Tell Me Again, My Love
115 Should he attend the dinner?
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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115 Should he attend the dinner?

An hour later, the whole family was sitting around the dining table. Plates and bowls were neatly arranged, almost filling the whole huge table. The cook had outdone herself!

Apart from the Master and Madam who were chatting cheerfully with each other, well, more like exchanging love words, the other kept quiet and ate their food. Even Angel who was sulking just few minutes before was wolfing down the food.

The food was better than the convenience store. In fact, she did skip her meals for quite a time and now, seeing the food spreading on the table looking so delicious, her stomach growling loudly. 

The siblings, on the other hand, was scared to even make a sound. Although their mother seemed so happy and cheerful right now, unlike just minutes ago, she could change into a monster at the flip of a hat. Better stay safe than challenge the tigress.

An hour passed before the dinner finally ended. The siblings quickly scrambled to their respective room to continue their hiding. 

Unlike the siblings who were 'forgotten' by the Master and the Madam of the house, Angel did not share the same fate, though. The younger sister of the Master was pulled toward the living room for further 'interrogation'.

"Well, what do you say now?" Mrs Si crossed her arms and cocked an eyebrow. She was now sitting on the couch, comfortably in her husband's arms.

"What do you expect me to say?" Angel replied back. She was still angry at the thought of this 'kidnapping'.

"You, Angel, are so stupid. He is not the only man in the world. You are still young and beautiful. Just help your brother in the company and at the same time look around for available man there."

Her husband nodded. Whatever his lovely wife said was right. She was always right.

"Don't you think you are overbearing right now? Stop trying to control my life!"

"Angela, listen to your sister. She only cares about your future," Mr Si spoke when both women started to argue back. He held onto his wife carefully, not wanting his love to get sick again.

"You are being unfair!" Angel cried, pointing a trembling finger at her brother. Who could guess the big brother who loved and spoiled and even protected her from young would treat her like this?

She missed the brother whom he used to be. Big brother, where had you gone to? Come back, please, I beg you.

"You can start tomorrow. You will help me with a project... Yes... yes... that one is suitable for you," he tapped his chin thoughtfully.

"Big brother!"

"You are so great, my love. No wonder I love you so much~" Mrs Si kissed her husband's left cheek and then lightly kissed his lips. She also hugged him tightly.

He smiled widely when his lovely wife rewarded him with a big kiss and a grateful hug. He wrapped his arm around his wife's shoulder even tighter. He was so happy to receive the reward, now he was thinking more to get more kisses from her.

"I can't believe this at all. You should be on my side. You are my brother!" Her body shaking in anger. Her trembling finger pointed at his face angrily.

"Stop being so childish. You are moving here back starting today. Tomorrow you will follow your brother to the office."

"You are being unreasonable!" Angel cried and rushed upstairs.

"Dearest, do you think I'm being unreasonable?" Mrs Si lifted her head and looked at her husband sadly, her lips trembling in sadness.

"Noooo... Who dares to say that? Who?" his eyes widened hearing his wife's sad wail. Who said his lovely wife unreasonable? Who???

"Your sister~" she cried sadly.

"She is just jealous of your beauty. Come, let's go to sleep. You must be tired after taking care of the family and the house. Tomorrow we will have candlelit dinner, okay? I have booked the restaurant you love to go," he coaxed gently.

"Only the two of us? Not the kids?" she asked hopingly. Her eyes sparkled brightly at the thought of both of them dating. It had been too long already since the last time they went out just the two of them for a real dating. Was it last month? Too long already.

"Of course. You can even wear your wedding dress. I will wear mine. It will be our anniversary," his eyes twinkled naughtily.

"Hubby, stop teasing me~" she moaned. Her cheeks reddened shyly. He always teased her like this even when he knew she still needed to lose a little bit of weight after having Mia.

"I am being serious here. You are still as beautiful as the day we got married. So beautiful," he leaned down to drop a kiss on her lips.

