Tell Me Again, My Love
113 Attending a charity dinner
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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113 Attending a charity dinner

Harry groaned when the lecturer suddenly hit him. Automatically he raised his hand to counter the hit but the hand froze when he realized who hit him.

"Si... Sir?" His cheeks reddened, especially when his classmates started whispering while looking at him.

He had never, in his life, being in the limelight for this reason. He was known as a hardworking student, never skip class and always focus on his study. 

So embarrassing...

"Do you think I am a statue here for you to ignore me?"

"I'm sorry, sir. I will not do it again," he bowed.

The lecturer nagged more before ordered him to answer the question. Luckily he did read about the topic and managed to answer it. The lecturer was speechless. He thought he could make Harry the example to the other students.

The class ended with the lecturer scowling the whole time. Harry could only shake his head, trying to cover his embarrassment. He shrugged at his friends and tidied up his things. He still had to have group discussion for their assignment.

"Let's go," one of his friends said.

"Hmm..." he followed behind them. How on earth could he erase back what happened previously? Hopefully, no one spread the news.

Soon he forgot what happened. He focussed on trying to finish the assignments. Even his friends never mentioned about it. They spent about almost three hours there before they said goodbye.

On the way to the car, Harry was relieved when he did not bump into Lia again. Unfortunately, he could not find Ryn as well. He could not spend the time searching for Ryn. He needed to go to the office under his father's order.

What did that old man want?

He was still mulling about it while driving toward his father's office when he reached there. He parked the car and quickly jogged into the elevator.

Some of the workers stopped their walk when they saw him, confused and wanted to know who the man who just walked into the elevator. Women, especially, with their eyes sparkled brightly, could not stop looking until the elevator's door closed.

Harry who was so used with the attentions coming from the other gender, simply walked into his father's office. The secretary recognized him and quickly informed the boss. He did not have to wait long before his father allowed him to come in.

"Why do you want me to come here, father?" he asked once he sat on the chair facing his father.

"Have you finished your group discussion?" his father asked back without answering his question first.

"Yes, we've done it. We only need to write up the report before we can submit it to the lecturer before the due date. Why?"

"When is your exam?" his father asked, again ignoring his question.

Harry sighed. Today was a challenging day for him, always something testing his patience.

"In two more months, father. Why?"

His father pulled a drawer on his right side and took out an envelope. Harry quickly took out the content.

It was an invitation to a charity dinner tomorrow's night.

His eyes narrowed at the name of the company.

Full Moon Corp.

The name was almost like the name of the fashion brand he worked with. The first runway he participated in. The beginning of his modelling career.

"Your mother and I have another program tomorrow's night so I want you and your little sister to represent us," his father said, pointing at the invitation.

You just want to have candlelight dinner with mother, Harry's heart pointed out dryly but he did not dare to say it out loud.

"Okay, dad. Just tell Mia she can just whatever dress she already has. No need to buy a new dress just for the dinner."

"That is what you have to tell her. It's not my job."

Harry's jaw dropped. His father knew how stubborn Mia is and she would never follow his order, especially when he was trying to curb her shopping spree.

"Do you have anything else to say?"

Harry kept quiet. What else could he do? His father only listened to his mother and even if his mother was doing something not involving his father, his father would blame him.

His father dismissed him. His father did not even tell him they were going to go home together. No. He was simply told to leave.

Harry drove to Angel's. He had no other place to go. He even cancelled the game with his friends because he thought the meeting with his father would take the whole evening. 

He was wrong and now he had a lot of free time.

He parked the car at his usual place, just in front of the house. Then, he unlocked the door using his keys. He did glance at the house next door but found it empty. There was no light shining from it and none of the windows and door were opened.

Ryn was not in the house.

He sighed and entered the house. Where was Angel? Hopefully, she did not skip her lunch again.

He found her in her studio, staring blankly at a blank canvas.

"Aunty Angel?" His face changed seeing how quiet Angel was. Was Angel still sad from the broken engagement?

Angel did not answer.

Harry took the brush from her hand and dropped it into the container on the floor. Then, his hands took hold of her shoulders and urged her to stand up and walk. He did not want her to stay in this room for a minute more. Her body was depleted of spirit.

He was getting worried when he realized how empty the kitchen was. There was not even a glass of water on the dining table as well. He also noticed the studio was lack of food. There was not even snacks there!

Harry pulled Angel out of the house. He locked the door and pushed Angel into his car. This cannot wait anymore.

"Where are you bringing me?" Angel choked out. She wanted to get out of the car but Harry locked the door.

"I'm bringing you home," his voice was firm. 

"But that's my house," she cried.

"Do you think I will leave you alone when you are looking like that?"

"What I do is my own. Why are you suddenly turn into a busybody? Who are you? Just a nephew to me," she cried.

"Because of I am your family member I'm doing this. You are just pretending to be alright in front of us. Are you going to pretend forever?" 

The frustration from not seeing Ryn made Harry quite blunt today. He did not care his words quite sharp and hurtful. He needed an outlet to express his anger. And unluckily for Angel, he caught her 'hiding' from their family.

"Stop the car. No... turn the car around and send me home. I'm ordering you as your aunt to make a u-turn," she ordered but it felt like she was talking to a statue. 

He refused to listen to her. His foot pressed onto the accelerator and made the engine roared. The car drove faster.

"Henry Si!"

He ignored her. 

Her teeth sank into her lower lip angrily. Her fists clutched tightly. Since when her little Harry being so stubborn and annoying?

She spent the time fuming over her stubborn nephew. Harry, on the other hand, had no mood to speak with her. He did not even try to coax her like he used to.

It was a tense and awkward moment.

But none even thought of breaking this awkwardness. Each of them held onto their thoughts and avoided looking at each other.

Finally, after years in the car, they arrived at the mansion. Instead of helping Angel out of the car, he stormed into the house.

Angel stood there, angry with his rude treatment. She quickly went to the other side, at the driver side. She planned to drive back to her home.

Unfortunately, he already took away the keys. 

She shouted and stormed her feet on the ground. She even kicked the car's tire, only to cry louder when it hurt.

Even the car was bullying her!

"Ms... Si?" the butler was a bit worried to come closer and talk to her. He asked slowly and carefully, preparing to run if she turned her anger at him.

"What?" she glared.

He gulped and took a few steps back. Help. Maybe he could call the gardener to help. His eyes looked around to find another victim to replace him taking the blame. To his surprise and disappointment, no one was there. It seemed like everyone managed to run away, hiding somewhere.

The butler glared at no one except his young mistress (as Angel the baby in the family along with Mia the real youngest baby, they still call her Young Mistress). He could not glare at her even though his heart was unsatisfied. He was just a small cucumber, not a durian.

"Young... Young Mistress... would you like to... to..."


Both were taken back hearing the shout. Their head automatically turned toward the house.

Uh oh...


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