Tell Me Again, My Love
110 The missing dresses 3
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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110 The missing dresses 3

When Jeremy entered back his office, he found them were still deep in their sleep. He chuckled seeing their pose. Mika was hugging Ryn's waist while burying her face to Ryn's arm. It was clear how dependent Mika was toward Ryn when even in sleep Mika reached for her best friend unconsciously.

It was a sweet sight.

But, he would prefer for the person hugging Ryn was himself or better, Ryn was hugging him in her sleep.

He shook his head. He needed to stay focus. He had another meeting to chair. This time he would be checking the latest development of some projects, especially the newly built resort. 

He checked the time and nodded to himself. It was almost time. He checked his reflection in the mirror before leaving the room, again remembering to close the door gently so that the girls' sleep was not disturbed. He signalled Jacob to follow him to the meeting room.

The meeting this time was not as chaotic as the previous one even though it was a bit tense as well. Maybe he was too soft with his approach until his workers think they could slack down a bit with their responsibilities.


He would not accept those excuses!

The room freeze again.

The workers were all shaking in horror but none actually cried. They thought with Mr Long busy with trying to woo Miss Catherine, he would be a bit more relaxed and laid-back.

Obviously they thought wrong.

And now they had to accept the consequences of being 'lazy'.

Oh, how they wished they could turn back the time and redo everything back. They swore they would do it better. Please, God, please accept their prayers and turn back the time.

The meeting went on for more than three hours before Jeremy released them from their 'prison'. They scampered like chicks, running for their life once they received the permission. Some of the women quickly went into the ladies room to cry. It was hell.

Jeremy's steps were heavy with frustration and anger. His fists were tight, holding onto his temper desperately. His cold face sent a silent warning to everyone. Anyone dared to make him angrier?

None dared to walk past him. Even those who were on the way to their cubicle, seeing him made them retracing back their steps and hurrying to another side of the room. No one dared to show their face when their big boss was having a bad mood.

Jacob who was following behind Jeremy faithfully quickly opened the door of Jeremy's office when they finally reached there. He bowed and excused himself to continue his work. He also was not exempted from feeling the 'pain' but he managed to cover it with his professional mask.

Everyone thought he was strong but inside, he was crying for help as well.

But no one could save him from Jeremy's wrath.

This was all that fashion team's fault. If they did not lose the dress, Jeremy's mood would not be this sour. This was all those girls' fault, his heart muttered hatefully.

Jeremy untied his tie and stretched his arms. He felt exhausted after the two meetings back to back. Now, he could focus on his work.

"You have awakened, love?" he asked when he saw Ryn sitting on the edge of the sofabed and rubbed her eyes sleepily. 

The furious and all those negative feeling was drained away seeing how adorable, innocent and cute Ryn looked like when she was just waking up. He felt like squeezing her cheeks and lavished her with kisses. But he controlled himself desperately. No, he must not scare her off with his desire.

He must do it slowly. Soon, pretty soon, she would accept him back. He had no doubt that day would come soon. As long as he stayed positive, optimistic and patience, their relationship would return back to what it used to be.

"What's the time now? Where am I?" she asked, still daze from her sleep. Her eyes fell onto the body next to her, "Mika?"

"You're in the office. Hmm... it's lunchtime. Wake Mika up. We can go out for lunch," he checked on his watch before looked at her with a big smile.

He could not stop smiling like an idiot after seeing how adorable she looked just now. If only there was no big lightbulb aka Mike in the same room, it would be even more perfect.

Without thinking, almost like an automatic reaction when she heard something involving food, her hand reached to rub her stomach hungrily. She swore she could even hear it drumming madly.

Wow, she must be starving for her stomach to produce that sound loudly. Her cheeks reddened.

He chuckled hearing the familiar sound. He rubbed his nape and walked toward the small bar. He took two bottles of mineral water from it and handed one bottle to Ryn.

"You can watch your face there. If you want, there is extra toothbrush in the cabinet behind the mirror."

She took a gulp of the water to ease the hunger a bit and walked into the bathroom. She needed to splash herself with cold water to really wake her. She was still sleepy!

When she got out of the bathroom, she saw Jeremy in the middle of pulling Mika's hair to wake her up. Ryn gasped and hurriedly pushed Jeremy away, then, hugged the grumbling Mika soothingly.

"It's okay. It's okay. I am here." Her hand stroked Mika's back gently. She could not understand why Jeremy always bullied Mika. Was he crazy? What if Mika's bad mood come again? What if she was so sad until she fell into depression again? Stupid Jeremy!

Mika tilted her head a bit to glare at her stupid big brother. Such a bully toward his cute and adorable sister. Had he no shame?

"Fine. I'm sorry," he apologized but Jeremy was not sorry at all. He smirked and walked to his huge table. He took his phone which he placed in the drawer before the second meeting. 

Time to go for lunch. Now, where should he bring Ryn... and that lightbulb?


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