Tell Me Again, My Love
121 No more hiking
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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121 No more hiking

The flight was delayed for two hours. Both Ryn and Mei Li spent the time sleeping on the chair. They used the backpack as a pillow and bent their body so the bag on their laps could act as a very hard and lumpy pillow, very uncomfortable but they did not care. They did not even care the look coming the people walking around them, too tired to feel ashamed.

Half an hour before the flight take off, both went to the ladies room to wash their face, acting like nothing happened. Those people who saw them earlier had to take a few looks just to ensure the sleeping people they saw earlier, sleeping like nobody business, were the same people looking bright eye and excited to get into the aeroplane.

It took them another hour to reach the island. They again used the time wisely to sleep. Luckily none of them snoring loudly. If not, well, even for people as shameless as them, where would they put their face?

It meant that they slept for almost three hours. Mei Li, who even slept during the photoshoot earlier, was truly fresh. She took charge of leading Ryn out of the arrival gate. Ryn, who had not enougg sleep, was a bit grumpy and grumbled for more coffee... Strong dark coffee.

She needed caffeine before she could use her money.

Mei Li brought her to the Starbucks. Instead of both of them waiting in the line to buy the drink, Ryn sat on the cushion and stole the time for a few winks. Mei Li went to line up, joining the others.

It took her a few minutes before she brought back two venti sized of Espresso Frappuccino Blended Coffee, a spicy chicken pocket and two huge powder  doughnuts.

"Ryn, wake up. Your coffee."

Ryn blinked her eyes sleepily and let out a huge yawn. She stretched her arms and looked at her manager. "Hmm...?"

"Your coffee, and I bought some food."

Ryn reached for the drink. She took a few gulps until the container about half left. Finally she let out a satisfied smile and leaned back. She felt better now.

"Who is picking us up?" Ryn asked.

"She is already waiting outside. I've sent a message to them to inform out arrival."

Ryn nodded dumbly. Her hand reached for the pocket but Mei Li's hand hit hers. Letting out a sigh, Ryn reached for one of the doughnuts. She chewed it thoughtfully.

"What time is our flight tomorrow?"

"Around noon. Enough time for breakfast at the hotel before we check out and come straight here."


Both were quiet again. Their focus tuned toward the food and drink. Once they finished with the food, Mei Li bought two more drinks before they went to find the one in charge picking them up. 

It was a girl this time and her cheerful self brightened the atmosphere all the way to the hotel for the girls to check in. Then, once they were done with a quick freshen up, the girl brought then to the shooting location.

"We have to hike?"

Ryn chuckled at Mei Li's cry. She actually could guess they had to do a little bit of hike when she saw the girl's shoes and pants. That was why she already put on her sneakers and even put some chocolates for Mei Li in her backpack.

The girl looked worried.

"Don't worry. She is just shocked. Let her calm down first before we start," Ryn soothed the girl before patted Mei Li's shoulder. "Hey, if you don't want to follow us, you can wait here."

Mei Li looked around. Her jaw dropped and her eyes widened. 

Although there were many people preparing to climb up the hill, there was no shop here. There were only like three stone chairs with no building for people to rest. 

Ryn wanted her to stay here? No doubt she had to wait for hours and might even reach until night! She heard Ryn would be paired with another model so the possibility for this session to take more time was more toward a big yes!

"I'm not waiting here. I'll follow..."

Ryn hid a grin. She nodded at the girl to lead the way. 

It took the almost an hour to reach there. Ryn did not look that exhausted but Mei Li was sweating crazily. She quickly reached the stump and sat on it, fanning her face.

Ryn patted her shoulder sympathily. She already handed almost all the chocolates in her bag to fuel Mei Li's energy. It was barely enough for bringing Mei Li to reach the destination. So many times Mei Li cried desperately, wanting to give up but both she and the girl coaxed the frustrated manager patiently.

Ryn left Mei Li to rest and approached the team. She listened to the vision the director had, before went to change her clothes and put on the appropriate make-up. Her hair was gelled into stiffed updo. They looked so wet as if she just had shower and refused to dry them.

She met with her partner, a very experienced model whom used to work with her before. She apologized for being late and quickly put on the 'mask' accordingly.

As they were both professionals, it took just a few hours to be done. Of course, he did have a few bad frames but overall, the director was happy.


She was being her usual self, the one take model. She moved her body accordingly, perfecting her pose next to her partner. She even made use the surrounding to help making it better.

They gathered around the director and listened as he announced to treat everyone dinner tonight. They all cheered happily. Even the crews seemed like they had been injecting with chicken blood and happily tidied up everything. 

The journey down the hill was not that long and tiring. Everyone helped each other. Even Ryn helped bringing a bag full with props as she chatted with the stylist. Mei Li was busy talking with the director, hoping she would get more opportunity to collaborate more, and more importantly, the next venue for shooting would solely at the studio.

She did not want to have to hike again!

They got into the car, five for each car. Again Ryn and Mei Li shared the same car with the same girl who picked them up at the airport. Apart from them, the male model, Ryn's partner, and his manager took the same car as well.

"When is your flight?" the male model asked.

Ryn turned to look at Mei Li, waiting for her manager to answer. It seemed like once they were out of the park's range, Mei Li's mood getting better and she always, always answered the call on behalf of Ryn cheerfully.

"Tomorrow's afternoon," true to Ryn's thought, Mei Li answered the question.

"Why don't you stay for another day?" the model was looking at Ryn when he asked.

Again, Ryn waited for Mei Li to do the job.

"Ryn has a program to attend to," Mei Li answered. She was getting suspicious, honestly, when Ryn's partner for the job kept asking question in that kind of tone and look. So weird.

Mei Li narrowed her eyes, which was caught by both the model and his manager. 

His manager quickly signalled him to stop before things get weird and awkward.

The model ignored his manager and began asking questions that starting to make both Ryn and Mei Li put on their wall guard.

Again his manager noticed it and again, he tried to warn him. And again, this male model seemed to loose several screws in his head. He kept trying to make Ryn agree to go out with him, just the two of them.

Mei Li's face changed. She glared at his manager but the poor man could only smile helplessly.

Damn, the temperature in this care surely had dropped, he thought as he hugged his shiver self. But no one turned the knob for the temperature, right? He should know because he was running his eyes from looking at anyone and just stared at the panel once he received the angry glare from Mei Li. He looked at tge knob carefully and was surprised when it pointed at the same number as the one the girl set before the car moved.

So, how could his body shaking like crazy if the temperature should be the same as they were starting.

What exactly was going on right now?

He looked at Ryn was was sitting next to the driver. 

Was it her? She was the one making the temperature dropped to negative number? Surely not, right?

He closed his eyes and took a deep breath to calm himself. Then, he opened them back, wishing the temperature dropping was just a ruse or just in his mind.

But, to his horror, when he opened back his eyes, he received another glare, and this time, the warning come straight from Ryn.

He gulped nervously. 

What should he do? What should he do?


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