Tell Me Again, My Love
119 The charity dinner 4
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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119 The charity dinner 4

Harry was careful when he was following Ryn. Instead of stopping her from her destination, which was the ladies room, Harry decided to wait outside, near the door but not too close to invite gossip from others.

He did not have to wait long. Pretty soon, Ryn walked out of the ladies room, looking poise and elegance. He quickly stepped forward, pretending to bump into her coincidentally.

"Ryn, you're here as well?" he asked innocently.

"Yes," Ryn replied, not finding anything suspicious from Harry's attitude. "You came as well? I thought you did not come."

He was taken aback with her question. Had she forgotten he asked her yesterday?

"You're not going in?" she pointed at the men's room when he still did not move.

"Ah... no."

Ryn nodded dumbly. Not knowing what else to say, she tried to excuse herself to return to the ballroom.

"Wait, Ryn," he quickly blocked the way.

She paused and looked at him questioningly.

"Erm... actually... I..." Harry was lost in words. His mind went blank suddenly.


Harry could only rub his nape sheepishly. He had nothing to say but was unwilling to let her go. When would he have the chance to talk with her face-to-face?

"I need to return to the dinner. Excuse me," Ryn now looked serious and without wasting another moment, she used her hand to push his hand away and walked past him. 

He stood there, frozen. He could only watch her entering the ballroom. Then, once his brain digested what just happened, he snapped and groaned to himself. He just lost his chance because of his stupidity. He should grab the chance to talk with her!

Ryn went to sit back on her chair. She placed back her napkin on her laps and smiled at everyone. As if she did not go out just now, she continued chatting with the people at her table.

Harry forced himself to enter back the room. He threw a look at Ryn longingly but it seemed like Ryn was back in her element and ignored everything else. She was too busy chatting than looking at him!

Was he not important for her?

"You're not coming with me?" Mika asked when Stephanie came to inform her about the press conference.

"No need. It's your time to shine. You need to learn, Mika. You can do it." Ryn patted Mika's hand soothingly.

"You... you just want an excuse to eat more, right?"

Ryn just grinned. Only Mika could guess what exactly she had in mind.

"Greedy," Mika mumbled but quickly put on her calm face as she followed Stephanie toward the press conference venue.

"Do you think she can do it?" Jason whispered. He did not follow Mika too.

"Jeremy is there so everything will be fine," Ryn replied. Her focus was on the food.

Jason pursed his lips. He was worried about Mika but Ryn told him to believe in Mika. He should do that to increase Mika's self-esteem.

"Don't worry," Ryn told him after she swallowed her salmon. Luckily she managed to ask another portion of the salmon! So happy~


Later that night...

Mia skipped into the mansion happily. Her hands were full with her new 'treasures'. She would make a new altar to put these treasures!

Harry, on the other hand, walked into the house slowly. He felt so down after what happened during the dinner just a few hours before.

When he entered the house, the butler quickly approached him and took both the jacket and the car key. Instead of using the driver, he drove by himself.

The old butler frowned. What happened to their young master? Young miss looked so happy holding something but young master?

"Would you like something, Young Master? Warm milk? Your... nanny?"

Harry paused and stared coldly at the butler, "Excuse me?"

The butler gulped. "I... I'll bring warm milk."

Harry rolled his eyes and walked upstairs to his room. He could not see his little sister. She must be squealing and jumping in her room. Even when they were on the way home, Mia could not stop shrieking and babbling. She even said something about printing the pictures she took and framed them. So naive.

Instead of taking a short shower to wash off all the hair gel and sweat, he slumped himself on the bed and sighed heavily.

Ryn seemed to drift apart from him. He needed to do something. If he did not do anything, she would go further away from him.

He must do something.

But he had no idea what to do. She was too 'cold' now. Although she helped him with his walking last time but she was too professional. She did not ask much what he was doing lately. It as if she was not interested in him.

Even if they were just friends, wasn't it rational for her to be more curious about him? But no. She did not ask anything. Just nodded whenever he and Angel told her something. What was important for her whenever they had a 'meeting', steaks. A lot of steaks.

He guessed it was the only thing that made her think about him. His ability to make delicious steaks!

Well, at least she did not bat an eye when she learned his family's wealth.

He closed his eyes and tried to think. What could he do?

She hated shopping but she loved eating.

His eyes popped open. 



He could ask her out to eat. They would not go to an expensive restaurant. He noticed she did not even care how many star Michelline the restaurant has or whether it was expensive or cheap. As long as the food is delicious, she loved it.

He quickly switched on his computer and started to search. He needed to plan this carefully.


"Why do you still want to return home? It is already late," Mika cried, refusing to let go of Ryn's hand.

The cry started when they just got into the car and Ryn told Jeremy who was driving the car to send her home.

"I have work tomorrow, Mika. If I return with you, I would be late for work tomorrow morning. You are too high to sleep once you reach home. I know you," Ryn explained.

"But... but I can send you," Mika cried.

"It's okay. Mei Li will pick me up. I have to get out in...." Ryn checked her watch, frowning, "Three more hours. If I were with you, you won't get enough sleep."

"Mika, Ryn knows what she is doing. You are already exhausted with the program. Don't worry about Ryn. She knows what to do," Jeremy suddenly spoke up. Although he also wished for Ryn to stay the night at their place, but he understood the reason behind.

"But... but..."

"Mika, my days this week is quite hectic and I don't want to interrupt your work. Once I have done with all my assignments and projects, we will spend time together, okay?" Ryn coaxed, hugging Mika tightly.

"Hmm... really? Promise?" Mika's voice was low. She was a bit sad when she could not spend more time with her best friend. Why wouldn't Ryn just work at the company so they could spend more time together?

"I promise."

Jeremy blew out a relieved sigh when Ryn finally managed to coax Mika. The car glid smoothly toward Ryn's house. 

An hour later they finally reach the house. 

Jeremy parked the car and turned to look at the passengers at the back. He was not even surprised to see them both sleeping. When there was no noise and sound coming from the back, he already knew they had fallen asleep. 

It was, after all, a very long day, especially for both of them. Ryn had a photoshoot in the morning and rushed straight to the hotel to change into the dress and put on the make-up and hair. Mika, on the other hand, was busy arranging and doing the last minute preparation at both venues. 

He had it easy. He only needed to change into his suits and greeted everyone during the program.

Maybe he should give Mika a short holiday to recharge her energy back. He had no doubt she would love it. But, he had to ensure that the days should be at the same time Ryn having no assignments nor classes.


Jeremy put the thought to another time and opened the door for Ryn. Both women did not even wake up when the car stopped and when the door was opened and closed. He leaned into the passenger side and caressed Ryn's arm gently.

Ryn did not stir.

Jeremy chuckled and leaned even forward so he could move Mika's head which was resting against Ryn's other arm. Mika grumbled something under her breath but did not wake up. Jeremy used the small pillows arranging around her to make her sleep better (without holding onto Ryn).

"Love, wake up. We have arrived." He kissed her cheek gently, waking her up.

"Hmm...?" she blinked her blurry eyes and the first time she saw was his face. In her groggy mind, she smiled and pursed her lips.

His eyes widened. She just asked him for a kiss, right? So it was an invitation, right?

He closed his eyes and pursed his lips a bit. His heart pounded so hard as their lips getting closer.

"Jeremy, stop!"

His head froze. His eyes widened. It felt like his heart stop pounding.

Uh oh...


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