Tell Me Again, My Love
108 The missing dresses 1
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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108 The missing dresses 1

The next morning…

Ryn held onto the hair clips as Mika was doing her hair. She handed the clip one by one for Mika to secure her hair.

"Why do I need a lot of clips for a simple ponytail?" Ryn asked for the second time.

"You're too lazy. That is why your ponytail lack life," Mika mumbled as she pinned the fifth clip to Ryn's head.

"Whatever. Why can't you do it quickly? Hurry up. I'm starving~"

"Just a few clips more," Mika took another clip. Maybe to show her anger for being told off, Mika used a little bit of strength when she pinned her hair.

"Ouch, Mika!"

"Hush. Keep quiet. I'm trying to concentrate here."

Ryn could only stick out her tongue at Mika through the mirror. Mika stuck out her tongue in reply.


Jeremy tied his tie while walking down the stairs. He bumped into Ryn who was mumbling about her starving self. Mika followed behind her, already busy with her phone. Jeremy could hear the scold and hiss coming from Mika. Who was her victim this early morning?

Jeremy lifted his brow at Ryn, silently asking her who was on the other line.

Ryn pursed her lips and shook her head, signaling him to keep quiet. Mika's bad mood started when she answered the call. 

The best way for both of them was to avoid making Mika angrier. Better not to ask anything.

Jeremy understood the signal and nodded. He walked down the stairs, leaving the women quickly. Only Ryn could pacify Mika when Mika had a bad mood.

Mika finally ended the call and sighed heavily. She was so pissed off with the news she just received. How could these people so irresponsible to misplace the dresses? They were going to use them tomorrow and today,  her assistant told her the dresses were not where they kept.

Were they taking her for a fool?

Jeremy and Ryn kept quiet when they were on the way to the cafe. Jeremy did not even switch on the radio. They just let Mika to calm down by herself, without any interruption. 

"Send me to the office. I don't even have the mood to eat," Mika finally spoke.

Jeremy glanced at Ryn. Send Mika to the office without breakfast? Mika would turn into the worst witch and their workers would end up having nightmares for months.

Ryn took a deep breath and opened her mouth, "Babe, I'm starving. We eat breakfast first, okay?"

"I am not hungry."

"Jeremy has to turn around if he sends you first. Don't you think it is a waste of time and gas?" Ryn coaxed gently.

Mika looked away.

"Mika, don't be like this. You don't want to get sick, right?" Ryn tried again. "If you get sick, you have to go to the hospital."

"Hospital?" Mika gasped. "Fine. We'll eat breakfast before going to the office."

Jeremy and Ryn shared a smile. Finally, their trouble was over. Mika was no longer having the black cloud around her.

Well, the cloud was still there, albeit, it was thinning.

He chose the same cafe they went last time. It was full of Mika's favourite and hopefully, after eating, Mika's mood would get better.

He disliked having his sister's mood ruining the atmosphere or worst, sending her into depression.

They waited until Mika ordered her food. True to her mood, she did not order much. Ryn tried to lead her to order more but she simply pushed the menu away and looked... well, stared at the phone.

"Mika, put away your phone," Jeremy finally opened his mouth.

Mika looked at her brother. Before she could open her mouth to bite him off, Ryn placed a hand on her laps. In the end, Mika pursed her lips and handed her mobile phone to her elder brother.

"Good girl."


Jeremy parked the car at his allocated parking lot. He shut down the engine and looked at the women sitting at the back. Ryn was sleeping while Mika was nodding her head sleepily. She was trying hard to fight with the sheep jumping over the fence.  He smiled. How on earth these two could fall asleep right after eating?

Well...  He could guess the reason behind Ryn's sleepiness but Mika? 

"Mika, we've arrived. Do you want to wake her up or you want me to carry her?" He would prefer the second choice.

It took Mika a few moments to look at Jeremy blankly before the words he said penetrated into her sleepy mind. Then, she shook Ryn's shoulder gently, yawning at the same time.

She was too sleepy after the hour spending being angry at her irresponsible worker. Too much energy used for being angry. 

Why couldn't Jeremy make a u-turn and send them home to sleep? 

"You're not sending Ryn home?" Mika mumbled, still struggling to wake Ryn up when her dearest best friend refused to open her eyes.

"My office has a sofabed," was all he said as the answer.

But his answer went unnoticed. Mika finally managed to wake Ryn up and whatever she murmured to Ryn, was able to make Ryn's eyes opened wide. Now, it was Ryn's turn to help Mika out before she hit anything due to her sleepiness.

"This is crazy. I might be dreaming," he mumbled under his breath seeing the role exchanged between his silly little sister and his sleepy head lover (not yet official but soon!). Just a minute ago it was Mika who was awakened while Ryn deep in her sleep. But now, just seconds later, Mika was the one closing her eyes while Ryn help leading her to safety.

Jeremy was speechless especially when Mika almost hit the door which was closing. He shook his head and used his card to bring them to the top of the building. He guessed these two would share the sofabed in his office.

He helped them lying on the sofabed and told his personal assistant to block anyone from coming in. Knowing Mika's mood was still bad, he ordered his personal assistant, Jacob, to call for a meeting with the fashion department. He would settle this problem so Mika did not have to fret over this anymore.

He threw a last look at them before he closed the door. He should get ready for the meeting while at the same time trying to finish reading the projects he needed to approve. The meeting for the projects would be after the meeting with the fashion team.

Thinking about the back to back meeting made his feet voluntarily moved toward the small bar. He took out a bottle of energy drink from the mini-refrigerator and gulped everything down at once. Now, he was ready.


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