Tell Me Again, My Love
122 Playing hard to ge
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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122 Playing hard to ge

The journey was awkward and uncomfortable for the manager when the model under him kept bombarding question after question to Ryn without any care. He gulped and even unbuttoned a few buttons of his shirt to ease the discomfort but it was useless. Honestly, he could not differentiate betweenncold and hot anymore. It was hard to breath and he kept changing between fanning himself with his hand and shivering in cold.

The car almost drop to an iced kind of temperature.

The girl who was driving just kept quiet. She shivered unconsciously, could even feel the weird vibe. Why? Why did she agree for this model to join in their car ride? It was a huge mistake. Now, Catherine who was used to be so cheerful and happy-go-lucky turned so stiff and cold. No one could even compare to the same woman riding this car on the way to the park this morning. It was so terrifying.

The model, who was so used being surrounded by girls, was thinking differently. For him, Ryn was playing hard to get. She deliberately playing it cool to make hin even wanting more to get closer to her. This kind of behaviour he always always  see among other models, artists and even his fans. They were just trying to lure out the hunter in him.

And him, as a man, would allow himself to be used by this beautiful model. He could not wait to tonight. He had no doubt he would be able to taste her. He licked his lips at the thought and grinned.

"We're here," no one could desribe how glad she was when the car reached the hotel until her voice raised up a bit. She turned to look at the back and grinned, well, pushed herself to grin. "I will pick you up for dinner at the lobby."

The manager who was trying to pull the man under his responsibility away from this almost fell down when he got out of the car. But it did not stop him from trying hard to pull the male model out of the car.

Ryn, on the other hand, cooly opening the door from her side and got out. She waited for the equally cold-faced Mei Li to stand next to her before smiled coldly, "I will see you tonighy. Good day."

Both women entered the hotel without waiting for the other two men.

The male model wanted to follow her, eager to get her room number and even her private number. He did ask in the car but all Ryn did was keep quiet and let that annoying female model answering all the questions. It seemed like, in his opinion, this model loved playing hard to get so much, that even her manager understood her well and played along.

"That's enough."

He turned to look at his frustrated manager, "What?"

His manager tried to pull him away from the car, from anyone who could listen to them, "Can't you see she is not interested?"

"She is just pretending to be shy. Don't tell me you fall for that trick," the male model chuckled.

The manager managed to stop hinself from cursing loudly. Seriously this man in front of him did lose a lot of screws in his head. He could not be that oblivious, could he? Or had his popularity made his huge ego unwilling to see the clear truth?

"I want you to get her room number and her private number," the model ordered him.

The manager gawked. He could no longer say anything when the model, already picturing himself on bed with Ryn, or even in the balcony, heck, he could do her anywhere with that flexible body of hers, walking straight into the hotel to get into his room. He even whistled wolfishly, could not wait to get into Ryn.

"This is a huge mistake. What have I done?" the manager cried.


Mei Li unlocked the door and slipped the card to its compartment to switch on all the electrical lights, aircon and even the mini bar. She watched as Ryn went straight to the bed and laid on it.

"I'm sorry," she said quietly after making sure all the locks in order.

"It's not your fault. None of us know his trueself," Ryn mumbled. Although she was not the kind to listen to gossips, even regarding the modeling world, but at least she trusted herself for the ability to sizing people. However, it seemed like she had lost her touch after she broke up with Jeremy. She could no longer see the real behaviour of the person in front of her until it was almost too late.

She closed her eyes, trying to erase what just happened in the car. Although she knew some of the models in the industry pkaying around with each other, and even with other artists, but it was rare for her to being hit by one. Mostly because Mei Li always ensure she would work with someone who is not a playboy, or even if he is, the man in question would not dare to sink his claw in her.

"Can you check the flight for tonight?" Ryn suddenly asked.

"You want to fly tonight?"

"Hmm... It is better to avoid him rather thab having hin thinking I am just playing hard to get. I have no doubt if we were to tell him I'm not interested, he will still thinking it is just an excuse to get his interest," Ryn explained. Besides, if they were to travel tonight, she could rest during the travel and reached the next place quicker. There, she could rest longer before the next photoshoot.

"If you want to," Mei Li quickly took out her phone and before long, her fingers were busy tapping and typing. 

Ryn closed her eyes and tried to get a few winks. She was praying for Mei Li to be able to get them tickets to leave this place as soon as possible.

"I've got it," Mei Li announced suddenly, just as Ryn starting to sleep.

"Hmm... You've got it? The time?" Ryn opened her eyes and looked at her hardworking manager.

Poor Mei Li, not only had to hike today but also had to arrange for their flight to be today. Ryn decided to give Mei Li a few days off after this as a reward.

Maybe after the filming 'A Day in My Busy Life'.

Both the women just took another shower to clean themselves from the dirt and sweat before heading downstairs. The receptionist was taken back when Mei Li told her they wanted to check out, because she recognized the model and she knew both women just checking in this morning. Had something brought displeasure to them? The receptionist tried to ask, hopingnit was not the hotel's fault but Mei Li just smiled and said nothing was wrong. They had no complain about the room they got. The receptionist helped them calling a cab, now a bit relieved when she knew they had a flight to catch.

The cab came in twenty minutes and both Mei Li and Ryn got into it without further due. Their destination? The airport.

"Do you have the director's number?" Ryn asked.

"Yes. I was just about to call him myself."

"Good. Tell him we have to leave because of an emergency. Don't tell him what happened earlier," Ryn reminded.

"Of course."

"And telk the girl as well so she will not waste time to wait for us," Ryn added.

"But I don't have her number," Mei Li slapped her forehead. She forgot to ask the girl's number, taking it for granted because the girl was always next to them.

"Ask him to tell her, then."



The model went down to wait at the lobby with his frustrated model. To ensure she would not dare to put up the pretense anymore, he deliberately chose to wear his best shirt, even ordered his manager to iron his shirt and pants. Whistling happily, he headed to the lobby and looked around.

Had the women arrived yet?o

There was no sight of them anywhere among the brown coloured cushions. He checked on his watch, frowning. He purposedly come down late but Catherine was more late than him? This was unacceptable. When he got his hands on her, he would make her understand no one could make him wait. Of course he could accept the lateness this morning because who could predict the flight but this one was unacceptable. She should know to come early to wait for him. Everyone waited for him so who is she to make him wait?

"Ah, you are here. The others are already waiting at the restaurant," the girl approached them and signalled them to follow her.

"Where are Ryn and her manager? Have they gone to the restaurant?" It seemed likely for him. Maybe she was waiting for him at the restaurant. It cheered him up immediately and even gave hin a lot to anticipate. Had she prepared a surprise for him? A sexy dress? A sexy nightgown? He licked his lips at the thought.

"Miss Catherine and her manager had to leave early because of an emergency. They would not be able to join us," just thinking of it made the girl a bit sad. She thought she could take the chance to take a picture with Ryn but now...

It was all this man's fault. If he did not try to get his claw in Ryn, she would not run away quickly like this, she blamed the model in front of her.



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