Tell Me Again, My Love
109 The missing dresses 2
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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109 The missing dresses 2

The meeting room was so noisy with the chatter from everyone. Their face was paled. Their bodies could not stop shivering. They were all worried The Witch would kill them once she learned that they still could not find the dresses.

When the door was opened, everyone turned to look at it. No one said a word. It was so quiet, even Jacob Lee, Jeremy's personal assistant cocked an eyebrow. It felt like he was in a cemetery. So quiet.

He cleared his throat and opened the door wider to let Jeremy in. He swore he could see some of the staff blowing out a relief sigh seeing his boss entering the room. Some also let out a sighing of adoration with their eyes glued onto his handsome boss. 

He could not help from glancing at the quiet and serious Jeremy. Today Jeremy was wearing a leather jacket with black jeans. Underneath the jacket was a sky blue shirt with a dark red tie. It was not a formal outfit suitable for office attire but being the big boss, Jeremy could wear anything he wanted. Heck, once, he even wore a yellow shirt with red shorts. When he silently asked, Jeremy simply told him that he came straight from the studio. Jeremy, his boss, actually spent the whole day and night at the studio before came straight to the office!

He would not want to live like Jeremy. He still wanted to have a normal life!

Jeremy took the seat at the head of the table. He let Jacob took a seat next to him and placed a file in front of him.

"Good morning, everyone. I will chair the meeting on behalf of Mika," Jeremy started. He opened the file and nodded at Jacob.

"Sir, this is the schedule for next month," Jacob informed politely.

Jeremy looked at the only 2 pages in the file. His frown deepened.

"Has Mika approved this yet?"

The team was taken back seeing the cold version of Jeremy. Where was their idol? Their sweet angelic Jeremy?

Wasn't Mika the only one frightening between the siblings? Mika was the little devil while Jeremy the angel.

"I heard you have lost the dresses," Jeremy looked at them coldly.

Everyone was quiet. Then, sobbing sound came from the girl sitting at the corner. Then, it was followed by another and another until all the young girls who were in love with Jeremy started sobbing.

The situation turned chaotic.

Jeremy simply leaned back, crossed his arms against his chest and waited. 

Jacob signalled the woman next to him, Mika's personal assistant.

The woman cleared her throat and explained what happened last night. Apparently they put the dresses along with the last season's collection. Then, somehow, it got mixed and then mysteriously disappeared. They spent the whole night looking for the dresses. Even some of them haven't gone home yet. When the sun rose and the dresses were still nowhere in sight, they, even though was scared, called Mika to break the bad news.

"Are you sure you have searched everywhere?" his cold voice filled the room.

They all nodded like parrots. Some of the women were seen wiping the tears on their face. Why was big boss so scary? They wanted their angelic Jeremy back~

They were even scared to take his photo secretly.

And it was hard to meet him face to face even though they were working in the same building!

Sob... sob...

"Mr. Long, we have searched every corner of this office and even the storage. There was no else the clothes could go. We did not dare to bring the dresses out of this office," Mika's personal assistant reported after taking a few deep breaths to calm herself. She had to speak because the others were too scared to speak and their eyes were looking hopingly at her, asking her to be their representative.

"Are you sure?" Jeremy's eyes stared into her.

She hugged herself, shivering. How could the room get colder and colder? No one touched the remote for the aircon. She knew because the white remote control was 'glued' to the wall just near the door of the room. 

"Are you sure no one bring the dresses out?"

They all nodded their heads. They were sure none of them bring the dresses out of the office.

They were scared of Miss Long's wrath. Once one of them actually brought the sample dress out accidentally. It was not a completed dress, but because of it, the whole team had to face their salary being reduced and had to work overtime daily for the whole 2 months. The one who brought the incomplete dress out was fired with no refferal. They heard now the girl was working in a small shop, selling chestnuts, even though she graduated from a prestigious university.

They did not want to face the same fate as that girl!

"Are you sure?"

They looked at each other. Were they wrong?

"How much time before the program?" Jeremy looked at his assistant. He was speechless at how useless Mika's workers were. No one even opened up their mouths and gave a solution to this problem. 

Were they hoping for him to solve the problem for them?

What did they take him for? Their saviour?

"I will give you eight more hours to find the dresses. By hook or by crook, I want to see those dresses in my office before 5.00 pm today. I don't care how you are going to find them or even produce them. You are all dismissed." Jeremy stood up and stormed to the elevator. 

Jacob quickly rushed behind his boss after giving them a thoughtful look and a shake of his head. He even murmured, "Good luck. Jia you."

The rest of the people in the room cried again except for the personal assistant. How could they find things that went missing? Making new dresses in 8 hours without the budget? The big boss was really scary. How could they produce the same dresses?

"Girls. Girls. Calm down. Stop crying. We still have time. Let's go search more and this time we will search in other departments' storeroom too," Stephenie Su, Mika's personal assistant took charge and gave instruction. She calmed everyone down and started to divide them into teams for the search.


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