealing Mika's shaking head.

"No. Don't call him." 

"Why do I feel like we are acting as if we are doing something wrong?" Ryn asked suddenly.

"Hmm... me too. What have we done wrong? We only haven't discussed the filming."

Both paused. They looked at each other before rushed downstairs.

"Jeremy, how could you?"

Jeremy who was just checking the food was taken back when Mika hit him from the back. He turned and caught Mika before she hit him again. "What's wrong, bull girl? Why are you giving me that glare?"

Ryn just stood a few steps behind, watching the siblings. Silently she was cheering on Mika.

Shows him, Mika. Shows him not to bully us, girls!

"You are bullying us," Mika cried, trying her hard to break free from Jeremy's clutch. She jumped and wiggled. Everything she did was unsuccessful.

He was too strong!

Stupid man strength!

"You are bullying me," she cried.

He chuckled. He turned to look at Ryn who was so quiet the whole time, "Are you going to explain?"

Ryn pursed her lips, then, shook her head.

Jeremy sighed helplessly. Without warning, he bent down and put Mika on his left shoulder, carrying her upstairs.

"Jeremy! Put me down! Wah, you are bullying me~" Mika cried, hitting Jeremy's back to let her go.

Ryn followed behind them hurriedly. She was worried Jeremy would hurt Mika's fragile feeling. Oh no...

Jeremy finally put Mika down once they reached Mika's room. He glanced around, frowning seeing the hill of clothes on the corner of the bed. "When are you going to be done folding your clothes?"

"Soon," she mumbled, again running her eyes from looking at him.


"Soon. I said soon. You know how busy I am recently," Mika cried. Then, finding her saviour, she quickly pulled Ryn closer, "Tell him, Ryn, tell him that we are going to finish folding these clothes soon."

"We?" Ryn frowned.

Mika nodded vigorously. She pushed Ryn forward, hiding behind her best friend from Jeremy's scold. "Tell him, Ryn. Tell him."

Ryn patted Mika's hand comfortingly. Then, she turned to look at Jeremy, "Do not even think of scolding Mika."

Jeremy's eyes widened. He pointed at himself, speechless.

Did these girls just blame him on everything?

They finally had their dinner. Jeremy had to suffer receiving the silent treatments from the girls. Even if he tried to start a conversation, all he received was silent. When he tried to join in the conversation, he was ignored.

It was an awkward dinner for him.

Even when Ryn was still treating him badly, Mika was still there supporting him by trying to include him in the conversation. Now, he felt alone.

Ryn and Mika used the time to finalizing the idea of the video. Both reached an agreement on what they were going to do. 

Dinner was done and still the discussion going on. Mika helped doing the dishes while discussing what they were going to wear that day. Later... maybe tomorrow, Ryn would inform Mei Li what they have agreed and Mei Li would prepare what needs to be done.

All the time, again Jeremy was forgotten.

He sighed heavily. Even until now, when they were preparing to go to sleep (Ryn was spending the night there), he still had no idea what he had done wrong.

Why couldn't they just tell him what he did so he could just apologize?

Girls are really weird creatures.


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