Tell Me Again, My Love
111 The missing dresses 4
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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111 The missing dresses 4

Jeremy chose quite a far restaurant for their lunch. Despite the grumble from both the women, he was firm with his decision. They had to follow him, by the way, so they had to accept his choice.

He parked the car and helped Ryn getting out of the car. The lightbulb was left to take care of herself. He placed a hand onto Ryn's back, urging her to walk quicker.

Mika pursed her lips, sulking. What was the point of her being here if her evil brother treating her like air? Even Ryn was helpless against that stupid man! "Stupid Jeremy."

Jeremy almost said a table for two when he was asked. He glanced at the sulking Mika and told the waiter they were three people. He still refused to 'release' Ryn, preferring to hold onto her hand. It was not a tight grip but just enough that she was unable to break free from him.

The waiter led them to the secluded table. Jeremy pulled a chair for Ryn but ignored Mika... again. Mika stomped her feet on the floor a few times, demanding him to treat her the same as Ryn's. 

The waiter's eyes kept looking at the trio, speechless. These three looked like they were from upper families based on their clothing (Ryn borrowed Mika's clothes) but the behaviour from one of them (Mika) did not convey an upper-class vibe. She looked more like a spoiled childish little girl.

Not wanting for Mika to make a scene, Ryn stood up and pulled a chair for her best friend. She patted Mika's hand to calm her down and at the same time warning her not to act so childish in the public.

Mika calmed down almost immediately. However, she did stick her tongue out at Jeremy and smiled innocently at Ryn. 

Ryn could only shake her head in bemused. Mika was being a usual playful Mika while Jeremy was just being his silly self.

They ordered what they wanted. Ryn ordered more than usual. She was so starving, she felt like she lost a kilogram since the breakfast they had this morning. The waiter almost stumbled bringing all the food. He even had to ask another waiter to help him bringing all the food. It was a lot, actually more like for five people instead of three people.

He excused himself and left them having their lunch without interruption.

Ryn took a sip of her hot chocolate drink before pushed it to Mika to taste. Without wasting any second, Mika took the mug and tasted the creamy drink. 

"So creamy," Mika scrunched her face. No wonder Ryn wanted her to taste. 

Ryn looked at the hot lemon drink Mika chose. She would not say anything.  She would not. 

"Well, at least mine taste better than yours.  Why do you keep dieting?"

"I am not like you," Mika groaned. She seriously envied Ryn who could eat whatever she wanted, unlike her. 

"Thanks to my parents."

Mika stuck out her tongue childishly. 

Jeremy laughed seeing their banter. Then, he noticed the look from other customers and shushed them. It was his turn to receive the stick out tongue from both the women. 

"Okay,  okay. Enjoy your food," he told them. 

They spent the remaining time to enjoy their lunch. Then, they got back to the office, even Ryn. Mika coaxed Ryn to join them for the rest of the day. Starting tomorrow, Ryn would get busier with her work and might not be able to meet Mika until the day they do the video recording. Wait, they would see each other tomorrow's night!

Ryn agreed under the puppy eyes from Mika.

"You are too spoiled," Ryn told Mika with a shake of her head.

"You love me too much," Mika moaned.

When are you going to love me like you love Mika? Jeremy's heart whispered sadly.

He was envious with the treatment Mika received. He was so jealous, he almost felt like sending Mika straight to her fiance, Jason. He even wanted Mika to move into Jason's house so he could have the house by himself and could woo Ryn without the lightbulb.

Once they reached the building, Mika and Ryn headed to Mika's department while Jeremy went to his office. He watched them leaving the elevator sadly especially when Ryn did not even bother to look at him, not even once.

The workers quickly lowered their head, trying hard to make themselves invisible. Please, don't let Miss Long see them.

"Stephanie, into the room," Mika put on her 'working' face and ordered her personal assistant to come in.

Oh my God. The rest in the office gasped. Their face turned paler. They were screwed. They were going to die.

Taking a few deep breaths, Stephanie could only nod weakly. She grabbed the planner and even the file for the show tomorrow's night. 

It was a charity dinner. The dresses that went missing were created especially for this dinner. It was not for sale outside but to get as much money as they could for the foundation. That was why both Jeremy and Mika were so pissed off when they learned those dresses went missing. 

They planned to use the money from this dinner to build a new building for the orphans' homes their company created a year ago. The rest of the money to buy more supplies for their schooling. 

Ryn did not have to model any of the dresses. The plan was to use mannequin to show off the dresses. She came to support the program and even suggested to bring some of the clothes and pieces of jewellery she received to get more money for the charity. Some of her model friends also wanted to join in contributing some of their belongings. Even Jeremy's groupmates would come too to support the program. 

In short, the dinner cannot be cancelled. They had planned so much for it. The show must go on!

Both Mika and Ryn sat on the couch. Stephanie stood in front of them, shaking slightly.


"I'm sorry, Miss Long. We have tried..." her voice trailed off when the door suddenly flung open.

"We found them!" a young girl screamed excitedly before left the room to inform to the rest of the team.

Stephanie stumbled backward in relief. They were safe now. They were safe! Thank the Lord!


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