"Ewww... mom, dad, get into your room. Why doing this in front of the innocents, me!"

Both looked at Mia with her face covered with her hands. 

"Why are you downstairs? Are you going out?" Mrs Si asked when she saw her wearing a tight-fitting ruby red dress.

"Oh, Jade asks me out," Mia replied, still her hands covering her eyes, "Are you done making inappropriate actions? There are kids here. Innocent kids."

Mr Si laughed and kissed his wife's cheek even more, despite the push from her.

"Are you done yet?" Mia asked, waiting so long but all she heard was giggle and kissing sound. Even her ears were red now. Why couldn't her parents do all this lovey-dovey and disgusting things in their bedroom?

"You can open your eyes now," Mrs Si told her daughter, holding tightly to the octopus hands which belonged to her naughty husband.

Mia finally uncovered her eyes and blew out a relieved sigh seeing her parents become proper... well, almost proper. She swore she saw something moving near her mother's hips. No, better to act blind this time.

"I'm going to be late. Bye, mom, dad," she tried to leave quickly but her father suddenly turned serious and stopped her.

"Yes, dad?"

"Tomorrow's night follow your elder brother to a charity dinner. Ask him the details."

"Why can't you go there? Why do I have to follow along?" Mia was stunned to hear it. Usually, she was not allowed to go to formal programs. They kept using her young age and how immature she was to strengthen their reason. 

"Well, both of us are going to be busy tomorrow so you two will represent us," her father said firmly while her mother smiled happily as she hugged his arm, cooing gently.

Mia hugged herself and shivered. These childish couple!

"Okay. Fine. I'm going now. Bye," she quickly walked toward the door, escaping from this nightmare. No wonder until now she still had no boyfriend. Too scary!


Harry stared at the computer screen. He was right. No wonder the name sound familiar. The company was the parent's company to the brand he worked with. It belonged to the name called Jeremy Long.

"Should I go?"

He did not think he was ready to face that man, knowing Jeremy was his biggest rival. He just learned about his own feeling and was still trying to find a way to woo into her heart. Did he have to meet his love rival this soon?

"Will Ryn attend as well?" he suddenly had the thought. He knew Rym was the spokesperson for all the brands under Mika's so it would be no surprise if she made an appearance there.

"Maybe I should ask her," his hand reached for the phone and speed-dialled to her. He, once realized his feeling, quickly put her on his speed-dial. Easy for him to contact her anytime and anywhere.

This time she answered. His face brightened once he heard her voice.

"Hello, Harry?"

"Yes, it's me. Am I disturbing you?" his heart was pounded so hard just by hearing her voice. Why was he turning into a shy boy right now? This was not the first time he talked with Ryn. So why was he suddenly feeling so shy?

"Not really. Why? Do you need another practice?" she thought it was the reason behind the call. It was rational to think that way because other than that, they did not share any other thing, not even classes.

"No. No. No. I just... Well... I just received this invitation and thought... well... curious whether you will join to," he scrambled to explain, wincing his face when he heard how awkward it was.

"What invitation? I don't think our university has any problem this week," Ryn was puzzled with the question.

"No... no. no. no. What I mean is the charity dinner tomorrow's night. The one by Full Moon Corp," he quickly explained, cursing himself for making her misunderstood.

"Oh, that one. Of course," although she was puzzled with his questions, she did answer it honestly. Maybe he was nervous to attend it and hoped for a familiar face to chat with during the dinner.

"Oh. Then... I will see you there?" his heart pounded at the thought of seeing her. What kind of dress would she wear tomorrow?

Once they finished their conversation, he quickly jumped to his feet and looked at his wardrobe. What should he wear tomorrow?

His cheerful face changed when he realized he had no suitable clothes to wear for the charity dinner. Well, it seemed like he had to go buy one tomorrow. And maybe to the saloon to do his hair too.


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