Tell Me Again, My Love
117 The charity dinner 2
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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117 The charity dinner 2

People began arriving at the hotel. All of them were wearing exquisite dresses and suits. Even there was a few girls wearing cute dresses tagging along their parents. The girls' eyes mostly were shining brightly with excitement. They did not even mind having to pay for their seat, well, their father did. As long as they could meet their idols and win something from them.

They were so lucky their father received the invitation!

"You are here? Where do you sit?" they found their friends and started to chat happily, leaving their parents shaking their head in bemused. On the way here, they had to listen to their kids chatting about their idol and even begged their parents to bid highest for their idol. 

The adults quickly gathered around their own cliques while waiting for the program to start. They read the card given, listing the program, why it is conducted, itinerary and even some pictures of the kids, mostly when they were receiving presents or when they were on trips. It was heartwarming seeing the smiles on the kids' face.

Jeremy, looking handsome in his black suits, entered the ballroom and started to socialize with everyone. He greeted them and even, taking the chance to discuss a new business venture. He was like a butterfly, moving around from a place to another.

After a few minutes, Mika entered with Jason and Ryn. Instead of Jason in the middle, holding onto both Ryn and Mika's hand, Ryn and Mika walking in front, holding hands. Jason following behind.

Mika was wearing the dress from the previous collection. There was not a gothic style, just a normal pure woman wearing a beautiful pink dress. Even her make up did not have much sparkle, just enough to brighten up her face and subtle enough to suit the function. Her long hair was set into a low chignon with small white roses decorating it. She only had a pair of diamond drops clips to her ears and her engagement ring.

Ryn, on the other hand, was wearing a red dress, not identical to what Mika was wearing but standing side by side, both the dresses were matching, with Mika the innocent version while Ryn the slightly matured version. Or maybe it was more because of Ryn's aura emphasizing her maturity. Just like Mika, Ryn only had a pair of diamond drops on her ears and a ruby ring for her finger. Her hair was styled in a low chignon but no flowers decorating it. Just a simple chignon. Her make-up emphasize her eyes with her lips were in natural colours.

Basically, unlike the other female guests, these two wore the most basic pieces of jewellery. 

Jason also wore black suits but his darker pink tie matching with Mika's dress. He followed behind with a big smile on his face. In fact, this was the first formal function both of them appeared as engaged couple. Of course, he was happy.

Mika pulled Ryn to socializing. She helped introducing Ryn with some of the guests, chatting happily before joined her brother. Now, the four of them were mingling together with the guests.

The guests began to take their seats at the first ballroom for the bidding session. The daughters were sitting next to their father, getting ready to 'help' lifting the paddle when it was their idols' time.

Stephanie gave last-minute instructions to the professional who would lead the session. Then, she went to Mika. 

"Miss Long, everything is ready. Can we start now?"

"Yes, we can."

Jacob, Jeremy's assistant acted as the host and welcomed everyone. Then, he proceeded to welcome Jeremy as the CEO of the company and the chairman for the foundation to give a short speech.

Jeremy waved his hand when some girls could not help from screaming in excitement. He chuckled watching their father gave them a warning pat to calm down. Once he reached the rostrum, he cleared his throat and put on his businessman mask. There was no sign of the artist Jeremy in his expression now.

But it only made the girls more excited.

Mia was excited as well. She never thought she would have the chance to meet her idol so close. She read quickly the card she received and tried hard to stop squealing. It seemed like she came at the right time.

She saw some fellow fans in the fan club but as the program was on-going, she could not go to them. She tried not to fidget, waiting impatiently for things to bid on. In fact, she was holding the paddle. 

Surely father did not mind her owning her idols' belonging, right? 

Jeremy, on the other hand, was busy looking around. Surely Ryn would be in this ballroom as well, right? She was close to Mika and would not miss the chance of attending all the programs by this company, right?

But where could she be?

He lowered his head and typed. But his message was unanswered. He sighed heavily. Trust Ryn not to bring her phone... again. 

He noticed this peculiar habit of Ryn when she was busy working. Even when she was having a meal with them at Angel's place, the only things she brought with her were her house key and chocolate cake with extra ganache. Sometimes she did bring the phone but most of the time, she did not even bother. He had to remind her for a few times to take her phone with her.

Ryn was whispering at Mika when her phone vibrated. She glanced down but the light was out so she shrugged it off. She continued chatting with Mika, discussing the session with her best friend.

"Are you sure you don't want to bid anything?" Mika asked again.

"Do I need to when I have the designer as my best friend?" Ryn cocked an eyebrow, teasing Mika.

Mika smiled widely. Of course, Ryn did not have to bid anything when she was willingly do anything for Ryn.

One after another item was auctioned off, including the dresses team Mika had spent hours searching. The dresses got quite a good price for each one of them, bringing a huge smile on the face of the fashion's team in the ballroom. Their hard work did not go to waste.

Then, it was finally the time the fans were waiting for. One by one, Jeremy groupmates walked up the stage and introduced the items they auctioned. Each time they spoke, the girls cheered loudly, turning the sober atmosphere into some sort of entertainment program. The parents shook their head and tried not to scold their excited daughter.

The pedal was being lifted faster than the tennis ball machine. Even the one in charge to handle the session was getting flustered pointing at the pedals as before he could finish announcing, more than three pedals waving in the sky.

The idols could only smile and made heart gestures, making the girls screamed.

Even Mia screamed with them. She managed to get the signed leather jacket and the signed cap. She was actually hoping to win the date with Ken but someone else bid higher than her and Jeremy actually took the paddle from her. Until now she was not allowed to hold it but she determined to grab it back when Jeremy was not paying attention.

"Mother will kill us if you bid more," Jeremy hissed but Mia did not care.

She was after all the baby in the family. Father would not scold her, especially this was for charity. She had no doubt her father would even support her.

"And last but not least, we have Mr Long or for the fans recognize him as The Sexy Jeremy to come forward and introduce the item he is offering for you, his fans."

Jeremy again stepped onto the stage under the cheering from the girls. He actually could not stop from smiling seeing all the items reached a higher amount than they thought it would be. It was a brilliant move from Mika to allow the children to come along. 

"Thank you again for coming. This item is actually my favourite. I used the first payment when I just becoming a singer years ago. My father always told me the first payment should be used to buy something that last long," Jeremy started.

A woman stepped onto the stage holding a limited edition of sneakers. 

"Before we start, can I hold these for a minute?" Jeremy's question was answered by squealing by the fans. So adorable~ Their baby Jeremy was so cute~

Once the man said the price started at a thousand, a war of paddles began. It became chaotic with none of the girls wanted to give in. Mia even joined in the fun after able stealing the paddle back from Jeremy who got distracted when he finally saw Ryn.

Jeremy froze on his seats.

Ryn was actually sitting next to Miss Long, busy chatting with her best friend rather than looking at the war. She also spoke with Jason, Miss Long's fiance, nodded her head when Jason pointing at something.

Even from the back, Ryn looked so beautiful.


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